(Episode 11) Total Defiance … The Beauty of a Beast!

(Episode 11) Total Defiance … The Beauty of a Beast!

He stood up and looked down at her for some few seconds. She expected him to remove his cloths and pounce on her but instead, he started curling his belt around his hands. He unrolled it and brought it down on her with all the strength he could mutter, it tore deep into her skin and she screamed. She had never experienced the kind of pain that brought with it and that was not what she had prepared her mind for. The belt kept landing on her delicate skin as she rolled on the floor in agonizing pain.

Boss: “I told you you’d beg for death. I told you didn’t I? And you still had the audacity to talk to me anyhow in the presence of the goods?” he kept saying as the belt kept descending on her.

She did not know whom to call out to for help. She kept muttering “dad…dad…where are you dad?” her mind went to the person for whom she wanted so much to go to Abuja and she bit her lips, “he is never going to love me now. Not with this bruised body. Oh Pat!

He stopped to admire his handy work and the blood he saw on her body made his manhood rage violently inside the army camouflage he wore. He knew controlling himself was going to be a problem then as blood was a huge turn on for him sexually, it awakened the beast inside him. He turned her over roughly as he impatiently undid his fly, flew out of them and spread her legs widely. She wanted to fight him but she had no strength left for that. She squeezed her eyes shut as he started thrusting in and out of her with such savagery that even animals would tremble at. His thrusts were frenzied and they tore right into her cervix as he had a huge manhood, one he knew how to use in his savagery quite well.

She wanted so much to beg for mercy but she was boiling with hatred for him and didn’t want him to see her weakness in any way. He kept changing the angle of his thrusts until he got to his peak and went spiralling down like a crashing aircraft. His whole body shook then went limp. He rolled away from her and smiled at the mess he had made.

Boss: “Now that felt so right and unlike any I have ever had. You are one special one and I will do everything to keep you. I will send one of the women to tend to your wounds. In order not to make it this messy next time, try not to run your mouth at me again. If you do, I will have to ruin your beautiful skin and that would be no one’s fault but yours” he said as he cleaned off the blood he had on his body and putting on his cloths again.

Erica: “Go to hell…” she said in between clenched teeth.

Boss: “I can see you still have strength, maybe we should go at it again?” he pretended to be unzipping his trousers again, stopped when he saw the look of horror on her face and laughed out loud. “My fiery eyed doe seems to be afraid of only my old man. Very good” he said and walked out.

She heard him barking orders in Hausa outside and before long, Aisha walked into the tent with a bowl of water and towel in her hands. They had all heard her agonizing screams and even those who hated her cringed with pity for her. They knew how terrible that experience could be even though they were happy at last that she wasn’t being favoured above them anyway.


She tried as much as possible to put up with her mother in law who tried everything in her power to make life miserable for her. She told everyone who cared to listen that she was a witch who did not want her son to progress in life but for her fervent prayers, her son would have amounted to nothing. Her father tried to make her leave the house but she refused, she knew that leaving the house would put a rift between she and her husband and she didn’t want that. What pained her the most was that anytime her husband called, she had to pretend like everything was alright since her mother in law acted all lovely towards her whenever he was on call with them. She was made to do every forms of chores in the house despite her pregnancy. She often brought her friends home, bragging about her son being in London and using up the foodstuffs Nkeiru had managed to get with her own money. One day, after her friends had left, she decided to talk to her about her recent lavish lifestyle.

Nkeiru: “Mama… please can you have your seat please? There is something I need to discuss with you”

Iya Lanre: “What is it now? I want to go and bath so whatever it is, just hurry it up. I don’t have time for petty petty talks” she sat down with a look of indifference on her face.

Nkeiru: “Please don’t be angry with what I am about to say ma…”

Iya Lanre: “Why do you have to say it when you know it could make me angry? I will be angry o” she cut in.

Nkeiru: “I am sorry in advance then but I still have to say it” she paused trying to choose her words with caution.

Iya Lanre: “Abeg talk fast jare. Didn’t you hear I want to do something?”

