(Episode 18) The Last Whisper Of A Dying Heart

(Episode 18) The Last Whisper Of A Dying Heart

Attila heard of Kunle’s death and he went ballistic. He raved and screamed. The little girl he was using at Abeokuta became his punching bag. He beat her up several times and left her, passed out on the bed. He packed his bag and left Abeokuta for Lagos. He got to Lagos that night and went into hiding. He needed information. He called his baby but her line wasn’t going. The bitch! She better be sick or something or else am going to break those tiny legs of hers if I catch her, he thought to himself when he got a switch off message the fifth time he tried her line.

He spread the word out to loyal boys that there was a reward for anyone who could give him information on how Kunle met his death. All he had to do is wait.


Kola looked at his mother across the table. She was crying, her face swollen from weeping for a long period.

Kola: “mom, don’t worry. It’s going to be fine. I didn’t kill her neither did I rape her. Even the money we are talking about here, I didn’t spend it. It was stolen from me. I am just a victim of circumstances here. I have served a prison sentence already for robbery. That, I was guilty of but the rest I am innocent.”

Iya Olayinka wept on. Olayinka entered the room. He had entered Nigeria yesterday. He was with Detective Calixtus. He drew a chair and sat down.

Olayinka: I just spoke to Jide’s lawyer. He is being accused with internet fraud.” He rubbed his face and sighed. He had not had enough sleep since he got off the plane. He had managed to text his wife that he arrived safely. He was stressed. These two brothers of mine are pieces of work. Jeez! Robbery, scamming, raping! What the hell…He looked at his mom and sighed again.

Detective Caslixtus: “Jide’s case is based on a tip off from an unknown source. The lady claimed she has evidence proving that for the past five years, Jide has been ripping off white women; promising them love, marriage and so on. While in South Africa, Jide was into dating scams. But that is not why am here.” He turned to Kola,

Detective Calixtus: “do you know any Chinenye Okoro?”

Kola: “No.” thinking deeply.

Olayinka: “another girl you raped right?” he asked in a sneer.

Kola: “I raped no one! Jesus…” he shouted as Iya Olayinka burst into another bout of weeping. Olayinka raised his hand in frustration and leaned back on his chair.

Detective Calixtus: ‘actually, it seems your brother here saved Chinenye from rapists. He beat up three men, carried the girl to the hospital before disappearing. She never got his name but she calls him her guardian angel. The three criminals are already in our custody. When I heard her tale it made me wonder. “

Iya Olayinka burst into tears again. This time in relief. Olayinka looked at his brother quietly. Kola’s head was bowed, his hand rubbing the cuff on his wrists.

Kola:”I remember her now. I just got out of jail. Just walking around, savouring freedom you know? I heard her plead then I saw them. No woman should be treated so, you know. I am a lot of things, God knows but I will never hurt a woman intentionally and I will never lay my hand on a woman. That is who I am. So you guys can do your investigations, place your accusations, call your witnesses, lay your curses but I did not touch Osas. I will not harm a hair on her head.”

Iya Olayinka smiled through her tears and nodded her head. Olayinka sighed.

Olayinka:” that’s good speech, you have just delivered now. It would sound good in a romance movie and all but this is no movie, this is real life. The police need evidence for you to regain your freedom.”

Kola: “what about Bimpe? Why is her report ignored?”

Detective Calixtus: “We know what Bimpe stated in her report. You did not rape Osas but you stood there and did nothing. You carried them passed that place. According to previous reports, you and Ganiyu were good friends. Also it is said that she has had cause to slap you several times in public and you have been known to stalk her from time to time.”

Kola: “he had a gun on me the whole time! I did not stalk her, I simply came across her.”

Detective Calixtus: “Bimpe’s report does not say that. You got her drunk in preparation for your friends. You did not participate so Bimpe will think you a victim too. Why were you not beaten up? Also your disappearance at the same time with Ganiyu’s implied coordination.”

