(Episode 19) Total Defiance … The Beauty of a Beast!

(Episode 19) Total Defiance … The Beauty of a Beast!

She walked past her, snatched the bag from the ground and made for the door.

Iya Lanre: “You are going to regret this Nkeiru” she pointed at her threateningly.

Nkeiru: “You give me reasons not to stay woman. Your attitude towards me is one of the reasons I am leaving. Just imagine I am your daughter, will you pray for a woman like yourself for me as mother in law? I am sorry ma but I have to leave. I will be coming to see you and when my husband comes, tell him to give me a call if he wants, we will decide on what to do with our marriage then” she said and walked out feeling as forlorn as a barren mother duck. She wished in her heart that she hadn’t lost her baby, with a heavy heart, she walked out of the gate without looking back. “I am afraid that I wouldn’t be able to leave if I look back”. She thought as she walked out of the street and onto the main road. “I love you Lanre” she said silently as the taxi zoomed off and headed for Murtala Muhammed Airport.

Iya Lanre paced up and down, fuming and thinking of what to do. She took her phone and called her son. He picked it in the first ring.

Lanre: “Hello ma…” He greeted her excitedly.

Iya Lanre: “See your wife has left home o. she refused to yield to all of my pleas. I even went on my knees to beg her but she refused”

Lanre: “Ehn ehn…so where did she go to? Actually I saw her text telling me she had been transferred to Abuja but I did not have time for such petty talk”

Iya Lanre: “Who told you she was transferred? You are still a child who can be easily deceived sha. She has been frolicking around with one man like that o. I have warned her several times to steer clear of that man but guess what she told me? She said her body is not firewood that she also needs a man to keep her warm”

Lanre: “Ehn ehn. Nkeiru said all that? Hope you did not tell her I have a wife here and that’s why she is doing all that?”

Iya Lanre: “No ooo. I did not tell her all that o. she is just a very loose woman. Sebi I warned you not to marry an igbo lady. Well that aside, how is my Oyibo wife?”

Lanre: “She is doing just fine. The baby will not let her rest, always kicking here and there”

Iya Lanre: “Ehn ehn…omo gidi niyen. Not the dead thing that one carried in the name of pregnancy. My dear you will succeed in life. You will not cry over your child neither will I cry over you. But what do we do about Nkeiru?”

Lanre: “Amin! Ese iya mi. As for Nk, just let her go. I already lost interest in her anyway. She can do whatever she wants, that is her fucking problem”

Iya Lanre: “Now you are talking like I gave birth to you. Greet my wife for me o. tell her to come to Nigeria soon”

Lanre: “Okay she will hear”

She looked at the phone after ending the call and started dancing around joyously. “Now I have extra something to boast about to my friends. My son is married to an oyibo woman. Ah Oluwa seun o. Good riddance to bad rubbish for that omo igbo” she danced some more, got tired and went to have her bathe.


As soon as she had been shown to her own room in the staff quarter the company made provision for, she looked around her, dropped her bag and broke down in tears. “I can’t believe I am here right now. I feel like an old spinster in the midst of youngsters. I feel like I am starting my life all over again, but what did I ever do to deserve this? I am broken, how will I be able to place bits and bits of my heart together again? Lanre, I must say kudos to you for making me into a person even I can no longer recognise. I have job to do. I can console myself by dipping myself into my job, being the best I can be, do the best I can do. I have to live. I must live to show them I can amount to something even without him. I will be waiting for you honey, waiting so you can take me back home again” she sat on the bed in the room and wept so bitterly she did not hear the knock on the door.

She turned the door handle when she realised the new comer was not answering the door and found it open. She stepped in and was surprised to see her bathed with sweat and tears.

Vanessa: “Hello…I knocked several times but you did not answer, I did not know the door will be open, was just trying my luck” she said apologetically.

Nkeiru: “Its fine. Please have you seat” she adjusted for her on the bed.

Vanessa: “Your room is nice and quite spacious, much more than mine” she said looking around, the room was painted in rose pink typical of a lady’s taste. The curtains were a shade lighter than the paint while the floor was decorated in dark tiles with greyish floral designs.

Nkeiru: “Yeah. Do you work at this company too?” she quickly cleaned off the remnant of the tears still lingering in her eyes.

Vanessa: “Forgive my ill manner ma’am. My name is Vanessa Obong and yeah I work for the company as a poet and creative writer. I am also a photographer. My room is just the one next to yours by the right” she said awkwardly.

Nkeiru: “Oh that is great. My name is Nkeiru. I was a content editor for the company before I was asked to become a full staff. I guess you know that much?”

Vanessa: “Oh yeah sure. The boss keeps talking about how good you are and how he doesn’t want to lose you. Welcome to the house ma’am. Let me know if at all you need anything and don’t be home sick. I can see from your eyes that you are already missing home” she teased, showing her perfect set of white teeth as she smiled at her.

Nkeiru: “You are too kind dear. Don’t worry, I will call you first if there is anything I need. Thank you very much and nice knowing you” She stood up and gave her side hug.

