(Episode 17) The Last Whisper Of A Dying Heart

(Episode 17) The Last Whisper Of A Dying Heart

Rita got to work early in the evening and started to arrange glass cups in preparation for opening. The bar was quiet except for her and a colleague, who was sweeping. Her phone rang out;

Rita: “Hello.”

Caller: “He is out.” the call ended abruptly. Rita quickly sent a text message, then went back to work.


Kunle felt tired. He was between the devil and the blue sea; he was afraid of the police but Attila was another matter entirely. He would make my life a living hell, that’s if he does not just kill me. God I don’t want to die. He had to tread carefully if he wanted to stay alive. I need a smoke. He stopped by a shop to buy cigarettes. He knew he was been watched by the police. He had to think fast.

He lit the first cigarette and crossed the road. He stopped a Keke and entered. He gave the driver directions and the keke moved off. They got to a junction and he told the keke driver to stop. The driver ignored him and kept on moving. He looked at the driver in surprise.

Kunle: “Oga driver I say make you stop.” The keke driver ignored him. At a turn, the keke stopped.

Kunle: ‘you dey mad ni? Na here I tell you say I wan stop? I swear I no go pay you. anytin wey wan happen make it happen. I am not giving you one shishi.”

As he spoke two men walked up to the keke and stepped inside. They sat down on either side of him. One of them was very handsome and fair. He was well dressed with starched long-sleeved shirt and tie. He carried a small suitcase on his laps. He folded his hands on top of the suitcase and smiled at Kunle. The other guy was similarly dressed but he was big with a broad chest and big arms. His shirt was almost tearing off his chest.

First man: Mr Kunle, my name is Mr. Fixer. I am a mechanic of sorts. I fix problems but my specialty is faulty human beings. I check the engine, the battery head, the fuel tank and gauge, then I check the exhaust pipe and tires too. Sometimes though I just look at the dials on the dashboard, then I know what I need to know to fix the problem.” As he spoke he smiled touching his head, his chest, his stomach, his buttocks and legs then he touched his lips last. Kunle was shaking.

Mr. Fixer opened the suitcase and in it laid different sharpened tools; surgical knives, screwdrivers and a small power drill. He picked a surgical glove inside the suitcase and wore it. The silent man beside him brought out a plastic apron and Fixer stepped out and wore it. He looked at the sweating Kunle and smiled again.

Mr. Fixer: “it’s a lovely day, isn’t it?” he breathed in.

Kunle: “bros abeg. I no dey find trouble. I don repent, I dey beg you. abeg, if na Attila send you, tell am say I no talk anytin. dem no know where he dey. I no tell police anytin. Abeg, bros Fixer.”

Mr. Fixer smiled and nodded his head. The big silent man grabbed Kunle and placed him on the ground. Fixer squatted on the grass beside Kunle’s shaking body.

Mr. Fixer: “but you see this is my predicament. I would love to have the address of Attila. I want it so much, I left a really beautiful lady, a glass of dry Martini and a really good movie to be here with you. do you understand my desperation? A glass of dry martini left on the table, wasting away. All that alcohol…just to come and ask you a question I could have asked you on the phone? Be a good sport, my dear Kunle of the raping girls crew and tell me, where is Ganiyu AKA Attila? We have business, he and i.” he said all this smiling and going through the tools in the suitcase.

Kunle had peed on himself by now. His big eyes darted from the man’s hand to the suitcase.

Kunle: bros abeg I no know. Abeg. Attila no tell me where he dey go?”

Mr. Fixer said nothing. He picked up a surgical blade; flawlessly sharp and twisted it in the light of the sun. Kunle swallowed hard. Fixer finally looked at him, immediately the big man’s grip on him hardened. He screamed as something cold touched his flesh. Fixer smiled.


