Another Messy Scandal Looms As Evidence Shows Apostle Suleiman Bought $76,000 Jeep For Nollywood Actress (Photos)

Another Messy Scandal Looms As Evidence Shows Apostle Suleiman Bought $76,000 Jeep For Nollywood Actress (Photos)

Apostle Johnson Suleman, the controversial embattled Nigerian self-styled apostle at the center of an adultery scandal gave a $76,000 brand-new Mercedes-Benz 450 GL to Nollywood star Daniella Okeke in 2016, an official Lagos State website shows.


Recall that Ms. Okeke was previously named by Stephanie Otobo, Apostle Suleman’s estranged lover, as being one of the other women in his life.

For her part, the actress in 2016 proudly displayed the Mercedes-Benz SUV GL 450 on her Instagram page in front of a brand-new house where she parked it.

After her name was revealed by Ms. Otobo at a press conference, some Nigerians invaded Ms. Okeke’s Instagram questioning the source of her wealth given that she has not featured in any prominent movies in recent years.

The more inquisitive among them took advantage of a new website for vehicle registration in Lagos State which unveils the ownership of any vehicles by its number due to a bug on the webpage, and discovered that one of Ms. Okeke’s most prized possessions, the posh Mercedes-Benz car, is registered to “Apostle Suleman Johnson.”

This discovery is the second window into the pastor’s private life following the one opened by Ms. Otobo, but he has vigorously denied the amorous relationship she claims to have had with him.



  1. The man is a dog in disguise. N m sure he would av been preaching on adultery being a sin, even with d fact dat he is also a perpetrator of it. Chai!!!! Wat has christianity got to, an adulterer in d disguise of an apostle! God Save Us.

  2. Am not judging anything here all I have to say is “MAY GOD DELIVER US FROM ALL THIS WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING”


  3. I don’t want to judge but what I have to say is “MAY GOD DELIVER US FROM WOLF IS SHEEP CLOTHING.


  4. But he is just a man. Remove the title, he is just another Suleiman. What baffles me is how people will work hard only to drop their hard earned money at the alters of these so called men of God.

  5. To me this is not the time to persecute the Apostle, otherwise it will be regarded as a way to deal with him having talked about his relationship with Fulani Herdsmen

  6. pls dont get us involved in ur scandals. i dont even knw who to believe anymore. or are u guys just seeking 4 attention.

  7. I wonder what all those religious slaves will have to say about this graphic revelation
    Once someone has fully formed the personality/character in adulthood, it remains with the person forever, wether pastor, alfa, witchdoctor or whatever
    A lot of things happen behind the scene among humans

  8. No one is Jesus. He did not take someone’s wife. He has to change private life. Keeping confidence on this high profile ladies is not the best. They are gold diggers. Pastor pls face God’s work and let the past bury itself. No one on earth is above sin. Pls be calm and beg God for forgiveness, then finally move on.

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