(Episode 22) Total Defiance … The Beauty of a Beast!

(Episode 22) Total Defiance … The Beauty of a Beast!

After she had convinced herself to finally let go of all of her emotional attachments to Lanre, she found herself again and felt so liberated. She started doing all the things she had always wanted to do but never got the opportunity to. She joined a fitness group, started going to night clubs occasionally, attended dance classes and kept herself busy with being happy. She found that happiness was contagious as in her times of sadness and sorrow, not much people spoke to her on daily basis but as soon as she had shed that off, she became like a magnet. Everywhere she stepped into, people both male and female would want to strike a conversation with her.

One day as she and Vanessa sat at Millennium Park, eating and talking about different topics ranging from men to their boss’s disappearance from work, two men wearing the same style of white agbada approached them. They both looked at each other and continued with their gist. The men stood in front of them…

Vanessa: “May we help you please?”

Nkem: “Yeah you may help us” he gave her a dazzling smile, one that made her cheeks turn rose pink. My name is Nkem Ilo and my friend here is David Adefaka” he introduced them and they shook hands.

David: “Can we sit with you two beautiful ladies please?  We are just coming from a wedding now and you wouldn’t believe how boring it turned out to be. I think the wind of fate blew us here since we never had the intention of coming here but just decided to drop by”

Vanessa: “Well you are free but this is just a mat, wouldn’t it stain your attire?”

Nkem: “We don’t mind as long as we will get to sit with you” he said as they removed their shoes and sat down beside each of them.

David: “You haven’t told us your names though” he said looking at Nkeiru who was not moved by their dazzling smiles and agbada. She wanted them to hurry and leave so she could enjoy the serenity of the park as had planned to do. They were a distraction to her.

Vanessa: “My name is Vanessa while my friend is Nkeiru”

Nkem: “Nice meeting you two. You both have beautiful names and I am most glad to make you acquaintance” he gave a slight bow and Vanessa laughed.

They got engaged in a discussion till far into the night. They found out they were both estate surveyors and worked for the same firm. The guys bought them drinks and as much suya as they could eat. Vanessa soon took to Nkem whom she found very charming while David kept trying to catch Nkeiru’s attention. They exchanged numbers and later dropped the ladies at home. Vanessa was super excited and looked forward to talking to Nkem on phone or better still going out on an official date with him. Nk did not even want to hear anything about David but she could not help but admire how calm and polished he looked like one from a well cultured family background.


She sat outside the house weeping profusely. The landlord had just left the house threatening to send her packing if she refused to pay the rent in a month’s time. Lanre’s line was not connecting, neither was he calling her. The money he sent her on monthly basis also stopped and she started finding it difficult to feed herself. She would borrow money from her friends promising them to pay back when her son must have sent money to her by month ending but they got tired of hearing the same story over and over again and stopped wasting their monies on her. They started gossiping about her, about how her son had abandoned her after she sent her daughter in law packing.

As she sat at the balcony that day with tears on her face due to the hunger she was feeling, she kept thinking “how will I keep living like this when my son is outside the country?  What exactly is happening to him? What do I do about this whole problem on ground? Is this how I’d die of hunger? Assuming Nkeiru is here now, I wouldn’t even have to bother about all these. Hei… I should have been nicer to her, and she was a good girl o. where do I start in looking for her now?” She bent down to dab at her eyes with the edge of her wrapper, lifted her eyes again and saw someone looking like her son whom she was sure was not her son walk through the gate. The person kept walking towards her until he stood right in front of her and realization dawned on her…

Iya Lanre: “Lanre” she jumped to her feet. “Olanrewaju…ah!” she knew something was wrong by the look of him.

Lanre: “Maami” he burst into tears.

Iya Lanre: “Don’t cry. Don’t cry you are home now, come let’s go inside” she said leading him by the hand into the house. “What happened? Why have you been unreachable on phone? Why are you home like this?” she asked one question after the other.

Lanre: “Is there anything eatable in the house?”

Iya Lanre: “Hmmmm…There is nothing eatable at all. As you are looking at me, I am starving so you will give me money so I can quickly get to the market to buy foodstuffs”

Lanre: “Okay. But you should know, I did not come with loads of money. I am able to give you this money now because my friend gave it to me after paying for my ticket back. So manage whatever you have cos it will not last”

Iya Lanre: “What are you saying? What of your wife and child?”

