Just for laugh… Akpos!

Just for laugh... Akpos!

E be like say life don tire you abi ? Jou be dey ask if jou shoot the toy wey dey jour hand jou go die? No jou go jus slep.

You can imagine what extend a question like this can go, when person like Akpos thinks that if he shoots himself nothing will happen.

Akpos: Emeka, i buy dis toy for police hand

Emeka: Wow! Akpos na good one (make i see)

Akpos:  See… d police talk say na good one too

Emeka: Okay. I don see am. (Take jou toy)

Akpos:  Me i like am .. Na good one. And original from Alaba

Emeka: Yes.

Akpos: shey if me shoot am i go die ?



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