(Episode 17) Total Defiance … The Beauty of a Beast!

(Episode 17) Total Defiance … The Beauty of a Beast!

Lanre: “Why did you pick my call Anna? We both agreed to respect each other’s boundary” he had asked her, trying as much as he could not to let his anger have the best of him.

Anna: “The phone kept ringing and disrupting my sleep. Besides who was the lady that called?”

Lanre: “My sister”

Anna: “You never really told me about your sister. I thought you were an only child”

Lanre: “Yes I am an only child. She is my cousin but I call her sister, hope you are satisfied now?”

Anna: “Hmmmm…okay then” she tried to believe him even though her instinct was screaming otherwise. “I have arranged for us to get married next week. So get ready, we are getting married”

Lanre: “Okay” he said indifferently knowing he had no other option but to go on with the marriage.


A week later, they were both declared husband and wife at a law court uptown. He applied for a Green Card and with her help, he got it without breaking a sweat. With time, he started feeling that marrying her was the best thing to ever happen to him. He started looking forward to their love making rather than avoiding it like he used to. He had felt a little pained when Nkeiru called to inform him of her miscarriage but he quickly got over it and stopped communicating with her the way he used to. Things started changing from bad to worse in his first marriage but for the best in his second.


She had tried her best to ensure they remained the way they were before but her efforts only complicated issues between them. It was like he blamed her for the miscarriage not regarding the role his mum played in it. He ignore her calls over and over again until she got tired of calling and texting messages without getting replies. She left her room holding her phone, fighting the urge to put another call through to him. She met her mother in law talking on phone but she quickly ended it when she stepped in.

Nkeiru: “Good morning ma” she greeted half kneeling.

Iya Lanre: “Morning” she replied without looking at her.

Nkeiru: “Have you been hearing from Lanre?”

Iya Lanre: “No”

Nkeiru: “Was he not the one you were talking to just now?”

Iya Lanre: “He was not the one”

Nkeiru: “Mama please if there is anything I have done wrong to you, please forgive me but just tell me how he is. Is he fine?”

Iya Lanre: “Is this girl mad? What do you mean by is he fine? Were you expecting him not to be fine? Don’t ask me stupid questions again and just leave me alone. I guess your witchcraft cannot reach him anymore”

Nkeiru: “Thank God he is fine then. Mama I have a favour to ask of you please?”

Iya Lanre: “What favour? Do I look like someone who will grant you any favour? Let me hear it first sha”

Nkeiru: “When next he calls you, can you give me the phone so I can speak with him please? It’s been quite a time I heard from him last. I no longer know what is going on with him, I just want to hear his voice after which I will no longer bother you” she clasped her hands together like one in a deep heartfelt prayer.

Iya Lanre: “I told you I don’t talk to him. Besides, if he is not talking to you, he must have his reasons for that. Just leave him to enjoy his new life and home okay?”

Nkeiru: “New home? What do you mean by that?” her hands dropped to her sides and she stood up from her kneeling position dazedly.

Iya Lanre: “Who said anything about any new home? Please get out of my sight and stop putting words in my mouth. If you are no longer satisfied with the way things are going in this house, you can as well just pack your things and leave. I don’t even know your usefulness in this house- a common child you could not bear and you dare stand there questioning my sanity? Oloshi” she cursed loud enough for the neighbours to hear.

With hot tears flowing down her eyes, she walked back to her room, flung herself on the bed and wept even more. “Lanre…I thought you were the best thing to ever happen to me, you were the best thing to ever happen to me but how could you change so much? What exactly is happening over there? Did I do something you don’t like? I miss you, I really really miss you and I love you. I still find it difficult living without you, I don’t think I can live on like this. Baby please I need you. I feel so lonely, I feel like my whole world is turning upside down…” She rolled from side to side, clutching her pillow. Day and night, tears became her constant companion.

