You can’t force Hameed Ali to wear his uniform – Falana tells Senate

You can’t force Hameed Ali to wear his uniform - Falana tells Senate

Human rights lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana (SAN), has said that the Senate lacks the power to compel Hameed Ali to wear Customs uniform.

Falana, in an interview, said there was no law stipulating that the Comptroller-General of Customs must wear the Nigeria Customs Service’s uniform.

He added that, although Ali was the Comptroller-General of Customs, the retired military officer was not a member of the service.

Falana said, “With respect to the customs service, its officers are required to wear uniforms. But since the CGC is not a serving customs officer the senate lacks the vires to force him to wear any uniform.

“The suit challenging the legal validity of Col. Hameed Ali’s appointment has been dismissed on the ground that the President has the power to appoint a non-customs officer to head the customs service. Since the court has held that he is not a customs officer, Col. Ali cannot be made to wear any uniform.

“I challenge the Senate to refer to any law that supports the wearing of uniform by the head of customs service, who is not a serving customs officer.”

Falana added that customs officers are not being made to wear uniforms in other countries including South Africa.

He said, “In many countries, including South Africa, customs officers do not wear uniforms.

“In Nigeria they wear uniforms because under the defunct military junta security outfit under the defunct military junta security agencies claimed that they were either military or paramilitary forces. It was part of the intimidation of the civilian population.”



  1. Why won’t he wear uniform of the parastatal he heads, seriously I don’t get it when a simple thing of understanding is turned in to governmentwood drama

  2. What is the big deal in him putting on the uniform? Is he not proud of his job. Falana, you cant be right all the time. Even if they don’t wear it in other countries, does that matter, should we follow everything that happens elsewhere. This is the Nigerian Senate, the highest lawmaker in the land, in as much as I do not support their excesses, but on this one the man should just obey the lawmakers. Hes not bigger than the whole house pls.

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