(Episode 15) Total Defiance … The Beauty of a Beast!

(Episode 15) Total Defiance … The Beauty of a Beast!

Erica: “Aishat?” her eyes cleared immediately and she started seeing and thinking clearly. She stood up to her feet ready to pounce.

Boss: “Is she the witness?”

Locust: “Yes she is”

Boss: “Young lady! Hope you know the gravity of what you are about to do? If I find out you are lying, I will slit your throat into two and no one will be able to stop me” he warned sternly.

Aisha: “I understand sir”

Erica was surprised at how sharp she sounded. Her English was polished too and she wondered how much she must have lied to her and at what price.

Boss: “Tell us what you know”

She knelt down beside Erica and started…

Aisha: “She told me yesterday morning that she was going to poison you and then escape from here. I thought she was joking and tried all my best to dissuade her anyway but she was persistent. When I found out that she had left the tent in the midnight, I realised she meant all she said and alerted the guards” she said looking down, unable to look into the eyes of Boss.

Boss: “Is that true? Did you tell her you were going to kill me and then escape?”

Erica: “I did tell her I was going to escape but I never told her I’d poison you. I sincerely don’t know where she got that from and I don’t know how I got to deserve this from her either. I thought she was the only friend I had in this camp” as she said this, she remembered what Boss had told her once ‘Don’t think because they act like they like you that they actually do’ he had warned her. Her eyes started getting beclouded with unshed tears, this made his heart ache and he looked away from her face.

Boss: “If you did not tell her that then how did she come about that story?”

Erica: “Ever since I came here, I have seen her as naïve and innocent. She never spoke much and even when she did, she picked her words with care like one who didn’t know much English. As we can all see, she is smart and can cook up stories like this. I think what we should be asking her is what she thinks she will get to gain from implicating me”

Aishat: “I have always spoken to you in clear English just like I am doing now. You just chose to believe what you wanted, your judgement was clearly shaded with thoughts of killing Boss and escaping from here. I am not lying sir, I have nothing to gain from lying against her” she said batting her eyelids like she was about to break down in tears.

Erica: “Shut up you bloody liar or I will shut it for you. I should have just let you die that first day I came. I guess it isn’t everybody who is worth saving. Some people with venomous and treacherous hearts are just better off dead so the living can really live. I regret even opening myself up to you little girl” she snapped with gritted teeth.

Locust: “Just imagine how wild she is. Order that we kill her already. She must be killed for trying to even touch a hair from your head. Order that she be killed with immediate effect” he was persistent and the rest of the men in the tent nodded their heads in agreement with him.

Boss: “Quiet men! How dare you guys tell me what to do?” she said with a mixture of Hausa and English. “She is mine, my property and only I have the right to decide what is to be done with her. None of you, I repeat, none of you should raise your voice as regards this issue again. Do you understand?”

The men looked at one another not daring to say anything any further. Even Locust kept quiet.

Erica: “If you are convinced within you that I actually did it, then you can go on ahead and have me executed” she knew he wasn’t convinced and was looking for a way to bail her out of the situation. His eyes were betraying his emotions, he tried hiding them behind the mask he wore but she could see through him.

Boss: “You keep quiet there. Okay I have decided that since she is my property and I don’t want her to die just yet, she will be given twenty strokes of cane after which we will forget this incidence ever happened”

Locust: “You are laying bad example if I must say. You are becoming too soft hearted just because of this thing. We need an iron hand to rule over us and not some weakling” he blurted out carelessly.

Boss flung himself off the chair he sat on and within minutes, they were both rolling on the floor, throwing punches at each other. He would have killed him on the spot but thanks to the effects of the poison, he became too weak and had to just let it rest.

Boss: “This will be your first and last warning. The last time you openly defile me like this, I will have your head hung on a pole outside you short devil” he spat on him while he whimpered on the floor with no one to help him up.

Erica looked at Aisha and shook her head irritably at her.

Erica: “You think I am really nice? Go and ask of me where I came from…for doing this, I will surely get you” she whispered to her before she was finally taken away to be flogged.


Vanessa would cook and take the food to him at his home even though he never really asked her to. That Sunday afternoon, she had prepared vegetable and okra soup and taken it to his place. On getting there, she met him on the bed, looking so weak and pale.

Vanessa: “What happened to you? I have never seen you like this before. Are you okay?” he asked perching on the side of his bed.

Pat: “I am fine thank you”

Vanessa: “What happened to you though? Where are you feeling hurt?”

Pat: “What’s with all these questions? Why is it that you can’t ever mind your own business?”