She ignores her rude remark and went on…

Nkeiru: “The people you bring into this house is too much ma. I thought that when you are done celebrating Lanre’s safe arrival at the US that it will stop but it hasn’t. The rate at which I stock up the house has increased with speed and I don’t think I can cope with that anymore. That is what I wanted to discuss with you”

Iya Lanre: “So it is for this cheap, very cheap talk you wasted my precious time? Are you not my son’s wife again?” she sounded calmer than Nkeiru had thought she would.

Nkeiru: “I am ma. I am not saying you cannot entertain visitors. All I am saying is that it should not be too much. All they do is eat and eat while I serve and serve. Please ma, understand my point” she knelt in front of her just to show she meant no disrespect whatsoever.

Iya Lanre: “I understand you quite well. I understand that you are trying to bully me just because my son is not around and you are the only one he sends money to. God am I really a mother? I suffered to cater for this boy all by myself after his dad sent me out and now, no one is here to pay me back for all my troubles?” she started to weep profusely.

Nkeiru: “Mama don’t cry now. Lanre has never sent me any money though. It’s my salary I use in doing everything I do in this house. You know he told us he is yet to find a job. All I am saying is that we should be managing the little we have for now until he gets a job. I am sorry ma, don’t cry again” she kept kneeling with her face down, trying not incur her wrath any further.

Iya Lanre: “It is okay, I understand your point now. Don’t worry iyawo omomi” she dabbed her eyes with the edge of her wrapper and helped her sit up. ”It is fine” she repeated but Nkeiru knew it was not cool. That night when her husband called and asked to talk to his mum, she was reluctant to hand the phone to her knowing she might report her with lots of misplaced truths she would have had conceived in her mind.

Nkeiru: “Mama, Lanre wants to talk to you” she said walking over to her stretching the phone towards her where she sat in front of the mirror in her room wiping off makeup from her face with the wet wipes in her hand. Her countenance changed immediately she put the phone to her ears.

Iya Lanre: “Oko mi…olowo ori mi…” she began at his first hello.

Lanre: “Iya mi…how are you?”

Iya Lanre: “I am not fine at all. I am suffering my child”

Lanre; “What happened?”

Iya Lanre: “It is your wife. She has decided to be disrespecting me in the presence of my friends. Do you know what she did to me today? She scolded me in front of my friends for wasting her money. She said you are jobless and useless over there and you are not taking care of her. She said she will stop feeding me with her money. I have not eaten anything since that morning, after my friend left. Am I not suffering?” she started weeping.

Lanre: “She said all those?” the hurt in his voice could not be mistaken.

Iya Lanre: “She did. I was so ashamed especially for the part where she said you are useless as a husband and a son…”

Lanre: “Give her the phone”

She handed the phone to her triumphantly. Nkeiru tried to explain her part of the story but he refused to listen, he kept scolding her for making his mother cry in his absence just because she was the one shouldering the responsibilities of the home at that moment. He hung up the call on her after he was done. That night, she cried herself to sleep while her mother in law slept with a smile.


She refused to leave her tent after that night. She stayed indoors nursing her pain and thoughts on how to escape from the hell-hole she found herself in. Aisha advised her against it with the little English she knew but her mind was made up. She was the kind of girl who did whatever she dimmed fit anyway. For three days, she watched the surrounding when everyone slept pretending to be easing herself. She would crouch down and monitor the positions of those guarding the camp and their routines. She knew when it was their time to change turns and when they start feeling sleepy.

The fourth day, she sneaked out of her hurt wearing a black jalabia she had been given by the boss after he had shredded her cloth in a bid to have his way with her that day. She crouched down patiently when the third guard took position and after thirty minutes when he started dozing off, she started walking again. She was almost out of the camp when she heard footsteps behind her. She heard the boss talking to someone in a hushed tone and all of a sudden, the whole camp was awakened. She heard the boss call out to her in a loud voice…

Boss: “Young lady! I know you are still within earshot. I will advise you to turn back now otherwise I will instruct my men to shoot you at sight.

Erica: “Fool…what part of I am not afraid of dying do you not understand? I would have committed suicide but I want to make heaven so you can just send me off already” she thought.