Detective Calixtus got a call from the officer set to watch kunle’s every move some minutes after Kunle boarded the Keke. The officer told him how he was stopped by a girl, a beautiful girl, who seemed lost and asked him for directions and how he suddenly passed out as a hand covered his face. He had been drugged with chloroform. When he woke up, he was in a bush path. He had been placed by a tree, a bottle of martini by his side and his face cap placed over his face. Detective Calixtus struggled not to scream at the idiot policeman. A beautiful girl, my ass. Kunle has disappeared. The thought rang in his head. He had gambled with his release. He needed him to get as much of the Attila gang as possible. He needed him on the streets with the police watching him. That gamble had been lost. Men what was he to do? Attila will be out of where ever he is by now. My threat wasn’t enough it seems. His phone rang.

Detective Calixtus: “Hello, detective Calixtus speaking.”

Voice: “Officer Officer, I am terribly sorry about your man. Tell him to leave little girls alone, he just might go far in life. Anyways I have some information for you; Attila’s girlfriend lives at Sabo Quarters down school road. The thing is, will you get there before me? Hahaha. I am sorry about the mess. He was being stubborn, loyal dog, I must confess. I hope you enjoy the martini. I find that it calms my nerves after a rough day. Today is going to be rough sir.” The line went dead.

Detective Calixtus looked at his phone for a few minutes then he rushed out of the office. He picked a few men and soon they were in a Hilux truck speeding towards Sabo Quarters.


Kola sat in his studio, packing his works. He had several sketches out. His model was awesome. He had approached a gallery in Benin and the owner has promised to look at his works. He had to take a bus at Enerhen Junction. Ameosa Motors or Bob Izua Motors? Let me get there first. He packed quickly and rushed to take a bath. As he came out of the bathroom with his towel round his waist, his phone rang. Very few people had the line. He looked at the number calling then picked. He listened then he smiled. The face was terrible to see. The call ended and he immediately sent a lengthy text. He got a reply and he laughed. He got dressed and quickly got out and locked the door.

The journey to Benin was uneventful. The gallery owner was ecstatic about his work. His only worry was that the drawings told dark stories. Kola stepped out of the gallery to the evening sun and two Hilux trucks filled with policemen. He sighed, the game was up. They cuffed him and got him into a Hilux then sped off. Bystanders stood in wonder. The man must have been a big thief or a kidnapper. The gallery owner looked out worriedly. How will he get his money now? This work was good o, how will he get more works of art like this?

As soon as Kola left the house, a cleaner came in and cleaned it. Every trace of Kola was removed from the house. The house was locked and the keys returned to an Estate management company along Warri-Sapele road.


Iye Oz was panicking now. Osas was nowhere to be found and Oz had just packed his bag and disappeared for days now. She didn’t like the feeling she was having. She was surprised when the police came to her stall in the market and invited her to the police station. They showed her a scarred man and asked if she knew him? She did not know the man and had never seen him before. She left the police station uncomfortable. I hope say Oz never do anytin bad o?


Iya Bimpe received the call late that evening from her inspector friend. Kola has been caught in Benin. Jesus! Finally. You said it and your word is true. The wicked will not go scotfree. She started praising and thanking God. She called her sister in Benin and told her the good news. Iye Oz was happy. Iye Oz then told her about being called to the police station to identify someone. After giving the description of the man to Iya Bimpe, Iya Bimpe excitedly told her that was Kola, one of the suspects. Iye Oz was silent for a while,

Iya Bimpe: “wetin happen sister? You no dey happy?”

Iye Oz: “before Osas run comot hospital, I go visit her one day na I meet flowers and card. I come call one nurse ask am who bring them come. She say na one man wey get injury full e face. Say he just drop the card and flower for reception for Osas na e comot. The nurse say the flower go cost well well and the card na drawing of Osas dey the front. Na like all those cards wey dem dey do dey sell for post office.”

Iya Bimpe: “I no understand. Wetin you dey try talk?”

Iye Oz: “I no sure say that boy do my pikin anytin. E b like say dem b boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Iya Bimpe: “na your juju tell you dat one? Fine Osas go go dey friend that ugly monkey? Abeg sister I wan go do something. Make we talk later.” Iya Bimpe replied angrily.

