(Episode 15) The Last Whisper Of A Dying Heart

(Episode 15) The Last Whisper Of A Dying Heart

The man confessed to the rape after he had experienced guardroom treatment from a quiet looking navy man who never asked questions but just beat him up methodically. He confessed to anything, called so many names and basically ended his career as a criminal. He just wanted to end the mindless and bored beating he was getting from this man who neither smiled nor spoke. The Navy handed him over to the police when they were done. He was immediately brought in for questioning. Going through the information provided by the navy, they found that the man, whose name was Segun was also involved in another ongoing case. He was familiar with one Ganiyu Bayo AKA Attila who was wanted for alleged rape, unlawful ownership of a deadly weapon, harassment and other crimes, and a Kolawale Taiwo Oluwaseun AKA Stonecold, also wanted for being an accomplice of Ganiyu. The file was immediately transferred to the desk of an overworked detective Calixtus Hakim.


Jide sat with his mom and Princess for dinner. They had not used the dining table forever but his mom, who was now weird, said it was not right to eat in the sitting room. What the hell was that? He had always eaten in front of the TV. He chewed his food in annoyance, watching the little twit who was claiming to be his blood, pick through her food. This was a joke. She doesn’t even look like me. Bunmi’s an ass. Jesus Christ.

Iya Olayinka: “Jide why are you looking at the child like she stole your meat?”

Jide: “how am I looking at her?” he asked angrily. Princess raised her head from her food and looked at the both of them.

Iya Olayinka: “Princess will you like to go to the Mall. To Shoprite?” she asked Princess who nodded her head eagerly.

Iya Olayinka: “good. Jide hurry up. You’re taking us out. Let us go and get dressed eh?” She got up and carried her plate to the kitchen.

Jide stared at the retreating back of his mother in disbelief. The girl was bent over her food, hiding a dimpled smile. He felt like slapping the smile of her pretty face. Damned Bunmi.

Jide: “I don’t have money o. you will borrow me money for this expensive treat o.” He shouted.

Iya Olayinka: “not on your life, Jide. You are a father now. You have to be responsible.” She replied from the kitchen.

God I hate this woman. I hate all women joor. Jide mused, depressed. Princess got up, picked her plate and his and walked to the kitchen carefully. He just stared at her and sighed.

His phone rang out. It was Shelley.

Jide: “Hello sweetheart.”

Shelley: “Hello dear, how have you been?”

Jide: ‘I have been really sick. Just recovering. Was even admitted self.”

Princess stood in front of him, eyes wide open at the lies spilling out of jide’s mouth with ease. He looked at her and covered the mouth piece of the phone.

JIde: “what?” looking at princess venomously.

Princess: “you are lying. Mummy say lying is wrong. That anybody who lies will go to hell. She said that I should not be like you that you are always lying. You are lying now.” she said, pointing her finger at him.

Jide: “Pastor Deaconess Princess go to your grandmother.  I don’t have time for this. Did she not tell you not to eavesdrop on people’s conversations?”

Princess: “stop lying.” She said, turned and walked back to the kitchen. Soon Jide could hear her and his mom chatting.

God…save me from this nightmare.

Jide: “hello. Sorry the network was poor. I am still in the hospital. Will be discharged next week by God’s grace.”

Shelley: “so what are you saying? That I should not come or what?” she asked in anger.

Jide: “No…No…You should come O. I just need to tidy somethings in preparation for you. Just give me two weeks, then you can come, ok?”

Shelley: “Okay. Two weeks.”

Jide: “Okay. I’ve got to go. The nurse is here with my medications.” His mom looked at him with one eyebrow raised. She shook her head at him. He mouthed “what?”

Jide: “goodbye love.  I love you too” he ended the call and he received a good slap from his mom.

Jide: “what was that for?” rubbing his cheek and looking at his mom angrily.

Iya Olayinka: “that was for lying in front of your child. I am not your nurse.” Princess stood by her, nodding her head solemnly.

Jesus! He rubbed his cheek, furiously. He looked at the child and saw the dimpled smile again. I hate you, he thought.

Iya Olayinka: “We are ready o. we are waiting for you.”

Jide suddenly noticed that they’ve changed their clothes. He looked at what he wore; jeans and gray long-sleeved shirt. He went into his room, picked up his wristwatch and wallet and joined tem in the sitting room.

Jide: “food has not even digested self. Let’s go.” He complained.

The police walked to the bus stop and boarded a bus. He brought out his phone and texted a quick report. That done, he turned to the pretty damsel by his side and winked. She raised her nose and turned to look out of the window. He sighed and closed his eyes.


