(Episode 19) The Last Whisper Of A Dying Heart

(Episode 19) The Last Whisper Of A Dying Heart

Iya Olayinka watched as Shelley packed her boxes and rolled them out of the house, Craig trailing behind.

Iya Olayinka: “you are not going to see him in jail?”

Shelley stopped and turned to look at her.

Shelley: “He could rot there for all I care. He is an asshole and he deserves what he’s going to get.”

Iya Olayinka: “I thought you love him and is engaged to him?” Shelley dropped her bag on the floor, angrily pulled the ring from her finger and threw at Iya Olayinka. The ring hit the kitchen door and fell to the ground by Princess’ feet. She stood there watching with a satisfied smile on her face like ‘I told you that my mummy will marry my daddy.’

Shelley and her brother got into the taxi and drove off in a cloud of dust. Iya Olayinka sighed and turned back into the house. She has to prepare food for her sons. She picked the ring and placed it on the dining table.


Attila was in a good mood. His spies had just informed him that Kola was in police custody. Wasn’t that sweet? Everything worketh together for he who is patient and smart. Now how do I get to the fool now? He thought. He needs to be out for me to get him. Where’s that boy? And the other thing had turned okay, not as good as he wanted but he was in a good mood. I have got his attention now.


Jide watched his elder brother walk into the room. Mama did not come with him. I don’t blame her. After all I had warned me several times. But who set me up?

Olayinka sat down and stared at his brother for a long while.

Olayinka:”so as soon as I left the country, the both of you set out to kill mama, right?”

Jide: ‘Bro it’s not like that. I don’t know what they are talking about. I have never scammed anybody in my life. I was a legit business man in SA.”

Olayinka: “shut up Jide. The time for bullshit is long past. You are talking to your elder brother, not a mark. It seems to me that Kola has been the one covering up for your skinny ass all your miserable life. For once, think of someone else besides yourself. Do what is right. You’ve got a kid now, what sort of upbringing do you want to give her? Be a man Jide, and own up to your mistakes and seek for forgiveness for God’s sakes.”

Jide bowed his head at his elder brother’s tirade. He was tired men. Who set him up? Bunmi? Why would she do this to me?

Suddenly they heard an uproar. Olayinka stood up and ran outside. Jide could not leave, he was in chains. He could hear a voice bellow over the other voices. It was Kola. He is angry? Who has made him angry?


Two police officers held Kola down when Olayinka burst into the room. Detective Calixtus was standing, unruffled by the window.

Olayinka: “what is going on here?”

Detective Calixtus: “Kunle is dead and Bimpe is in the hospital; a victim of a hit and run.”

Olayinka: “so why is my brother on the ground?”

Detective Calixtus: “well he didn’t take Bimpe’s accident well.” He said, staring through the window. He turned, rubbing his palms together. “He seems to think that Attila had a hand in it.”

Olayinka: “why do you think that, Kola?” detective Calixtus waved his hand and the two police officers got up from Kola then helped him up.

Kola:” that’s how he works. He wants to flush me out. That night it was Bimpe he wanted to rape but Osas gave herself up.” he said dusting himself.

Detective Calixtus paused in rubbing his hands together. He looked out the window again and smiled.

Detective Calixtus: “Kola, you are free to go. We will call you for further questioning. Do not leave the city. Go settle your bail at the front desk.” He turned and left the room.

Kola nodded his head as his cuffs were removed. He and Olayinka walked to the reception. He got his things while Olayinka settled his bail. They left for home. Kola turned while walking away from the police station and he saw Jide looking through the barred window of his cell. They watched each other for a moment then he turned and walked up to join Olayinka.


Iya Bimpe stood in front of the altar. was desperate. She needed money and she needed it soon. She had called everyone she knew to no avail. She had started going to church to pray at all hours for her daughter’s life. The doctor had told her that if she doesn’t hurry up, Bimpe might never walk again that is if she lives. Iya Bimpe’s blood pressure had gone off the roof. She needed drugs to sleep at night and there was no one to talk to. Her one friend, she had alienated out of fear and ignorance. She cried in front of the altar after the prayer program ended. Her pastor had helped with some funds but it was like a drop of water in a really big bucket.


Attila dropped his phone. Yes my ploy worked. He is finally out. The next phase is to go for a queen. Hahahaha… he laughed quietly, his weed glazed eyes piercing the gloom that had shadowed his room. He called a lackey and gave him a message to deliver. The boy nodded his head and ran out of the house. Attila sighed. Soon, I will get my money with interest for the stress caused. Oh… Kola, prison would have been better.