She found it difficult to work, she started lagging behind and her boss noticed it. She was a freelance editor, so she worked from her most times even though the company was in Abuja. When her boss noticed she wasn’t getting most of her job done, he decided to get her into the company as a full time staff. At first she thought of resigning but doing that would be shooting herself in the leg since Lanre had stopped sending her money and she needed to take care of her dad, pay his rent and all. She knew that leaving Lanre’s house was a greater risk…


They threw her into the pit she had watched them dig. They had removed the hood so she could enjoy every bit of the ritual, her burial. Without breaking a tear or a sweat even though her heart was in turmoil, she had watched them dig her grave and when they threw her in and started heaping shovel full of dirt on her, she sat still reminiscing on all the good times she had had with her family and friends. She thought of all the time she had disrespected her parents and siblings, she thought of how much they must be suffering at her disappearance and “Dad” escaped her throat. Thinking about her best friend brought tears to her eyes at last, she began to sweat and whimper as they kept heaping dirt on her with glee. “Dad, I will come back as your daughter if I am given the chance, I will be a better daughter and sister. I will bridle my tongue and always respect my elders. God please forgive all of my sins, please accept my spirit and soul…” she said what she thought was her last prayers as sand climbed up to her hips, then to her midsection. The men spoke excitedly in hushed tones, they allowed her to be on sitting position because they thought they were never going to get caught; they had all the time they needed.


He got down from his car and ran breathlessly to where Audu had described to him, Adrenaline shot through his veins and he forgot he was unarmed and vulnerable to attacks.

Audu laid crouched on the floor, watching as the girl was being covered up gradually, he prayed silently that Boss would reach there early enough before she is fully covered up. Just then he heard shuffling of feet on the dry leaves that had fallen from the trees. His eyes shot swiftly towards the sound and he saw Boss coming towards him in blind rage, unarmed. He quickly stood up to block his way with his lithe body which was no match for his.

Audu: “No boss! They will kill you at sight. We need to strategize on how to get them with no one having to get hurt” he said in between clenched teeth as he tried to prevent Boss from walking past him.

Boss: “Get off me boy…they will kill her before we are done strategizing, he tried to push him off but the boy was unrelenting either. He loved Boss despite his attitude towards him and wanted to protect him. He turned to see if the men had noticed them but they seemed to be too engrossed in what they were doing.

Audu: “Boss please. They will kill you and still kill her too. Is that really what you want?” when he realised that he wasn’t even listening, he remembered his gun which laid on the floor “Okay boss, I have my gun, you will wait while I pick it up and hand it over to you” when he saw that he seemed to have heard gun and had relaxed, he quickly let go of him, picked the gun up and handed it over to him.

Boss: “Thank you! You can leave now, I will handle this” he said and conked the gun.

Audu watched him crawl on the floor, trying to get a strategic point for a shot and a thought occurred to him. He quickly ran off to go call for help from those he trusted. He knew a rebellion was brewing among the men and Boss was in danger.


At first she thought it was all a joke until the sand started getting to her breast and gradually to her chest. She closed her eyes when her mind went to Patrick. “I guess I am never going to even hold his hand now let alone read a poem with him, or have a candle lit dinner with him or go mountain climbing with him. I am never going to do that. How I wish I’d see him just one last time, how I wish he can just pop out of the woods, grab my hands and run off into safety. Oh Erica! You watch too much Disney cartoon, life is not a fairy tale girl” she chided herself and gave out a wry laugh. Just then she heard a gunshot emanating from the woods and one of the men slumped down, dead. The other two looked around frantically, trying to see who was shooting and another shot rang out but this time only succeeded in grazing the thighs of the second man who held on to his injured leg and limped into safety while the third one followed him still looking frantically around.

He emerged from the woods running towards her. Her eyes widened with fright when she saw a shadow from where he emerged from aiming a gun at him while he seemed to run on in reckless abandon. Before she could open her mouth to warn him, another shot rang out and she closed her eyes tightly, sweat streaming down her face onto the sand around her trying to shut her mind to the happenings around her, not wanting to believe he was on the floor dying or dead.

Question: Is it advisable for Nkeiru to leave for Abuja? Is Boss dying or dead or is it possible he is not the one who was shot?”

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  1. Boss wasn’t shot,and nkiru should leave before she gets completely frustrated,but I wonder why that foolish Lanre should ever believe his mom,knowing fully well that his mom and wife have never been in good terms even when he was around,some men are just dense and don’t know how to steer a middle course

  2. It will be very good for Nkiru to leave for Abuja because it will save her the maltreatment from her mother in-law while the person down might be the BOSS. But I think the is only wounded but not Dead.

