(Episode 18) Total Defiance … The Beauty of a Beast!

(Episode 18) Total Defiance … The Beauty of a Beast!

The soldiers had combed the entire area where the robbery took place at but they found nothing. They had to return to base with the sad news of not locating the syndicate group. The syndicate group whose name was unknown became a headline in most of the Television news stations. They government kept promising the people they would do their best in fishing them out of their hideouts and the ladies rescued but the people knew more than believing in such promises. Many people came out to give accounts of their ordeals in the hands of the masked men and how many of them had lost sisters to this nefarious group. The government could no longer fold their hands so more soldiers were deployed to the part of Niger state where they mostly carry out their activities and the search began in earnest.


She had told her mother in law about her transfer to Abuja but she said nothing. When she made up her mind about going, she told her the day she was planning to leave but she also said nothing. She called Lanre to inform him but he did not pick his calls as usual. She left a text for him still he said nothing. She wondered if he was under a spell or how well could one explain such a sudden change in a person?

On the day she was to leave for Abuja, she packed her things and went to announce to her that she was leaving.

Nkeiru: “I am leaving ma” she announced leaning behind the longest settee in the living room, looking nervously at her mother in law who concentrated on the TV pretending not to have heard her. “Mama I said I am leaving” she increased the tempo of her voice.

Iya Lanre: “Leaving for where?” she feigned ignorance.

Nkeiru: “For Abuja”

Iya Lanre: “What is happening in Abuja and why are you just telling me?”

Nkeiru: “But I told you” she opened her eyes wide in sheer disbelief at her words.

Iya Lanre: “Who did you tell? Hope it’s not that you’ve gone mad? I said what are you going to Abuja to do? Are you having an extra marital affair?”

Nkeiru: “Mama I don’t like the way you are talking o. How can you ask me that kind of question after I already told you I got transferred? Or I might even call it a promotion since my salary was increased. I am not having an affair anywhere. I am only going to work” she replied trying to curtail her anger.

Iya Lanre: “You are not going anywhere and that’s all”

Nkeiru: “I have to leave now, I am running late for my flight”

She made to turn and leave but she snatched the bag from her and dropped it on the table at the centre of the sitting room.

Iya Lanre: “I said you are not going anywhere. Who will be here to take care of me? You want to abandon me to run after some man right? Asewo omo oshi. You will have to kill me first before I can allow you to step out of this house” she said contumaciously, daring her to take one step towards the bag.

Nkeiru: “Mama why are you doing this to me? Are you trying to make me go mad?”

Iya Lanre: “It is your father who makes people go mad. Iyalaya baba e. I said you are going nowhere” she tied and untied her wrapper, dancing on one leg like a jealous co-wife.

Nkeiru: “I am trying to cater for myself. You know Lanre has stopped sending money to me. He isn’t even talking to me and you want me to stay jobless? Who will take care of my father?”

Iya Lanre: “That one is your problem. All I know is you are my son’s wife and I will not let you step out of his house on some asewo mission. Get back inside now!” She pointed her fingers towards her room like a dog trainer.

Nkeiru: “Mama please…this is really important to me. It is not like I will stop being his wife. It’s not like he is around, or if you want, I can get you a house girl but please let me go” she pleaded.

Iya Lanre: “Stay there and be wasting your saliva. Why do I need a house girl when my son has a wife? You can stop being his wife for all I care but for now you are still his wife so get back inside before I open my eyes. Shameless woman, trying to run away from her responsibility as a wife. Oloshi”

Nkeiru let out an exasperated sigh…


They both paid Pete a visit one evening after work. He wanted to give him the good news about her pregnancy. Lucy was also there, they brought out the best wine in the cellar and had a toast. Pete was also thinking of getting married to Lucy for real. He saw how in love his friend was with a wife he was supposed to be planning how to do away with already and became uncomfortable all of a sudden. He called his friend into the bedroom, leaving the two ladies to their drunken chit-chat. They used Yoruba to communicate just to be on the safer side.