Lanre: “The baby is not for me and we are no longer married. I lost my job and even became homeless…”

Iya Lanre: “Aye mi o. This is your wife’s fault. I told you she was a witch. She must have cursed you…”

Lanre: “Stop it! Why are you like this? Everything happening now is your fault why blame the innocent woman whom you frustrated out of her home? I would have been a father now but cos of you, I lost my real child. Don’t think I am happy with you. I am never going to forgive you especially if Nk refuses to come back home with me when I find her. Just pray she does” he said and furiously walked out on her into the room while his mother wept silently. In the room, he fell on his knees and wept silly. He could not believe he did that to her just for a fleeting happiness he found in the laps of another woman. Meanwhile the worst was still awaiting him without his knowledge.


Erica: “Can I see your face now please?” she pleaded after he had asked everyone to excuse them when she told him she wanted to talk to him privately.

Boss: “It’s not time yet. You will surely see my face but not now. I thought you wanted to tell me something?”

Erica: “Yes! I don’t know if I have the right to tell you this but please can you stop all these you are doing? I am tired of living with my teeth set on edge because I am afraid you might get killed any moment. Please let’s leave this place together. We could live a normal life there, a place where no one know us. Please?”

Boss: “Do you really think you can live with me? I am a beast like you already know. I don’t think I want you entangled in my messy life”

Erica: “Yes you are a beast, but you are a beast who is capable of loving and I’d tell you this: love works wonders. So if you really love me like I have seen in your eyes, will you stop killing as if it your hobby now?”

He gave out a wry laugh. What he did not tell her was that he had already made up his mind to be a better person for her.

Boss: “So you think you can control me now? Tell me what to do or how to live my life?”

Erica: “That is not what I am doing please. I have never had the intention of controlling any man in my life not to talk of it being you. I just don’t want this to consume you any longer, I don’t want you to get arrested, I don’t want you to be locked up. I know you have committed many atrocities in this life but no one is beyond a second chance. There is no sin God cannot forgive. Please I am begging you” she went on her knees but he quickly lifted her up and hugged her so tightly she thought she was going to choke.

Boss: “Do you really think God can forgive me?” he asked rhetorically but she answered anyway.

Erica: “Of course He will forgive you once you ask for forgiveness. That is how merciful He is. But I need to tell you this, there is a man I love, I still have him in my heart despite everything”

He took some steps back.

Boss: “Who?”

Erica: “His name is Patrick, he is a poet. He does not even know I love him but with you here, I am getting confused…” his gaze softened a bit and she actually thought she saw him smile. “There is something else I need to tell you”

Boss: “Go on”

Erica: “I am pregnant for you. I just found out this morning, what do I do about it? You have so many children already”

Boss: “They are not my children. They belong to the other men. I wasn’t that daft though” he was pleased with himself. He scooped her up in his arms and twirled her around like a toddler while she struggled to free herself.

Erica: “I am glad that you are pleased. So for our baby’s sake, from now on, you are gonna turn a new leaf. You promise? And we are leaving this camp today”

Boss: “Yes madam” he said jokingly.

As they made to step out, they saw children running helter-skelter and the men who seemed to have been caught unawares, trying to get hold of their weapons. He quickly grabbed her and they made for the woods. He saw the soldiers at the back of his eyes arresting some of the men who were yet to collect themselves enough. He docked at the back of a tent waiting for an opportunity to plunge fully into the woods when he started hearing an exchange of gunfire. He remembered Audu and his heart sank, he wasn’t going to escape cowardly without him.

Boss: “I have to go back for Audu” he announced and her expression changed. She knew going back would cost him his life and tried to dissuade him…

Question: Will he listen to her? Will Nk forgive Lanre?

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    • D masked guy z Patrick, he will wanna go n save Audu n d rest. NK myt 4giv Lanre buh I don’t want her to 4giv him.

      Tanx 2 Adelove, I’ve received alert

  1. Am beginning to think the masked man is Patrick, I hope he listen to Erica and as for Lanre, NK should forgive him but not so easily

  2. It seems this episode is too short why now Adelove? He will listen to her and Nk will also forgive Lanre coz she is still in love with him

  3. I don’t think he will listen to her he will still want to save Audu. And NK will forgive lanre but that will take a lot of appologise.