It was as if he heard her thoughts out loud because after some seconds he said “Oh! I remember you are not afraid of death. Okay! I am going to blow out this young girl’s guts at the count of 10. The girl you treated the first day you arrived. I know you have gotten quite close to her. I am only doing this because I have a soft spot for you. It will take me nothing to comb you out of that bush only that you’d be as dead as Juliet in the tomb. 1…2…” he started counting and Erica stopped short in her track.

Question: Should she keep going or turn back to save her friend? Was it wrong for Nkeiru to have told her mother in law to cut down on how much she spent?

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  1. some mother inlaws can b wicked Sha how can she trouble a pregnant woman like dat nd d husband sef nor just knw himself he should knw wat his wife can nd can’t do its better she goes back to her parents house nd let’s see hw d mother inlaw will continue throwing parties

  2. Erica will go back to save Aishat life. Iya Lanre is really a pain in d as, Lanre made a mistake to av believed his mother without hearing from his wife 1st. I hope he realises his mistake and make amends.

  3. Shes not wrong trying to caution the lanres mother.nkiru should just go back to save the poor girls life.Lanre is not man enough for beliving all the lies her mother told him against the wife.

  4. she shd save her friend even though its a difficult situation.NK said the right thing after all her mother in law knew she was the only one shouldering responsibilities before her son travelled out

  5. She should wait an recused the girl,even though the boss can’t kill the girl, and Nkiruka is not worry for saying her mind.

  6. She should turn back o cos that man in the bus did the same for her too. Hmmmm God deliver us from selfish mother in law. Kudos Adelove & crew

  7. Nk is not wrong @all with wot she told her mother inlaw, the woman is just devilish. Erica should not come back for any reason, she should try to escape.

  8. That’s was just my opinion, let her go back to her parent house,leave her phone with the mother in-law to communicate with her son well…the boss likes Erica he would definitely come around

  9. Erica will go back nd save her new found frnd,I don’t see anything wrong with the way NK presented the matter to her mother in law,lanre was 2 fast 2 conclude ,thought he knew her so well

  10. Erica will go back nd save her new found frnd,I don’t see anything wrong with the way NK presented the matter to her mother in law,lanre was 2 fast 2 conclude ,thought he knew her so well

    • I stick with this….saving a life a is a greater calling, Aisha could be very dead is Erica insists on escaping.
      Nkeiru in my opinion did the right thing in confronting her mother-in-law but the wrong thing by having not communicated the developments in the house to the husband.

  11. Erica will go back nd save her new found frnd,I don’t see anything wrong with the way NK presented the matter to her mother in law,lanre was 2 fast 2 conclude ,thought he knew her so well

  12. If u hv a bad mother in law life in ur husbands house will be tiresome. Nk has evry right to tell her mother in law to reduce the frnds she bring to the house cos its her home and she is managing her home. She is also pregnant and dsnt need much stress in her life.

  13. Erica should keep going until she escape.
    Nkeiru didn’t do anything wrong by telling her mother in-law to cut down on how much she spent, idiot lanre can’t even give his wife a chance to explain her self

  14. Erica will go and save her friend’s life.
    Nkeiru did nothing wrong. The mother in law is just wicked.
    Thanks Adelove and crew

  15. Erica should continue…she should not turn back….as for Nkeiru she wld ve told d husband to tell d mum himself since he knows d kind of mother in law she has…

  16. Nkiru was right but na wa for this her mother inlaw o, I hope God see her through, I guess Eric should go back to save her friend.

  17. I think Erica will turn back in other to save her cus she won’t v d mind to bear she die because of her and even thou she is back,if d boss wanna kill d girl right in front of her he can do that so I hope she ignored him. Nk did nothing bad to d mother in-law. Lanre is a foolish man,even thou ur mother said all that,at list u will giv ur wife room 4 explanation wen u knw her behavior to b a responsible wife but ur mother the trouble maker type. With dis,I knw he will start misbehaving towards Nk ane even followed pete suggestion 4 citizenship.