Pete: “Guy I noticed something…” he said in his spattered knowledge of Yoruba language.

Lanre: “What? Spill it out fast jare” he asked impatiently, eager to go back to his wife.

Pete: “Hmmmmm…are you in love with Anna?”

Lanre: “Well yeah, I love her and she is carrying my baby”

Pete: “What?”

Lanre: “She is pregnant. Three weeks gone”

Pete: “Wow…You shouldn’t have done that now. You were supposed to play this smarter than this. Have you forgotten you are supposed to divorce her then go get your wife?”

Lanre: “Please spare me the story about my wife. I no longer have anything to do with her. She can as well just go back to her father’s house. I have finally found my place in the world and I will not trade that for anything. I feel sorry for NK but since she does not have a child for me, she can easily move on with her life. Seriously, I don’t want to lose Anna”

Pete; “Do you know what you are saying? You want to jilt a woman who stood by you through thick and thin? Have you forgotten your origin just in two years of staying here? What on earth is wrong with you? Don’t forget that not all that glitters is gold, how much do you know about Anna?”

Lanre: “To be sincere, she is just like Nk, she is everything I need in a woman except that she is more fertile. See I thought hard about this and it is the best I have come up with. I am only in pursuit of my own happiness and nothing more”

Pete: “Does that mean you want to divorce Nk?”

Lanre: “Divorce? No! Maybe but not now. I need to be sure I want to let her go first. I loved her once anyway”

Pete: “When was the last time you called her?”

Lanre: “Well I can’t really remember. I am just not into her anymore…I am sorry man but can I just go back to my wife, she must be wondering what is taking us so long by now” he left his dazed friend in the room and went back to the siting room where Anna and Lucy had already slept off.

Pete: “You are really callous. I don’t want to call you son of a bitch for your mum’s sake but you are a fucking jerk” he called after him but he ignored him. “Shit! This is my fault. My fucking goddamn fault. And now there is no going back since she is already pregnant. Nk I am so sorry…” he paced around and paused at intervals to stare into thin air.


She felt someone slap her face mildly in a bid to rouse her from her self-inflicted slumber. She opened her eyes slowly fearing the worst until she saw him looking down at her, probably wondering how he was going to get her out of the dirt fast enough.

Erica: “Oh my God! I thought it was you who got shot. I saw someone aim a gun at you while you ran towards me. Hope you are okay? Are you really fine?”

Boss: “I should be asking you that. Are you fine?” he asked, picked up a shovel and started digging dirt from the pit.

Erica: “I am fine just a little stuck. But what of the person that was aiming a gun at you?”

Boss: “My men took care of him from the back…” just then, they heard booming of guns from afar again. “Oh my God! There seems to be a rebellion going on. I need to get you out of here fast before they get closer to us” he said and started digging with more vigour. He shovelled dirt after dirt off and tried lifting her out but she was still stuck. He had no other option but to keep digging. It got to a point he started using his fingers when he heard the gunshots coming closer to them.


There was already two factions in the camp, one loyal to Boss and the other loyal to Locust. Audu and the rest of the men fought with all they had but Locust’s side seemed quite determined not to lose. Bodies flew here and there as they pushed towards the woods where Boss was still struggling to exhume Erica from the earth. What they wanted was for him to watch her die and then kill him. When Audu saw that his side was losing the fight and more men kept falling by his side, he dropped his already empty gun and fled to the woods to warn Boss of the imminent danger they were in.

Boss heard the sound of feet running towards them and turned around sharply with his gun pointed towards the intruder. He saw Audu running towards them with his throat in his hands.

Boss: “I will try to draw you out now, I sense more danger coming…” he said facing Erica who nodded sharply, afraid a bullet might blow his head off soon. She prayed in her heart that he would be able to draw her out before the danger he was talking about rears itself up.

Question: Will he be able to pull her out before they reach them? Which side will win this battle? Should Nk listen to her mother in law?