Vanessa: “Oh no vex o. I am just worried though”

Pat: “Just worry about yourself and leave me alone”

She stood up and went to lie down in the sitting room, sulking.


Iya Lanre: “Where is the money my son said he sent to you yesterday?” she asked her daughter in law as soon as they got back from church without even allowing her to undress or prepare lunch.

Nkeiru: “I am yet to cash it”

Iya Lanre: “What do you mean by you are yet to cash it? Don’t you have ATM card?”

Nkeiru: “I do. I will go and get it once I have eaten. But mama, didn’t he send money to you too? He told me he was going to send yours separately”

Iya Lanre: “Didn’t he tell you? I told him not to bother doing that since he could always send it into your account. So he sent all of it into your account”

Nkeiru: “Ehn ehn…why didn’t he say anything to me about it then?” she asked quizzically.

Iya Lanre: “Do you think he needs to ask for your permission before even doing that? How can a wife be so bossy? Well since I am the older one In the house, I will be in charge of every money he sends. So give me your ATM card, I will go and withdraw the money while you do the cooking. Make sure you cook something delicious o and hurry it up, I am hungry”

Nkeiru: “I cannot give you my ATM card mama, I have my personal savings in that account since we closed down our joint account after he used the money in it to travel”

Iya Lanre: “What nonsense personal account are you talking about? You don’t have personal anything in this house. Everything belongs to my son first then you, didn’t he pay your bride price? Do you know how much he had to waste to marry you? And you are here talking about some personal savings. Give me that ATM card before I do something you will regret for the rest of your life” she outstretched her right hand waiting for her to drop it into her palm.

Nkeiru: “I said I cannot give it to you. I will call him now to confirm if he actually did send us money jointly or not” she made for her phone.

Iya Lanre: “So you are calling me a liar now? You dare call me a liar?” she walked towards her and snatched the phone from her, threw it on the floor and started stepping on it like a rebellious teenager.

Nkeiru ignored her, walked to her room and brought out her smaller phone, determined to pull the call through. It began to ring but no one picked it. She knew it would be quite late over there but she wanted to call him anyway. She dialled the line again, it rang at the other end and after some seconds of listening to the ringing tone it was picked at last but it was not her husband’s voice she heard, it was a lady with an American accent’s voice.

Nkeiru: “Hello…who is this please?” she asked with a trembling voice and her scowl on her face.

Anna: “I am…” but Lanre had quickly snatched the phone from her. She heard them argue for a while and the line went dead.

She was unable to make out what they said but she smelt something quite fishy. She was still in her dazed stance when her mother in law dashed into the room.

Iya Lanre: “So you called him anyway you witch?”

Nkeiru: “Please stop calling me a witch, don’t force me into talking back at you mama” she was about to carry out the aggression she felt at being stood up on the phone by her husband on his mum.

Iya Lanre: “What have you being doing all these while, talking back at me, disrespecting me, calling me a liar and a squanderer. Aren’t those what you have been doing?”

Nkeiru ignored her and made to walk away but she took giant steps towards her and pushed her so hard she landed on the floor and slide down the hard tiled floor on her stomach. She was surprised at the woman’s audacity to do that despite her pregnancy. She winced with pain and felt a thick substance drip from her vagina and down her thighs. With a shaky hand, she reached out to touch it, brought it out and collapsed at the sight of blood on her fingers.

Question: Will she lose the pregnancy? Was the punishment the boss meted out on Erica fair despite all evidence pointing at her?

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  1. Nawa oh! What kind trouble mother in-laws be this naa? She saw blood, I hope she will not miscarried her baby.for Erica and boss, na them sabi abeg. Next episode please!!

  2. the pregnancy is a 50 50 chance.the judgment passed to Erica was fear.the evidence wasn’t actually concrete.in order to avoid been partial,that’s why the boss did that

  3. NK’s pregnancy is a 50 50 chance.the judgment Erica received waa fair cos the evidence wasn’t even genuine.because the boss doesn’t want to be regarded as been partial,that’s why he did that

  4. Nkeiru lost the pregnancy.
    The boss did that just to prove that he is not soft. But down within him,he knew Erica is innocent.
    Thanks Adelove.

  5. Lol Erica, boss loves you thats why he gave her flog punishment instead of death. As for the mother in law… hehehehe ur actions will dawn on you not now. Pray she dsnt loose her pregnancy

  6. I guess she will lost d pregnancy oo..hmm what a wicked mother in-law…d punishment is still fair bcos he knew she wasn’t d one that poisoned him

  7. Nkieru should leave that house before her mother kill her as of Erica d boss is in love with her and d punishment isn’t fair.