Kola:”Jesus! I just got out of jail! I am in no hurry to go back. He had a gun on me, what could have done? I ran because I was afraid. I have not seen Attila since then, I swear.”

Iya Olayinka: “My son is telling the truth.” Detective Calixtus smiled.

Detective Calixtus: “maybe, maybe not. I just wanted you to know the state of things. I have to get back, I have work to do.” He turned and walked out.

Kola rested his head back on the table. Olayinka stared at the ceiling.

Iya Olayinka: “my God does not sleep. He will surely vindicate you. Have faith Kola.”


Attila looked at Kayode all over. The boy was tense. Did somebody take over the town for the short period I stepped out? Everyone’s afraid.

Kayode: “egbon, we don’t know who killed Kunle o. they beat am well well before them kill am o. them even cut him penis o.”

Attila sat back and looked at Kayode while he thought. Was it Kola? Na…with all his scars, he is actually a gentleman. Who could have done such a job?

Attila: “Any news about my girlfriend?”

Kayode:”Egbon we never see am o. dem say one fine man come carry comot with jeep the day before you enter town. Dem never see her since” Kayode replied, shifting his feet.

Attila nodded his head. That’s her way. She and man. But something is not clear here. I feel like am been manipulated and driven to a corner. Hmmm…when you don’t have a game to play, move a pawn.

Attila: “thank you Kayode. You can go.” Kayode rushed out as fast as his legs would carry him. Attila watched him go, then he got up to shut the door and locked it. He brought out a phone and dialed a number,

Attila: “how far? You still dey see am? Good. The time don reach. Open the books, time to collect.” He ended the call and smiled and men, what a smile.


Bimpe did not like Barry. He was too showy. I have not seen someone that his father is rich before? See me o… mtschew. She hissed as she saw him walk towards her. She was heading to the library. She needed to do some reading and she wasn’t in the mood for the hostel noise.

Barry: “Hey beautiful wuddup?”

Bimpe:”the sun Barry, as you can see.”

Barry: “you are funny.” Barry said laughing.

Bimpe: “Please Barry, do you have something to say?” she asked irritated. She looked at her wristwatch. God it’s almost 1:30 pm and she had a class by 3:00 pm. How much time did she have to read? She needed to leave this dummy.

Bimpe: “please am in a hurry Abeg. What do you want?

Barry: “where are you headed? I can drop you off. My car’s packed over there.” He said, pointing at the car pack close to the admin offices.

She considered it for a minute and nodded. Barry smiled and they walked slowly to the car. Suddenly, a silver Toyota Camry came screeching by and brushed past Barry and Bimpe, lifting Barry off the ground in ballet display and throwing her into the bushes by the road. Barry landed on the tarred road, cracking his skull and dying instantly.

Bimpe luckily was not hit directly but was hit by Barry who took the full force of the car into his big frame. She broke her two legs and shoulder. She was quickly rushed to the hospital. Her mother was called and informed her state. The Toyota Camry did not stop or slow down after the accident but went on. Bystanders could not remember seeing a plate number on the car.

Iya Bimpe took the first bus to Bimpe’s school. Her state was critical the doctor told her. She needed the best medical care available. Iya Bimpe felt like dying. Where will she get money for surgery, for drugs and for hospital bills? Bimpe was her everything but she was just a shopkeeper. Her late husband’s family does not even care if she lives or die. She sat beside the bed of the unconscious Bimpe and wept.

Questions: Will Kola be set free? Will Bimpe survive the attack? Who reported Jide to the police?

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  1. Wow am first here, wow this is getting more interesting, kola will be set free, bimpe will survive I think kola finally spoke

  2. kola will be set free.bimpe will survive the attack while its either shelley craig or bunmi that reported jide

  3. Kola will be set free,Bimpe will also survive the accident and the person that reported Jide was Shelley.

  4. Kola will be free. I think Bunmi reported Jide to the police. Bimpe will be ok. But my question is who drove that car that killed Barry? Who is the target?