After Vanessa’s visit, she felt better. Since then they both became very good friends. They went to the office together, cooked and ate together. Vanessa told her about her unrequited love for the owner of the company Mr Patrick while she also told her about her collapsing marriage. They both felt sympathetic towards each other and became a source of joy to each other.


Mrs Jones became convinced that they had finally lost their daughter. She could not withstand the grief as everything in the house reminded her of her loss. Looking at Promise who was the exact replica of her was a daily struggle as she started seeing her in Promise. It came to a point when she started hallucinating and talking to herself, she stopped talking to her husband or performing her womanly roles in the house. All she wanted was to be left alone so she could fantasize about her lost daughter. When she could not bear it anymore, she decided to leave the house. She had loads of places she wanted to go to, she took her husband’s credit card one day and disappeared without a word but with the intention of going back home after her sanity must have been restored.

Mr Jones was not surprised when he found out she had left, he saw it coming and so he tried as much as possible to live for his remaining children, Andrew and Promise. To find normalcy in a world which had lost its balance. To find peace in a world where some people have stopped living and still won’t let others live. He missed his daughter but he was convinced beyond words that she would find her way back home someday. Till then he had to live so she wouldn’t be distraught when she gets back home.


He finally managed to pull her out after much struggling. He noticed that Audu was yet to reach them and turned back to see what was happening but saw him on the floor, gasping for breath. He quickly took Erica to cover behind a huge rock, handed her a knife.

Boss: “Do you know how to use this?” he asked urgently.

Erica: “I am not sure” she said shaking her head. He squeezed her hand and made to go back but she held him back. “Please be careful” she muttered inaudibly while he shook his head and ran off again. She watched him go and thought he actually had a physique like that of someone she knew. She prayed silently in her heart that he will be alright, she followed his every movement with her eyes and made sure she missed nothing.

He bent over and scooped him up in one sweep into his arms, he didn’t look like he was shot, probably having an attack of some sort. He took him to where he had left Erica but she was already nowhere to be found. He helped in resuscitating Audu a little bit who indicated to him that it was asthmatic attack. He reached into his pocket, brought out his inhaler and handed it over to him. He looked frantically around for her but he could not catch sight of her. He heard the gunshots coming closer to them now and he stood up with a look of determination in his eyes. He was going to fight until his last breath, no one was going to dominate him. He was never going to show sign of weakness. The darkness he had hidden in a safe place came back to his eyes again and it almost overwhelmed him. He started lusting for blood and more blood. He conked his gun and bade Audu to search for Erica. At the corner of his mind, he kept deliberating on whether she ran away or not.

All of a sudden, some men surrounded them, pointing their guns at them triumphantly…

Question: Did she really run away? Do you support Mrs Jones leaving home like that? Oh No! Is Boss in trouble?

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  1. She will run away, maybe she went to look for a way to help boss…
    Mrs Jones is just been childish I guess, she should be able to support her husband..
    Maybe they’ve been surrounded by the police.. Gobe!

  2. Hmmm i m glad Nk has left the house… mama lanre u will soon chew ur tongue wen the truth finally review. As for lanre pray ur wife forgives u and wont move on. I think Erica ran away bt the boss has bin caught by locust ppl.

  3. Erica can’t run away just like that, maybe she is hiding somewhere, Mrs Jones is overreacting by leaving home ,and though the Boss seems to be in trouble, but he can take care of himself

  4. Mrs Jones is wrong in her decision to leave home just like that. Boss is in trouble but may escape. Erica is hiding somewhere watching the ongoings.

  5. I don’t think she ran away… Mrs Jones took d wrong decision, a wife is supposed to be with her husband in good and bad times

  6. She didn’t ran away. I think is the soldiers that surrounded the boss and Audu. Mrs Jones didn’t do the right thing leaving her home like that.

  7. she didn’t run away maybe she also went for help somewhere, Mrs Jones leaving home is not the best idea at all. Boss is not in trouble.

  8. Erica did not run away, Mrs Jones was totally wrong to leave d house,boss is now in trouble but am sure he will survive and make it out

  9. She didn’t run bt I guess she wnt 2 luk 4 help….. Mrs Jones ws rng 4 leaving………. Lanre mum is such a witch……… Boss is surrounded by police bt erica will save him I guess…..

  10. Erica is hiding not to b taken unawares. I feel d soldiers av invaded deir hideout and Boss is in trouble. Mrs Jones isn’t in her right state of mind. I believe she will return back home.

  11. Erica didn’t runaway she might be hiding some where close and for Mrs Jones she is not suppose to just go like dat

  12. I just hope they have not kidnap Erica again ,Mrs Jones should have stayed for the sake of her children but if she feels she need a breather then I don’t see anything wrong with it…boss is in trouble but this is one battle he will fight to the last

  13. I just hope they have not kidnap Erica again ,Mrs Jones should have stayed for the sake of her children but if she feels she need a breather then I don’t see anything wrong with it…boss is in trouble but this is one battle he will fight to the last

  14. I just hope they have not kidnap Erica again ,Mrs Jones should have stayed for the sake of her children but if she feels she need a breather then I don’t see anything wrong with it…boss is in trouble but this is one battle he will fight to the last

  15. She can’t run away,sge might be hiding.mrs Jones is not normal again. Boss is in danger but he will conquer shaa.

  16. Mrs Jones shouldn’t have gone like that. Erica is taking cover. Boss is in trouble but will find his way out. That’s the beauty of the beast.