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  1. He will pull her out before they reach them, they will win of coure, nk should just forget her mother inlaw, listening to her is not the best

  2. he will succeed in bringing her out.i locust’s team is on the winning side for.NK should not answer that useless mother in law of her jare

  3. plenty questions

    first. he will succeed in pulling her out.
    second. the boss will lose BT will escape with Erica

    nk should beat that stupid mother in law of her and go her way.

  4. Honestly I see reaasons not blive in obeying everything elders say. Iya lanre should have d one kidnapped not erica. Boss fight harder Erica will love u later.

  5. He will drag her out before they reach,Nk ignore the old witch and go your way,how I wish you could see that your once loved Lanre is gone,you’ll leave the old witch for her son to come back from God knows where to take care of her
    Adelove,your stories increase my prayer points everyday,What women pass through all in the name of marriage.. God please hear my prayers let me not meet a mother inlaw as this,even though i meet give me the grace to endure her not at the detriment of my happiness

  6. Nk should forget her mother in law and pursue her happiness obviously she just wanted her for a maid. the boss side will win though is going to be tough.

  7. Hmmmm. This amaka of ALC won’t kill me with suspense. I tried to just read and not comment to the last episode but I can’t bear it anymore.

    Lanre is just carried away by his mothers lies and worldly things abroad. As for NK she should stand her ground and go to abuja. She is not a slave.

    As for erica and the boss audu will assist in getting her out and they will lay low in the forest and plan a revenge on locust and his faction.

    Amaka pls keep up the excellent work.

  8. Her mother in law is heartless. Nk should find a way out before that woman makes her go mad. As for Boss, I seriously think his time is UP.

  9. There is a limit to wat a woman can tk frm her mother in law. she shud shove the woman one side and leave the house enough is enough. The boss will pull Erica out and will save her frm the scene.

  10. dey will b able to pull her out 2geda nd d boss syd will win. Nk shouldnt listen to her mother inlaw, its beta she leavs fr her own good bfr she dies of heartache

  11. I pray Erica survive wit d boss…..as hot Nkiru……y should she listen to her mother in law….. lanre has no feeling for her again. she should just go fend for herself and her father.

  12. The boss will be able to pull her out.. His loyal guys won’t win cause they were taken by surprise but they will be able to flee before they get there.. Nkeiru should not at all listen to her mother-in-law.. That women is a devil.. God should get her out of that house.

  13. Which useless mother in law is that, She should force her way out of that house. I think she will be saved but i’m afraid for boss, he might not survive the attack..

  14. seriously some mother in law need serious beating,imagine having been told of her transfer all this while,she is now saying this,nkeiru should push her the way she pushed her when she lost that baby,Erica and the boss will survive,

  15. He will drew her out before they get to the and boss side will win the battle as for Nk she need to disobey her mother in-law this time around

  16. The boss side will win d battle As for Nk, she should just go & pursue her career bcos is better for her than allow any mother Inlaw to ruin her future

  17. Yes he will be able to pull her before the danger and I see the boss winning the war.Erica should find a way to leave her mother in law.

  18. He will definitely pull her out and Audu Erica and the boss will escape… but the side of lucust will win the battle. And I don’t think NK should listen to her mother in-law, because she is only bent on making her life miserable.


  19. Boss will get Erica out before hand. The boss side will definitely win and Erica will survive. Nk should not listen to her mother In-law o, she should move on with her life and not miss this opportunity of getting her freedom from the woman.

  20. I knw boss will save her bt his team will lose cos locust side is nw stronger than his……… Nk if it’s means beating ur mother in law abeg beat her n go oooooo she is a pure devil destined 2 ruin u wic she has already started…….

  21. No Nk shouldn’t listen to her mother in law that woman is a devil. The boss will pull her out before they get to them.

  22. the boss side will win….Erica and boss will both survive…NK should not accept what her mother INLAW said ooooo stupid woman

  23. Boss will pull Erica out with the help of Audu,wondering why Nk is letting that useless so called woman detect her life,what happened to sleeping pills.