  3. The best thing for Nkiru is to leave the house and start a new meaningful life. Boss will not be dead Audu will save them with Erica. Very interesting story.

    • Wow but anything is possible but let’s hope fate spared the boss. As it stands presently it wouldn’t be a bad idea if she leaves for Abuja, I think distance really does destroys some love….

  4. nkiru should leav fr abuja atleast to stay away frm her wicked mother inlaw. Its possible dat it wasnt d boss who was shot nd even if he is d one he wont die

  5. NK should just leave for Abuja to focused to her job, I think Boss is dying but Audu nd his men will get there on time

  6. Hmmmmm…..Boss can’t die like DAT though it seems he has been shot. Nkiru should go to Abuja since Lanre doesn’t has her tym any longer and not even sending her money.

  7. It will be better if Nk leaves the house to Abj and get her life bak frm pain if nt she wud die of depression. The boss was shot bt wont be dead rather will strive to save her.

  8. Nk,should leave for Abuja.that will safe her from the evil mother in law whose son will come back the way he left because of his&her stupidity.I wonder what Lanre problem is he had taken solace in his mother than his wife,he discussed every of his move with his mother who supported him as long as money flows in ha,they will definitely regret it.l only hope Lanre will come back to his sense before it is too late.we here too are making it without going abroad even in recession idiot.I pity you Anna will strip you naked of all she got for you when your cup is full.NONSENSE
    It is Audu that was shot,Eeeeayah boss don’t die o.

  9. Nkeru should go to abuja before she die in that house because they is noting left for her in the house her child is gone husband nt talking to her mother in law too.I don’t tink is the boss that was shot. even if his the one, he will survive it because Audu will get help soon.

  10. Boss wasn’t d one dt was shot. oh! NK I feel so sad for u, dough u were warned but I guess u didn’t c ds coming. don’t leave ur home. pray for ur hubby. ur mother-in-law is a lunatic dt nids to b cured urgently. Just act like she doesn’t exist. Lanre will regret his actions vry soon.

  11. Nkeiru should go to abuja before she die in that house because they is noting left for her in the house her child is gone husband nt talking to her mother in law too.I don’t tink is the boss that was shot. even if his the one, he will survive it because Audu will get help soon.

  12. It is best Nkeiru leaves for Abuja to herself back,and to stay away from the ever nagging witch of a mother-inlaw,I don’t think it’s Boss was shot,but they’ll pull through
    As for Lanre let him enjoy while it last

  13. Nkeiru should leave for Abuja before she dies of heartbreak.. Lanre’s punishment dey wait am for front.. Make e nor fear.. It’s possible boss was the one who shot but if not, he wouldn’t die

  14. Nk should leave for abuja for her own good..
    The boss is not the one shot, those audu went to call for help are the ones that shot the back stabbers..

  15. Men are.so predictable.am not surprised lanre did.dat and even told his mum.Nk shuld leave n go work in abuja n leave dat witch of a mother.inlaw.Boss wont die.Erica be strong

  16. Kai…. I think leaving for Abuja will do her more good than bad. Boss can’t die like that, I believe Audu will get the back up in time and they will save both boss and Erica

    • Y do i keep thinking d boss might be pat,anyways,Nkiru should leave for Abuja against what her mother inlaw might say,and i am pretty sure that it was Audu n his help that shot somebody.Boss isn’t the one shot

  17. NK u got to resume in abuja b4 dat wretch she call MIL mak a life a wreck more dat it is already. Boss wasn’t d one shot guess it’s Locust.

  18. Hmmm she can go to Abuja n let her husband know thru text since he is not picking her calls, i dont think d boss is dead rather wounded.

  19. Its better she leaves 4 abuja 4 peace of mind and live comfortably. I don’t think boss is dying. Its either anoda got shot beside him or he is d one injured but he can’t be dead .

  20. Gud morning adelove crew,yes she should better leave after all what does she have to loose,she should leave before that witch of a woman kills her,as for lanre and his mother,nemesis will catch up with them.

  21. The best thing for him I’d to leave for the house bcos is turning to hell for her since lanre is not even remember her again

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