  17. Its better she runs always because she is not a part of them, they may even kill her. Erica run as fast as you can for your dear life. Why did Boss and his gang stop you from getting to your destination in the first place and cause your family so much pain? If Boss dies, it worth’s the death of the innocent girls and women he had dealt with. Mrs Jones should better come back home cos her daughter will soon get back home.

  18. Mrs. Jones shouldn’t have left though i know she is pain, Erica is probably hiding somewhere, the Boss has been surrounded by soldiers.

  19. Erica didn’t run away. Either she goes into hiding or was been grabbed by the bad gang. I don’t support mrs jones living home wen the other children are still present to b taken care of and a sick husband. Boss is in trouble o but will triumph dem somehow.

  20. O ga o.see mother in law.iñfact,MIL indeed,as long as you cooked up stories for your son,when the soup is done you will both eat it to satisfaction,you will beg people to eat with it they will refuse since it is a mockery soup.ha,Iya Lanre,I pity you&your son,the end justify the means.Sio
    Boss,eeyah sorry it seems you are surrounded by your own rebellious people.God will surely help you since you have a repentant heart.God safe your soul.
    Nk,nice decision. Don’t worry,they will come back,begging at your door.
    Erica,will safe the boss this time around,I think she left the place to see if she can get help around.
    Mrs Jones,na wa o.that is the main reason why parents should not place more value on a particular child,at least you have promise&andrew to care for but look at you,you neglected two because of one too bad.God will help you.
    Anyway, all things worked together for good.
    Kudos@adelove.more inspiration.

  21. First i must say i love the step Nk took
    Mrs jones did not do the right thing though pain caused her to do so;her emotions can’t take it anymore
    I don’t think Erica ran away but I really guess d boss is in trouble

  22. She didn’t run away she only hide for her life.I didn’t support mrs Jose living the house and boss will fine his way out.

  23. Erica will save Boss dis time,she didn’t run away,she only took cover….Mrs Jones u don dey Jones abi????shey Promise and Andrew no b pikin????

  24. Erica didn’t run away, I think she’s hiding somewhere. Mrs Jones is not right for living her husband’s house and children.can’t she pray…Boss is in a danger zoon now.

  25. I hope she ran away, as Mrs Jones she made a mistake by leaving d house. D boss could b in trouble for all I care.

  26. She didn’t run away perhaps she went to get help.. Mrs Jones made the right choice by leaving that house.. Boss is in real trouble

  27. Erica didn’t run away, she obviously can’t betray boss for saving her life. And why do I feel like lanre’s oyibo wife is carrying another man’s child.

  28. I don’t think she run away maybe she is hidden somewhere, Mrs Jones running out of the house is not the best thing to do in a situation like that as for boss he is in big trouble

  29. I don’t think she run away maybe she is hidden somewhere, Mrs Jones running out of the house is not the best thing to do in a situation like that as for boss he is in big trouble

  30. I dnt knw why immatured men that are not ready for marriage will go there and cause problems for someone’s elses’s daughter,That is the class Lanre falls in while his Mum is going to destroy his son’s home. ‘m suspecting d boss is someone Erica knws well. Mrs Jones did d right thing and Locust and his men will be fished out, Nkeiru will smile @ last

  31. Is possible she had run away. Mrs jones, she should leave as she doesnt want to bring herself together. Yes i think the Boss is in trouble.

  32. She didn’t run away, maybe she’s hiding somewhere. Boss will be save and Mrs jones didn’t do well by leaving the house.

  33. Erica did not run may be she went to look for way of helping Boss & as for mama lanre & lanre oh they will bite their toung

  34. She didn’t run away. No I didn’t support Mrs jone leaving. Boss is in trouble bt he will get out of it. Nice one adelove

  35. Yeah the Boss is in deep shit… and I think Erica dint run but just hide herself in a safer spot. While is not a good idea for Erica mom to have left the house just the way she did. She will make other children feel as if they matter-not. But I loved that the father stood by precious and his brother despite everything he is passing through. I just pray and wish that the BOSS will not be harmed.


  36. Well Erica will do her best in saving d boss nd audu becx she has finally gotten to love him, Mrs Jones did d right thin by leaving d house becx if she stay dere in d house she might go crazy

  37. Wonderful story @ adelove..Boss is in trouble…Erica has not ran away….Mrs Jones is not helping matters..Shame will envelope Lanre and his stupid. mother..Shame on them both…..God will surely enthrone Nkeiru…I pray that nothing wrong should befall Boss..

  38. Lanre is a fool. mrs jones shouldn’thave left d house. Erica did not run away I think d soldiers has caught up with them.

  39. Morning ALC&Fs,

    Doesn’t sound like Erica bailed. Mrs Jones is traumatised. Boss seems to be in trouble esp with the Army closing in on him – sounds of gun shots may not have been only that of Mutiny.


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