Kunle loved his weed. He loved the big wraps. He would tie it real tight and twist the end tightly. No leaf was lost when Kunle tied his weed. He tied three big ones like that and settled down to smoke. He lit it and took a deep drag, the smoke curled into his lungs and he held it there for a bit, savouring the taste. Then he let it out slowly, dragged it back in and let it out slowly. He took another drag and he settled more comfortably on the chair and watched an ant struggle with a crumb of bread across the worn out carpet. He was staring at the busy ant, when the police burst through his door and arrested him for selling marijuana. He tried to take one last drag before a booted feet changed the landscape of his face and detached some smoke stained teeth out of his bleeding lips.


Kunle looked at the quiet looking officer seated in front of him. He was holding a tissue paper to his torn lip. His nose was broken and he ached all over. Just because of ganja?

Kunle: OC, I no understand o. wetin I do? Na igbo make una dey beat me like say I thief?” he asked, his hand in handcuffs spread before him in a pleading gesture.

Detective Calixtus: Adekunle Babasola, right?

Kunle: Yes sir.

Detective Calixtus: “you were caught with twenty wraps of Indian hemp and a polybag of unwrapped Indian hemp in your room.

Kunle: Olorun! No be me get am. Na only three I buy. Only three. OC, I no lie.”

Detective Calixtus: “this crime na serious crime o. you don go jail before?” Kunle shook his head in fear. He had heard stories but he had always been careful. Detective Calixtus nodded his head.

Detective Calixtus: “you still young. Your face still fresh. People wey don do wetin pass you, dem dey there. Dem go beat you, sodomise you, take your food, many things.” He said nodding his head.

Kunle: “which one be Sodomise? God destroy Sodom o. wetin you dey talk sef?” Kunle spoke, his voice shaking.

Detective Calixtus: dem go do your yansh as dem dey do woman.”

Kunle tried to jump away from his chair in repulsion but the cuffs on his legs were hooked to the floor, so he fell to the floor instead.

Kunle: “God forbid. I cover my yansh with the blood of Jesus. No weapon fashioned against it shall prosper. I go kill anybody wey near me. I go bite, I go pinch… OC na lie you dey lie.” He was sweating heavily now, naked fear in his eyes.

Detective Calixtus shrugged. He bent over some papers on his desk and ignored Kunle. Kunle managed to get up, looked at him and fidgeted. Detective Calixtus nodded his head and picked up some other papers. Kunle could no longer take the pressure; my yansh? That na die I die o. God no go gree. He looked at Detective Calixtus for a moment, then a sly grin occupied his face.

Kunle: “OC what is the level now? Oya wetin you want make I tidy for you?”

Detective Calixtus: “I need Attila and Kola’s present location. I give you 48hrs to get it. If you can’t get the info in 48 hrs, I will make sure that you get the flat ass of yours opened so wide, everyone will be able to see your throat from down there, feel me? I’ll be in contact.” he got up packed the papers and knocked on the door. The door opened and he stepped out. Kunle in shock, stared at him as he walked out. He then bent his head on the table and wept.

Question: Will Kunle give up Attila’s Whereabout?

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  1. He has no option but to give up the information else they will so open his yansh he’s throat will be visible from he’s yansh

  2. He doesn’t have choice than to give the whereabout since he fear prison.he will do everything to save himself.jide a big time liar.na wa for you o.God will have mercy on you

  3. Kunle will giveup Atilla and kola hideout in other to safe himself and his ass from expanding by the wicked imate inside the prison.

  4. Of cause I think kunle will give-up attilla . Because I can see he is alread coverred with fear.
    Kunle: “God forbid. I cover my yansh with the blood of Jesus. No weapon fashioned against it shall not prosper. …… ADELOVE I hope you won’t kill me with laughter someday.


  5. Kunle will surely give the whereabout of atila to the police. Which normal man go hear say dem go tear him anus and not talk. Hmmmm

    As for jide he is now a daddy for sure

  6. I no fit laugh oo, Kunle cover his yansh with d blood of Jesus. Na dis time he remembered Jesus. He will give out d whereabouts of Atila if nt d detective will carry out his threat on him.

  7. really great story, I’m loving you people, adelove. I feel a soft spot for kola, he has gone through hell already, but for Attila, kunle can immediately give up his where about, I don’t care, but wait o, that is almost like asking kunle to mob dry a stream, all of us know that, it will be difficult.

  8. Kule will give up, coz he is scared of wat will happen to him but I don’t tink he will give de info about Kola becoz he doesn’t no his were about .

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