  5. Kola will surely b set free. Its either of d way,she may survive it and may not but I hope she do. I think wit d information iya bimpe told dem abt jide’s into scaming. Could it b bunmi or shelly? Hmmm mm

  6. Kola will be free, and Iya Bimpe reported Jide and maybe Shelley also confirmed the report becus she was hurt by him and Bimpe will survive the accident

  7. All this many questions for us? Okay dem go free Kola e nor go easy for Bimpe oh but she’ll b fyn. Guess Shelley or Chraig is a it Jide Brk her hrt so smone has to pay

  8. Kola will be set free but not now, that will be after investigation has been thoroughly done. Bimpe will survive the attack, I think Atila was responsible for the hit and run car. Shelly got Jide implicated.

  9. Bimpe will survive d accident, kola will also be vindicate @ d end of d day & police may be using d information gather from mama Bimpe to nail hide down

  10. Kola will b set free..its just a matter of time,bimpe will survive but with injuries,I’m suspecting bunmi but I doubt she would want her child’s father to suffer, osas is the masterpiece behind all this

  11. Kola will b set free..its just a matter of time,bimpe will survive but with injuries,I’m suspecting bunmi but I doubt she would want her child’s father to suffer, osas is the masterpiece behind all this

  12. Shelley reported Kunle to the police. Bimpe may die but will reveal something on her death bed. Kola will be vindicated.

  13. Kola will b set free..its just a matter of time,bimpe will survive but with injuries,I’m suspecting bunmi but I doubt she would want her child’s father to suffer, osas is the masterpiece behind all this

  14. Bimpe will be well.

    As for Kola he will be set free when osas comes out of hiding to tell her tale to the police.

    As for jide he is being set up by shelley they practcally lived together in south africa.

  15. Kola will be released with time,God will vindicate him.
    Bunmi set him up.
    Bimpe,God will surely have mercy on you o.let your statement free kola,so that you too can be free.

  16. It’s either shelly or iya Bimpe. Kola will be set free because he is not guilty at all. Bimpe will gradually survive. I can see the hand-work of Osas and the gang. They killed kunle and the other guy that was with Bimpe. She has come back but this time around to revenge. I just wish she will not do things that will land her in jail. Because I feel Kola deserves Osas. And they will make a good couple.


  17. Kola will be set free when the real culprit is caught. Bimpe will survive , i guess Shelly or Bunmi will have reported Jide to pay him back for his deceit.

  18. kola willnot be set free,Bimpe will survive but it will take a long time. I think it is Shelley or Bunmi that report jide to the police

  19. Someone is trying to get rid of bimpe so she will not beable to vindicate kola,barry is just a victim of cicumstance,kola will definitely be free in the end.i believe it should be bunmi or shelle that reported jide

  20. kola will surly b set free..but not without a thorough investigation.. n s for bimpe she will survive d attack.. I tink it either shallay or Bunmi DAT set jide up.

  21. Kola will be set free and bimpe will survive the attack.Shelley set jide up because she was angry and jealous

  22. As for who reported jide, I suspect Bunmi and bimpe is the target of that incident. poor Barry!!! R.I.P
    cant wait to read the last episode. Adelove, keep it rolling in plssss. kudos to adelove and crew!!!

  23. God is fighting for Kola cos It’s Bimpe reported him to police
    Jide might be free if Shelley comes to speak for him she is the one he had been communicatin. With
    Attila Osas is coming for you

  24. Iya Bimpe reported Jide to the police. Kola will be release later and Bimpe will survive the accident or attack?

  25. Kola will be set free, Bimpe will survive, it may be Bunmi, Shelley or any female that reported Jide, interesting.

  26. Kola will be set free and Bimpe will survive the attack.
    Iya bimpe reported jide to the Police and they make their investigation.

  27. Oz Osas brother did a good job on Kunle. Craig or Bunmi reported Jide. Bimpe will recover. Kola will be freed.

  28. Kola will still be sent free and bimpe will survive the accident also i think Shelley is the one that reported Jide to the police

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