Iya Bimpe dropped the phone on the chair and walked to the kitchen to get her dinner.


Jide dropped his phone and looked at his mom. She was talking and laughing with Shelley. Princess was sulking at everyone. Craig was smoking at the back away from prying eyes. Don’t want to add kidnapping to the tension on ground now. He looked at his mom’s smiling face and sighed. Let her laugh today and enjoy it. This week she has been happy, happier than I have seen her in years. How do I tell her that Kola has been caught and will soon be on his way to face his fate here in Lagos? Let her have today, tomorrow, our battles will continue. He sighed.

Jide: “Princess come here.” Princess walked to him.

Jide: “we have to find a school for you o. you cannot stay at home for ever.” Iya Olayinka looked at him and smiled. Shelley looked at him in speculation.

Craig walked in with some men.

Craig: “Jide men, what did you do man? There are people wearing police uniforms who wanna speak to ya.”

Jide sighed. It seems today is going to end badly whether he wants it to or not.


Fixer dropped the phone in a bundle in a plastic bag and gave it to the keke driver. His suitcase was packed. A car drove up to meet them and the door opened. A lady stepped out and walked to the bleeding Kunle. Kunle looked at the lady and his heart froze.

Osas: “hi Kunle with the small dick, missed me?” she laughed gaily as the man bled and begged for mercy from where mercy had fled.

Question: Will Kola be set free? Is Jide in trouble with the police?

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  1. Blessed THursday AM ALCrew&Fans,

    Kola will be freed, he’s good man and o the contrast Jide just got into hot soup with the public security.


  2. kola.will go free.he didnt do anything and jide.will be arrested.iya bimpe.is not doing gud at all.oh

  3. Seriously the story had turn detective versus boss.jide might be arrested,i just have the feeling they might free kola because two victims and an eyewitness has cleared his name cynthia and osas and bimpe

  4. Kola didn’t commit a crime,he will b set free…its either d police have found out about jide’s internet scam or they came 2 tell his family about kola arrest.

  5. kola will b set free nd I tink jide hv sm issues to b settled wit d police…….. Osas na correct bae nd am sure she is working wit oz

  6. Kola will be set free and Jide might find himself in the police net if care is not taken. Kunle is in for it. I wonder what Osas might do to him because MERCY is not in her dictionary anymore.


  7. Kola should b set free, he’s an innocent man as for Jide he need to test d soup a bit, he has dodged for too long. It seems Osas is on rampage.

  8. Nice story, don’t judge a book by its cover that’s wat this story all about. Am loving this, Adelove tnx a whole lot my phone is worth holding cos u guys have made it useful

  9. kola will b set Free, Jide is in trouble with the police though I don’t know his offense yet….but Adelove u have split d story too much

  10. Kola will be set free bcos he didn’t commit a crime and osas is there to stand as a witness BT jide is in t trouble wit d police as a result of stealing and scamming of people. Google plus.

  11. There are many evidences that prove Kola’s innocence,Iya oz,should go back to the police&speak up on what she know with her evidence&Cynthia’s kola will be set free.now that Osas is in the picture,truth is already on the way,it will be victory at last for kola,he has repented.
    Jide,game up,you have to tell police what you know about all these rubbish including the money.God will help you o.Princess it is time for school.
    Shelley what is the way forward?

  12. So it was this stupid Kunle and his crew including Attila that raped Osas. Hahahahahaa that serves him right. Osas deal with him very well with your new gang! Your gang is indeed stronger with great skills and tough men. I love this.

  13. So it was this stupid Kunle and his gang including Attila that raped Osas. Hahahahahaa that serves him right. Osas deal with him very well with your new gang! Your gang is indeed stronger with great skills and tough men. I love this.

  14. Kunle will be let loose and set free, he hasn’t committed any offense.. But I dey pity Jide, nemesis has just caught up with him

  15. I think the police wants to get information from jide and kola will be set free. @ adelove you are doing a great job. Kudos to you.

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