(Episode 24) The Last Whisper Of A Dying Heart

(Episode 24) The Last Whisper Of A Dying Heart

The Police came with an ambulance and Olayinka. He saw his brother’s body and he thought Kola was dead. He rushed forward until he saw that he was breathing erratically. Kola and detective Calixtus were carried on stretchers into the ambulance with Olayinka tagging along. Three policemen had died from the storm. Rita was put in with the police on Detective Calixtus’ order and sent to the police station.

Kola was quickly rushed into the theatre and the battle to save his life began. Iya Olayinka paced Jide’s room in the hospital praying and crying.

Jide: “Mama, maybe you will go to Kola and pray there o. I am trying to sleep.” His mother paused in her prayer,

Iya Olayinka: “Jide you are wicked. You are a very wicked person. Your twin brother is dying as a result of a mess you caused you are opening your wide mouth to speak rubbish.”

Jide went quiet, closed his eyes and tried to sleep. Princess was watching a cartoon on one of the cable stations showing on the TV in Kola’s room. She ignored the two of them, giving the TV her undivided attention.


Osas had finished packing her bags. She was waiting for a taxi to take her to the park. It was time to go back to Benin. There was nothing left in Lagos for her. She had lost the man she loved. She had found love and lost it. She sat in the room and let the tears flow. She wiped her eyes, when she heard a knock on the door. She opened it to see the taxi driver waiting for her. He carried her car and dropped it in his booth. She gave him directions and settled back on her seat to sleep a little.


Bimpe and her mom watched the news and heard about the shootout between the police and Attila and his gang. It was reported that one Kola Oluwaseun was caught in the crossfire and his currently receiving treatmemt. Iya Bimpe jumped from her seat and started thanking God.

Bimpe: “Is Osas aware?” her mother turned to her.

Iya Bimpe: “I don’t know o. I have not spoken to her since that night o. let me call her.” She dialed Osas’ number, it rang but no one picked. She tried several times then gave up.

Bimpe: “Send her a text.” Bimpe suggested.

The room door opened and Nnenna burst in with some of her and Bimpe’s mutual friends. Iya Bimpe walked out and typed a text to Osas.

Rita gave her statement at the police station. She had made friends with Kayode and in that way was able to pass information to Attila. her plan was to get Attila to kill Kola or Kola to kill Attila. she also claimed that towards the end she fell in love with Kola but Kola’s love for Osas strengthened her resolve. She kept insisting though, that she didn’t know that Attila was going to rape Osas. All she wanted was for the two men to die, fighting themselves. She was remanded in custody until her case came up.


Osas arrived at the bus pack, paid the taxi driver and went to book tickets for her trip to Benin. She paid and went to sit, waiting for the bus to come. While she was waiting, she went through her phone and saw the message from her aunt. She stopped a taxi and got in as the driver placed box in the booth. Forgetting the fact that she had paid for her journey, Osas directed the taxi to the hospital. She entered the hospital, running. She inquired at the front desk and she was directed to Kola’s room. She burst in to meet Kola’s mother, a girl and an older man. She ignored them and walked to Kola’s bedside. Kola looked at her and smiled; his lips raised up in a lopsided grin.

Kola: “Hey you.”

Osas: “you fool. You big big fool. I had died.” She was crying.

Princess: “excuse me ma, it’s not good to call people fools. My mummy told me.” Osas laughed through her tears and looked at Kola.

Kola: “that is my niece, Jide’s daughter. This is my elder brother, Olayinka.” Osas looked at the two of them, greeting Olayinka with a bended knee.

Olayinka; “you must be Bimpe’s cousin?” Osas nodded her head. “I can see why Kola loves you. You’re quite pretty.” Osas blushed.

Osas joined Kola on the bed.

Kola: “my chest hurts, woman.” Osas giggled and smacked his arm.

Kola: “you have to stop hitting me in public o.”

Osas: “why will I not hit you when you act like a dummy sometimes? How did Jide get a daughter this big?” She whispered, pecking him on his scarred cheek.