Princess looked at her daddy’s twin brother. He was ugly with scars all over his face. He had looked at her only once since he came from jail. I prefer brother Olayinka, he is like grandpa that have died, she thought to herself. Grandma was happy that my uncle is out of prison, so am happy. My daddy better do and come out. Mummy said I need a father figure. There was a knock at the door, she rushed to the door.

Iya Olayinka: “Princess, have I not told you to stop opening doors for strangers. This girl will not kill me. Why do I have children that seemed destined to kill me before my time?”

Olayinka: “mama I am not trying to kill you o.” Olayinka spoke from the dining table where he was eating.

Iya Olayinka: “shut up Yinka, your father sent you to study law abroad. You went there switched to business administration and to make matters worse you get married to a white woman. White woman! Abeg don’t do saints for me. None of you is better than the other.” she said walking to where Princess stood, itching to open the door.

She opened the door and came face to face with a Postman. The man greeted him and asked her to confirm the address which she did. He had a parcel for one Kola Oluwaseun. Iya Olayinka called Kola to come sign for his parcel after which the postman left.

Kola sat down in the sitting room and opened the parcel. In it where certain documents and a letter. It was addressed to him from Bunmi. Kola read it quietly;

Dear Kola,

I hope this letter finds you at home, proven innocent of the crimes you have been accused of. I owe you a big apology for the role I played in spoiling your life. Jide is an ass but I was a bigger fool. I had every reason to leave him but as time went on, it became difficult and your brother is the devil. He used his sweet tongue to make me see the rightness of our actions. By the time, I found myself, you had gone to prison. I am terribly sorry for what you went through.

That being said, I am dying. The doctor say its cancer of the blood. I am presently abroad for treatment. This is the second time it’s coming. I am not hopeful about the outcome, I am putting my things in order.

Princess is Jide’s daughter. I wish she was yours. You are a better man than he will ever be. As a result of this I have made you the guardian of her trust until she’s 18 years. You will use the trust as you deem fit. Attached is an allowance for you and your family. This is going to last until you pass on, then it reverts to Princess and her offspring. Jide only gets a part of this, if he gets a good job and gets married. If not, he gets nothing but the paternity of Princess.

The trust is massive. As you are aware I am my parents’ only child. When they pass on, I get to inherit everything. I have been busy myself so I believe princess will be a very rich woman when she comes of age.

I am placing a girl’s life in your hand. I know how you treat women so I know she’s safe with you. Do take care of her and wherever your brother fails, please fill the gap. I know I have no right to ask you for anything, so I beg you, a dying mother to an old friend. Wish you the best

Bunmi Akindele.

PS: I hear Jide’s Bimpe had a fatal accident. Well, attached is a blank check. Use it for her treatment. He better marry her because he is an idiot. He needs a woman that is strong enough to curb his excesses. If he doesn’t marry her, he is a fool. You also should find a wife. It’s not good for a man to be alone.

it would be nice if you come to my funeral, see me one last time for old times sake. Bye.

Kola sighed and stared into the parcel with tears in his eyes. Olayinka came and took the letter from his hands. He read it silently and nodded his head, dropped the letter on top of the box, patted his brother on the back and walked into the room.

Iya Olayinka: “who is the letter from Kola?”

Kola: “a friend mama, an old friend asking for my help ma.” He whispered between silent tears.

She picked it up and read it. Princess walked to sit by her and the little girl cried with her grandma. She cried because everyone mourned. She didn’t know why and she will not know why for a very long time.

Question: will Attila’s plans succeed?

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  1. Releasing Kola is a trap for Attila I pray he walks into it. I knew Princess was not safe with Jide, God pls help them out.

  2. I know Kola has a good heart but was just victim of circumstances.. So happy for him, at last he can settle some bills and get his life back.. Atila will definitely suffered for what he has caused this family..

  3. Attila will succeed in luring Kola out but that will be Attila’s downfall. He will be caught in his own trap.

  4. Attila plans will not work because Kola is used as a biat to capture atilla. And as soon as he shows he will be aprehended by the police.


  5. Kola with the money given to him by bunmi help Bimpe but he will hide his identity. Attila plans will not work because police already knows the truth and the are after him

  6. Hummmmmmmm.interestingly interesting.Bunmi,you can still get second chance but if not R.I.P.
    Bimpe,thank God help is already at the door step.
    Atilla,your cup is full.this time around you are a dead man because you will not succeed again,you have a failed plan.
    Kola,be closer to God,change your way of life,then you will eat your labour with sweetness.
    Jide,repent before it is too late.

  7. Attila will carry on wit it but will not succeed @ d end cause evn d police r aware that releasing kola will find attila’s out of his hide. They r also on watch 4 kola.

  8. Rita is d one giving attila d needful info nd dy wil both fail… …. Abeg wey osas nah, make iye oz no com die ooooo?!!!

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