Jose Mourinho reveals his biggest ever fail in the dressing room

Even the very best are prone to being at the centre of huge embarrassment – just ask Jose Mourinho.

In an extensive interview with Portuguese TV Channel SIC, the Manchester United boss has revealed that he made a bit of a fool of himself in front of his players at Inter.

In April 2010, Inter were held to a 2-2 draw by Fiorentina and faced the same team in the Coppa Italia just three days later.

After being frustrated by Per Kroldrup’s late equaliser in the 82nd minute, Mourinho was desperate to win the next match, and his eagerness to succeed provided a moment for his Inter players to remember.

‘We were playing Fiorentina and we were losing 1-0. We managed to turn the match around and we were in front but Fiorentina equalised two minutes later,’ Mourinho explained.

‘When I went back to the dressing room I found everyone with their head down… Julio Cesar, everyone.

‘A few days later we would have to play against Fiorentina again in the cup.

‘We had to win, so I said it in a way to try to convince the boys, I was so convinced that I kicked a shirt that was on the ground but I slipped and made an absurd pirouette before falling to the ground.

‘It created a silence in the dressing room and no one dared say anything, but I was in so much pain.’



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