  24. I don’t know y NK can’t throw d woman away so dt she can move on
    Boss side would win and also blv Erica will fall in love with him.

  25. Wow,hmmmm. Boss will b able to save her b4 dey cum up wit him. I am sure boss side will win thou it might be jus him,audu and erica left. Nk better not listen to dat evil sent mother in-law of hers. I knw d mother knew his son has engaged wit a white women,she only want to suffer Nk b4 letting her go.

  26. Abi dis mother in law dey mad ni wetin be all dis rubbish Nk push dis witch down and go…..Erica u will be safe…love dey say conquers all

  27. he will save her, and locust men will take over the camp for now. if NK listen to her mother in law, she is just digging her grave her self. if I were her I will just disappear.

  28. Yes he will be able to pull her out. Nk should give her a dirty slap and walk out. What kind of old witch is she

  29. He will be able to drag her out and I think he(boss) will still win the battle.
    Nkeiru should not listen to her mother in law cos that woman seems to be enemy of progress.
    Nice one Adelove and crew.

  30. Boss will be able to help her.&his side will win,audu,boss&Erica will escape just that I fear one of them might not make it.
    See me see trouble o,now,this MIL knows that somebody needs to take care of her, it is a lie from the pit of hell
    NK don’t listen to her,do all you can do&move on.imagine,who will take care of her?rubbish talk.

  31. The boss will succeed in bringing her out before locust men gets to them and they will both escape. Nkeiru should not listen to her mother in-law.

  32. He will succeed in bringing her out before locust men gets to them and they will both escape. Nkeiru should not listen to her mother in-law.

  33. adelove, I Dont want to ever see it at the end of dis story DAT NK forgives lanre oooo.
    He should start from square 1,When he’s back to Nigeria with his polythene bag!!!

  34. d boss and Erica will survive. for NK, dt mother-in-law is a she devil. she is just punishing NK as she knws Lanre has a new woman. NK shud plan how to escape from dt witch. Lanre ur digging ur grave gradually.

  35. Amaka I pray God to enrich your knowledge
    but please I’m trying to stabilize my blood pressure the suspense is too much however both NK and Erica will succeed

  36. He will safe Erica but hope he win this battle cos Lucust is strong and Nk shuld go ahead and leave the house

  37. NK are you a baby? what kind of woman are you without authority? What useless mother-in-law are you obeying? If you don’t carry your bag and leave that house now your a fool after she killed your baby. Let her take care of herself since she is very wicked. They will pull out Erica successfully but I feel one person will be shot either Audi or Boss but may not die.

  38. Hmmmmm…. Though its really hard to say but I think boss time is up,cos soldiers are searching for them and he is their leader.. Even though he win the battle over locust, he will still be caught by those soldiers. As for Nk, she should just push that old witch out of her way so she can pass. She has lost the man she love, why is she still staying there.

  39. Nk should find her way and leave that her witch of a mother in-law. Erica must live to tell her story and learn lesson.

  40. The boss will win and succeed, but for Nk, she should not listen to her mother in law, because she is just cursing pains to her son’s wife, while she wants her sons happiness.

  41. Lanre bobo,ha.you are under a spell,your mother has cast spell on you, ha,I pity you o I really do.your friend said how much do you know about Anna&not all that glitters are gold still you are still deaf,a lost dog will never hear the hunter whistle.hhaaaaa,Lanre.really pity you.Anna needs children, she will soon send you back the way you came.ha,Lanre,I pray your eyes open&,you realized your mistake before it is too late.

  42. I hope he pull her out bfor they reach them… I guess locusts side will win……if NK cancel her journey bcos of her mother in-law threat, To hell with NK that’s what I have to say if she stop d journey

  43. He will succeed the boss side will win and Nk should leave since she’s not been respected as Lanre’s wife as for Lanre na big fk he bi

  44. Yes he will dig Erica out of de pit before dey will get to him. nd the boss is going to win. Nk shouldn’t listen to her mother in law. Nk should take a step out of dat house.

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