Updated: “She’s Everything To Me”, Airforce Officer Who Shot His Girlfriend Declares

Updated: "She's Everything To Me", Airforce Officer Who Shot His Girlfriend Declares

A non-commissioned officer of the Nigerian airforce who has been identified as Kalu BA, has killed Oladipupo Solape, his lover and colleague.

ADELOVE recalls that the incident occurred at the Nigerian air force base in Makurdi, Benue state capital, in the early hours of Sunday.

Less than two months before ending the love sojourn, the young officer, declared: “She’s everything to me.”

But on Saturday night, he took to his Facebook page to write: “My last night as an airman…. ask about me later and hear my story… you would b surprised.”

Earlier he had written: “RIP young blood… I wish myself that.”

And early on Sunday, he wrote: “4:36,” probably in reference to the time he took her life.

The motive behind his action is unclear, but there are reports that he decided to do so because he found out that she was dating a senior military officer.

While their relationship lasted, Kalu posted information about their private lives on social media, and tagged her on virtually all his posts on Facebook.

On January 20, he wrote: “Taking nice pix with my bae is my hobby,” and to prove this, he posted many of such photographs on Facebook.

That same day, he went down memory lane recalling how he met his estranged lover.

“It all started with a ‘Hello’. I remember vividly that Monday morning on the parade ground. Seeing such a beauty, pondering on what’s right to say to her. Everyone’s eyes were on her but my eyes were bigger,” he wrote.

“I was over blown by the wind of bravado, standing next to her. It was all about me looking like the beast while she was the beauty but today beauty fell in love with d beast and they both live happily ever after.

“My love story!!!”

Kalu gave the impression that he took his own life, but Ayodele Famuyiwa, spokesman of the air force, said he had been arrested.

He explained that Solape died at the hospital where she was rushed to.

“An airman and an airwoman were involved. They had a love relationship which resulted in the shooting. We do not yet know what transpired between them,” media sources say.

“She was initially rushed to NAF hospital, but when it was beyond their control, she was transferred to the state hospital where she died. The body has been recovered to our base now.

“The boy (Kalu) has been arrested. He did not die. The post on the social media is mere speculation. He is alive and in custody. Investigations are ongoing into the incident. We will unravel the circumstances that led to the incident.”



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  2. @Ashafa, too much obssession is the word! When you marry a person that is too obssessed about loving you, pls, try and slow that person down, or else……your family, friends and even you will eat out of the sour grape obssession breeds!

    When a man or woman tells you in relationship that “I can kill because of you”; pls, dont smile it off o, RUN AWAY!!

  3. My brother you went too far, you should have showed her the junior brother of death and make her to learn never to double date and breaks the heart of a good and committed lover like you again, now you might be killed or be jailed for a long time, many women don’t worth the stress bro. Just accept whatever comes your way, I’m joining others that has been battered and almost destroyed by women to pray for you, you will surely come out of this, it’s very wrong to kill for pains and heartbreak.

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