  8. Nkieru should leave that house before her mother kill her as of Erica d boss is in love with her and d punishment isn’t fair BC she’s innocent.

  9. I cnt marry a yoruba man ooooo…… His mother will jus kill me b4 my time…….. I pray she doesn’t lose d pregnancy…….. Erica pls do revenge on aisha she deserves no mercy………

  10. I hope NK doesn’t lose the pregnancy,Erica shud count herself lucky, if it was another person the boss would have ask them to give him the person’s head.

  11. Chei! she can loose the pregnancy. The punishment Erica got, she deserved it since she never listened to her parents.

  12. She won’t lose the pregnancy by the grace of God…which kind of mum inlaw be did self….Boss gave a fair judgment because he knew Erica is innocent

  13. she won’t loose the pregnancy but she should go from that house, before she die because of her wicked mother inlaw.

  14. She might have miscarriage but the punishment boss give to Erica is fair compare to the one his boys want because his inner mind is telling him that Erica is innocent

  15. She didn’t loose the pregnancy. As for the punishment on Erica it’s fair at all. I know its a set up from the guys the boss know too

  16. She didn’t loose the pregnancy. As for the punishment on Erica it’s fair at all. I know its a set up from the guys the boss know too

  17. Nk will not lose the pregnancy,thou she may have some complications and enough best rest if she is not going to give birth b4 her time due. Boss is fair on his judgment since he knows Erica didn’t try to poison him and don’t wanna act in haste.

  18. Nk should leave d house b4 her mother in law kills her oh, I hope she wouldn’t loose d baby, Erica has find favor in d eyes of d boss.

  19. Hmmm, this is very bad and stupid from Lanre mother, what does she stand to gain in tormenting her daughter in law. Definitely she lost the pregnancy. Boss judgement was fair enough.

  20. she will loose the pregnancy,one she has been going through a lot of stress from her mother in law,and now she just put her hard,she will loose it,and as for Erica trust no one,been a victim of that before,let her take the stroke

  21. The punishment the boss gave to Erica is not fair enough but as he said she is his property .Nkiru will not loss the pregnancy.

  22. hmmm… this is serious, she won’t lost d baby. God deliver us from heartless monster-in-law. Nice one Adelove & crew

  23. NK wil nt loose d pregnancy bt there’ll b complication.The punishment meted on Erica is fair cos he knew she wasn’t guilty.

  24. Wiked mother inlaw, hope she will not loose the baby in her womb. Boss did not give her punishment she deserves because she was wrongly accused.

  25. She will loose the pregnancy, and the punishment given to Erica is the only way she can live without the boss guys raising an eye in her about the poison

  26. That is the symptom of miscarriage. And I think that the BOSS is not fair in his judgement towards Erick. Because if she really plained such she won’t show her self when Aishat was in danger of death. Aishat an ingreat she payed Erick with Evil for all the good things Erick have done for her. It’s getting more intresting I just can’t wait for next Episode.


  27. That is the symptom of miscarriage. And I think that the BOSS is not fair in his judgement towards Erick. Because if she really plained such she won’t show her self when Aishat was in danger of death. Aishat an ingreat she payed Erick with Evil for all the good things Erick have done for her. It’s getting more intresting I just can’t wait for next Episode.


  28. God, she wont lose her pregnancy. And erica’s punishment is ok so the boss wont appear too soft though he didnt believe the accusations

  29. I pray and hope Nk won’t lose the pregnancy.
    The boss had to give out such punishment to Erica so as to look tough

  30. Ha,gbese re o NK.abegggg o.but what sort of mother- in law is this,ha,pregnant NK,sorry o.you won’t loose your baby but am afraid still birth.poor you.O ma se o.Pele sorry.
    The boss is fair enough,locust&Aisha planned to kill the man.Aisha will regret it.

  31. I hope she doesn’t loose the pregnancy, but she should have moved in with her father.
    Erica is innocent of the accusation

  32. I really pray she doesn’t lose the pregnancy but if she does then that her mother-in-law is a murderer.. The punishment boss gave to her was not fair because she is not guilty but considering the accusations and the rebellion of Locust, that was his only option.

  33. NK will nt lose her pregnancy.
    Erica punishment is fair enough,d boss doesnt want to be partial in his judgment.

  34. I said it dat dis stupid mother in law will make life miserable for her……Erica will definitely get out of dis evil camp

  35. she might, or might not lose d pregnancy. The boss judgement to erica was fair, cos he wasnt convinced she did it.

  36. She won’t loose d pregnancy. D punishment is just to cover up nd keep her alive.God pls don’t give me dis kind of wicked nd witch mother in-law oo.

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