Princess looked at them in wonder. Iya Olayinka and Olayinka smiled.

Kola: “Well, he got caught in his own games. you’re lucky o, one day am going to smack you.” He whispered back

Osas: “I am waiting. You that cannot hurt a fly”she said aloud, smiling.

Kola: “well I don’t hit women. It’s not right to hit women.” Osas snorted.

Osas: “it is perfectly proper to hit men o.” everybody laughed.

Kola: “I was lost before I found you. You have given me reason to be a better person.” he whispered to her

Osas: “I was dying, you heard my cry and you saved me.” She whispered back. They both smiled.


Rita was found guilty of conspiracy to murder and is presently serving her prison sentence in KiriKiri maximum Security Prison. Kola sends her letters every month which she has never replied. Jide was sentenced to four years in prison but the sentenced was commuted to two years for good behaviour. he is presently a qualified family lawyer and a great father to Princess.

Osas and Kola got married when Kola got out of the hospital. he presently runs his own studio and she runs a foundation; Loving Heart Foundation for rape victims and teenage mothers. Bimpe is currently back on her feet and has completed her program at the university. she is currently the vice president of the Loving Heart Foundation.

Detective Calixtus got a promotion and a medal for his heroism but he can no longer do field work because he needs a cane to walk. he now occupies a desk at police headquarters in Benin  where he seats and ponder on the identity of the shooter outside the shack.

Chinenye was one of the bridesmaid at Kola and Osas’ wedding. her brother’s business is doing fine. Mr. Fix was never seen. he returned to Abuja and from there went to Germany for a long leave of absence. Iye Oz gave her life to Christ and burnt all her juju. Iya Bimpe and Iya Olayinka work with the girls in Osas’ Foundation


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  1. It shouldn’t end there na.
    What happened to Jide and Bimpe, did they get married ?
    All in all it’s a beautiful piece

  2. Oh I love this. Kola is my kind of man. Thanks adelove.com for this beautiful story. I really enjoyed it. Waiting for the next one tomorrow I believe. Goodnight everybody.

  3. Nice ending…I’ve learnt a lot from this story and can make out this ‘behind a Scarry face lies a caring heart’ no wonder it’s said “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”

  4. Great job by adelove crew, uncountable gbosa for adelove crew nice ending all victims of circumstances such as kola, Ozas & jide

  5. Woooow I said it from the start that this is another bomb-shell. and how it did blow my mind “GBOZAAA” am happy it ended well with everybody finding happiness except for those that don’t want to repent. Like Attila and his Gang. Almost all of them where living a complicated life before, but at the End they Changed and embraced Christ like Iya OZ that Burnt all her JUJU…. ADELOVE I will sleep well tonight with a big Hope that as soon as I wake-up tomorrow I will have my morning TEA waiting for me at the dinning table. Great WORK ADELOVE AND CREW….


  6. I really enjoyed dis story to d end,d romance, d fiction was thrilling.Thanks Adelove n crew.Expecting anoda story from d stable of Adelovestories.com

  7. Beautiful story as always…. I must say my very best thus far, quite inspirational too. ‘Thug life redeemed by true luv’. God is love….the reason it’s the greatest thing ever!!! Keep up the good work Adelove….God bless!

  8. Aaaaaah Adelove you had tried io aah this is interesting o (in Jenifer’s voice) lol! God bless you and you crew. Next story pls! Can’t wait- Goodnight.

  9. Nice end….that’s why its said…do not judge a book by its cover…..scarred face with a beautiful heart…thanks adelove……

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  11. Chai diarisgod ooo adelove …this heart u r touching. .will you keep quiet. Kikikikikiki …I love this like kilode. …God bless ur hustle but not like boko o…weldon sa

  12. Maturity is proven when one own up to his/ her mistakes, learn from it n use the lesson to improve the future. Dats wat Jide did n it turned out well for him. Kudos adelove for a fascinating story

  13. the punishment rita recieve is too much…she did it out of anger bt in the middle of it all she saw kola as a loving nd caring person,she shud have be forgiven because she help kola in so many ways

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