  18. If Erica did nt turn back d girl wil b dead and her safety is nt sure.Nkeiru was right wit wat she told her mother in law

  19. to hell with the mother inlaw
    Nkiru should better start shopping for the baby instead of filling the kitchen with foodstuff for that old witch

  20. Erica should keep going and save herself. Nkriu didn’t do anything wrong for telling her mother in law her mind. That woman self her own too much.Nkriu should just leave the house for a while let’s see how she will feed herself

  21. Erica should try to escape,she can alert police of the place&others will be safe too.but I boss will not kill Aisha,he only want to use her to get Erica back,she should escape first.
    Mother in law,na wa o.celebrating your son in London without job.you are only digging your grave early because your son will go beyond control,I pity you.
    NK,you haven’t done anything bad,but be strong instead of crying,be prayerful so that your husband can come back unhurt.
    Lanre,at your age,you are still tie to your mummy apron,you believe her against your wife,when you know how left the home&her effort in making the ends meet.
    Lanre,you better wise up&be prayerful,so that your mother will not push into early grave:::::Total Defiance:-beauty of the beast.

  22. Erica keep going, while on earth will Lanre behave like dat as if he never trusted his wife at the first place

  23. She should keep on going in order to escape than going back to save someone they will still kill later and Nkeiru did the best thing every order good wife will do but her mother in-law is very wicked and heartless

  24. She should keep on going in order to escape than going back to save someone they will still kill later and Nkeiru did the best thing every order good wife will do but her mother in-law is very wicked and heartless

  25. Despite hw stubborn erica is, she has a soft spot….. So she will go bck n save her frd…….. Nikiru is rite….. I jus pray wit dis attitude of lya lanra he won’t push his son 2 do sumtin dey will all regret

  26. Hummmmmmmm. Na wa o.Erica should try to escape, she can alert police&others will be safe.boss will not kill Aisha,he only want to use her to get Erica back,Erica should not look back instead she should escape first.
    NK,you haven’t done anything bad,be strong,don’t cry instead be prayerful so that your man can come back to you unhurt.leave your mother in law,nemesis will soon caught up with her,she is just digging her grave earlier beyond expected, celebrating your son in London without job,I pity both mother&son.
    Lanre,na wa for you o,have you forgotten how you left your home,you believe your mother against your wife.o ga for you o.
    You better be prayerful, so that you won’t get yourself blame at the end of the day. Total Defiance::::beauty of a beast.

  27. Erica should escape if she can. The boss might still kill Aisha anyways.
    Nkeiru did not do anything wrong o. It is such a pity that Lanre choose his mum over her

  28. the mother in law is just been mean and will do anything to anything to separate them. if I were her, I will avoid her a bit for now. Erica will be caught either way so I advice she play the heroin by turning herself in to save the girl

  29. She should try pray to God for his guidance & protection. As Nkeiru I d’t think she is wrong for approaching her bcosof d situation

  30. It’s better she leaves but am sure she will turn back
    Nk did the right thing and Lanre shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions

  31. Erica should better turn back and b more patience.
    and as for lanre’s mum, na wa for her o.
    if I may ask, don’t she have her own house? y must she keep staying at her son’s house? na wa o

  32. erica should continue going, its just a threat to bring her back. And NK was right though lanre would not understand now…..

  33. all ur story are interested ones but there is non of ur story that did not involve infidelity rape,sex,funication adultery is life all about sex?

  34. She should keep going becos turning back will be hell for her. Is not wrong for Nkeiru advicing her mother inlaw.

  35. I think she should save her own life if she can, she should try & escape first. I think Nkeru should have been more shrewd than she was, since she already knew well her mother-in-law, she should have just tried & save part of her income thereby reducing d rate of stock in d house..

  36. She should turn back for the sake of her friend
    I don’t see anything wrong with the way Nkiru talked to her mother in-law at all and I still don’t understand why Lanre will choose his mother over his wife knowing a troublesome mother.

  37. Nkiru did not do anything wrong her mother in-law is just trying to make life difficult for her. Erica will want to save her little friend.

  38. Nkiru did not do anything wrong by telling her mother in law to cut all her expenses. She should surrender so they will not kill her.

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