(Episode 22) The Last Whisper Of A Dying Heart

(Episode 22) The Last Whisper Of A Dying Heart

Jide had been rushed to the hospital. He had cut himself with a broken part of the metal chair in his cell. Iya Olayina and the others were directed to the hospital by the police on duty. Iya Olayinka was tired. Kola was not picking his calls. Jesus, am too old for all this running around.

They got to the hospital to find Jide sedated and asleep. The wrists had been stitched and bandaged. Iya Olayinka looked at the young man with fury. This boy! this boy! kai! you are so useless that you can’t accept responsibility for your crime. Jesus! Abeg Kola should come back alive o. Abeg because if we are left with this your twin brother, Princess will suffer. She sat down beside the sleeping Jide, brought out her phone and tried to reach Kola. Iya Bimpe sat with Princess in the waiting room. She had just called the doctor treating Bimpe and he was ecstatic at the news that she now had the money for the operations. She will have to go to the bank to do withdraw the money and do a transfer to the hospital account. She sat down after the call, tears of relief in her eyes. Ha! Thank God, my Bimpe will walk again. God bless you Bunmi, whoever you are.


The rain poured heavily. Little streams gurgled along Kola’s path as he ran towards the Miner’s Shack. He knew the path like the back of his hands but he feared for the policemen. There were abandoned mine shafts all over the place. Anyone could collapse in this heavy downpour. He ran hard and fast. Osas forgive me.


Kayode would have loved to be anywhere but here. It was wet, it was cold and police was all over the place. He had spied their uniforms from his perch once or twice. They were yet to find the shack. Attila’s plan has got to work o because the police came in full force. He wiped water from his eyes and watched the pathway with bleary eyes. The other two guys ahead of him were supposed to signal him if anyone was coming to his direction. I don’t want to kill a policeman o. God I beg. My mother will kill me. He shivered and stared on.


Attila was smoking his third weed since they got here. He had been drinking also. Rita watched him in disgust, her hand tied behind her. The roof of this shack leaked and it was damned cold. Well it would soon be over either way. She turned to watch two of Attila’s thugs pace up and down in agitation. Where is Kola?

Attila watched Rita through cold eyes. Let’s get this done with, I will travel out of this fucking town. Maybe go to Ghana or Dubai sef.


Detective Calixtus had lost track of his men in the downpour. He stumbled in confusion all over the place. He walked close to a tree and sat down under the tree. Water flood past his feet in torrents. This rain picked a great time to fall, he thought angrily. Like God wants that criminal to achieve his dreams. I will get you yet Attila. One of his men stumbled past. He called out to him but the man didn’t hear. They had not found the bridge. Possibly the bridge was broken and now lies at the banks of the stream or that man had deceived me and is in cohorts with Attila. That guy looked like he had military training. He got up and circled around where he stood. He picked a direction and started walking slowly towards it, he passed a tree root as the ground suddenly opened up in front of him and he started falling. He slid faster and faster. As he slid, he tried to hold on to something but all he got was bushes, air and rain. He heard someone screaming then realized that it was him. He got to a stop suddenly. He moaned and opened his eyes. He was in a groove of trees. He had rolled down a small rising in the bush; possibly a pile of sand packed there by miners many years back. The sand had been reclaimed by the vegetation. He moaned again, then he saw a shadow move out of the darkness; huge and menacing. Red eyes stared at him. He tried to move back as the shadow approached him. He had broken something, he could not move his legs. He screamed.


Kola walked slowly to the screaming detective and knocked him out. He carried the passed out form on his shoulder and kept on walking. He was close. He got to the edge of a clearing then he stopped. The rain had stopped suddenly and the moon was stumbling over clouds to sit in the sky. He breathed in the clean air and dropped the sleeping detective by a tree. He had managed to save four men. He had no idea how many had been mobilized by detective Calixtus. He crossed the clearing and entered into a groove of trees and disappeared.

Detective Calixtus watched Kola leave trough bleary eyes. He probably saved my life, he thought. He tried to move, it was painful but he was determined. He struggled up and placed one tender leg after the other, shuffling along carefully, he entered the same groove of trees as Kola. He had not gone more than five paces inside the groove when he heard a shot in the quiet evening air. He bent down quickly, earning a painful spasm in his waist area. He patted himself for his gun but his holster was empty. He groaned as he remembered losing it earlier on. He looked around, found a broken branch that looked good as a weapon, he picked it up then moved forward cautiously. As he walked, he saw two of his men coming to him. He gave them a hand signal to spread out so they will come on the shack on three different sides. He was glad to see that they still had their guns.


Jide opened his eyes to see his mother’s furious gaze and princess sleeping peacefully on a chair.

Iya Olayinka: “weh done sir. You did very well. Clap for yourself. You know you are an idiot? Do you have that fact in your head? All your life you have never achieved anything worth mentioning, now… Now… that you now have a beautiful thing in your life, you decide that you’re tired of looking at my face and want to kill yourself. Jide! So you want me to come and bury you and make your daughter an orphan abi?” Jide looked at her in shock.

Iya Olayinka: “yes, Bunmi is dead. She had cancer. She brought the child to you for that reason among others yet here you are in your normal selfish ways.”

Jide was crying now. Princess woke up raised her head to stare at him, then rested her head again and promptly went to sleep.

Jide: “I am no good to anyone. All the people that I love I have treated poorly. God!” Iya Olayinka mellowed on seeing his tears.

Iya Olayinka: “there is always time to say am sorry and started again. You can start by accepting your mistakes and facing the consequences. Not all consequences are bad, sometimes God uses evil for good.” She said looking at the sleeping Princess. Jide nodded his head.

Jide: “I am ready to face the consequences of my mistakes; the good ones and the bad ones too.” He smiled through his tears. Iya Olayinka smiled with him and patted his head.


Bimpe woke up to see her mother’s worried face hovering over her. She smiled but could not speak. Her tongue was stuck to the roof of her mouth. Her mother smiled through tearful eyes.

Iya Bimpe: “doctor says you will be fine. You had undergone several surgeries o but if you keep to the psychotherapy planned out for you, you will walk again. Your friend, Nnenna helped me to get your admission deferred. Doctor said that we should thank God that you didn’t break your spine. Said it was small thing that remain. Bimpe stared at her mother as she spoke. Her thoughts were hazy. She could not remember getting any injuries that demanded her being admitted into the hospital.

Iya Bimpe got up and adjusted her daughters blanket as the doctor walked into the room.

Doctor: “ha! She has woken up. Good. Healing has begun.” He checked her charts and other things then left. Bimpe had not said a word. Iya Bimpe smiled happily.


Osas woke up to an empty room and panicked. She called out to Kola but he didn’t reply. She got up and checked everywhere even as she dialed Mr. Fix.

Mr. Fix: “yes ma’am?”

Osas: “did you by chance see one tall ugly looking dumb ass running through the bushes?”

Mr. Fix: “Well…yes. I am looking at him climb into the shack through a back room window. So sad, he is going to die.” He replied companionably.

Osas: “No. he should not die! If anything happens to him, I will hold you personally responsible.”

Mr Fix: “but you told me to stay out of the way of the police. By rights I should be on my way to Abuja now.” He complained.

Osas: “I change my mind, get into house and destroy anything that is intent on killing the buffoon.”

Mr. Fix: “yes ma’am.”

Osas ends the call and immediately it rings again. It is her mum. Oz! Mtchew…she picked the call;

Osas: “mumsy, make I call you back.”

Iye Oz: “make Ogun fire dat jour mout. Jou disappear since. I dey run round dey fine jou. If no b Oz wey tell me say jou dey Lagos, na so I for tink say jou don loss. Wish kain pikin jou be sef? Oya dey come Bini now now. I wan see jou.”

Osas: “mumsy I go come. I dey do suntin. Make I call you back.” She got dressed quickly and came out of the flat. It was raining heavily. She stood confused.


Kola entered the shack as quietly as he could. The sound of rain had ceased, just the drops from the zinc splattered. The evening air was cool. He stepped into the room and moved. He stepped forward and paused as his feet had landed on glass, making a crunchy noise that sounded loud in the silence. A match stick was struck and suddenly the room brightened. He was dead. Sitting before him, comfortably was Attila holding a gun to his chest. On both sides stood two of his henchmen with knives. Rita was tied to chair at the far end of Attila’s gun hand.

Attila: “Kola you’re late. “He smiled, his teeth gleaming in the flickering candle light.”

Question: Will Mr Fix get there in time to save Kola and Rita?

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  1. wow…..this is serious, I guess Mr Fix will get there early to save both Kola and Rita.
    Adelove am waiting for d next episode bfor d last one in d night joor

  2. Yes Mr Fix will help out but dere might b little casualties as d detective is bent on locating atilla. next episode please Adelove….

  3. Yes Mr fix will arrive on time and save Kola and Rita. Even his name says everything (MR. FIX) which means he will fix everything without a problem. But I just have this feeling that attilla will lose his life there.


  4. hmmmmm, this is nothing but GOBE!!!!!
    kola and Rita better not die, or else, I will stop reading adelove stories (if I hear). Ur stories with riddle to solve at the end of each episode fit give person hyper ooooo.
    kudos to adelove and crew!!!!.

  5. Hummmmmmmm. O ga o.crime upon crime.
    I hope Mr fix will fix everything before it is too late o.
    I hope Atilla will not shoot kola o,hummmmm the last whisper of a dying heart.

  6. Breathtaking and scincilating from Adelove. With Adelove there’s no loneliness. I love Adelove so much. God bless Adelove

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