  4. Boss please listen to Erica, what is left for Nk in lanre’s life, she should forgive him but not going back as his wife, I don’t support dat. Nk pls move on with ur life, Lanre doesn’t deserve u a bit

  5. He will not listen to her because Audu has sacrificed alot for him.Nk will forgive Lanre because she still loves him but that if he finds her before she fall for David.

  6. Audu is his saviour at a point he has to go back for him but I really think he shouldn’t go back for him.

    As for that mumu boy lanre na now him eye open to the fact say he get to pray. If NK accepts his apology just like that I will be forced to become a character in the story and slap her. Lol

    Amaka ALC I am loving you more than I can bear oooo. Killing me softly

  7. I tink Boss is Patrick and I hope boss listens to Erica and stay safe. As for Lanre I wud prefer NK giv u 3 dirty slap and sack her MIL frm dier matrimonial home b4 she can accept him back stupid boy.

  8. He wunt listen to Erica and I av d feelings dat Nk wil forgive Lanre dats if he’s fast enof to reach her b4 David starts showing her dat dere are still beta men who will never forget a lady dat started frm d crash wit dem all in d name of finding comfort in anoda woman

  9. I don’t support Nk going back to Lanre but she can forgive him. If he’s able to do all he did to her before just for a little comfort from another woman, he’ll still do it again d least chance he get.

  10. I have this feeling that the Boss is Patrick the poet,Nk and vanny’s boss at the office.I feel he is d same person. I hope he listen to Erica and come back. Nk will forgive her husband.

  11. he wont listen. NK would av moved on already befr he reaches her. but 4 d forgiveness she will. but not going back wit him.

  12. Hmmm i dnt think she will be able to disuade him cos he cnt leave Audu like that. He will be caught if he goes. Nk might forgive lanre or move on.

  13. Hehehe, Adelove, I figured it out since episode 12 tha Patrick is Boss o. I must receive gift for that o. And, I think NK should forgive Lanre, buh I feel, she shouldn’t continue with the marriage. It has to be annulled. Even we Catholics that are strict annul marriages, with reason of deceit and/or unfaithfulness

  14. NK will forgive lanre but she wont return to him as his wife!!!
    Lanre, I can’t wait to read what the future have in stock for you, cos I know ull still experience worst!!!
    Erica! Erica!!,Erica!!!, I wish u quick recovery as you will be shocked when boss eventually show you Hus REAL face!!!
    Adelove, o ya ooo, next episode!!!

  15. He will not listen to her bt will be saved wit audu. Nk will forgive lanre bt dnt knw if they will cum back togeda.

  16. Nk will forgive him but wont go back to him. Boss wont agree with Erica cos he will want to get Audu safe by all cost. Can’t wait to read what future has in stock for lanre.

  17. Its obvious dt d boss is patrick cos patrick has been absent from Work for some tym now while ha has been available at d hideout.patrick might hv turned out to be so brutal due to d treatment meted out to him n his siblings @ d hands of his dad n step mum after his mother was sent out of d house.also dre was a tym erica tot dt his physique was quite familiar.as for Nk,she shd forgv lanre but move on without going back to dt marriage.

  18. Since the beginning of this story av not commented bt Wil hav to say smfin abt dis episode, I want nkeiru to continue living her life Cox lanre dosnt deserve her or her love….. Same mistake Wil b made if she does Cox I can c he’s a mama’s boy n Wil do anything to satisfy himself n dt of his mom. Dey r just selfish

  19. Nk should forgive lanre but she should just move on wit her life. As for the boss, he should listen to Erica and stay back. Audu can do it on his own his strong anyway

  20. Patrick is the boss. He will try to save Audu but get killed. Erica will run out in shock crying her eyes out she will unmask him only to discover that Patrick is the boss. She will faint and be rescued by Soldiers.The pregnancy will be miscarried and she will move on with life.
    As for Nkeiru and Lanre, God knows their house address oooo.

  21. Nk should forgive lanre but she should just move on with her life. As for the boss, he should listen to Erica & stay back. Audu can do it on his own his strong anyway.

  22. Boss will not listen to Erica, and that will be his undoing. If i were Nkiru, i won’t forgive Lanre and his evil mother. Now they have tested two waters, Hot and cold, they are in a hot water and then they remember papy brother Nkeiru the rejected stone.

  23. she might forgive him but not sure of getting back wt him and his wicked mother. I tink d Boss will listen to Erica. next episode please Adelove

  24. Boss been who he is might not listen to her. but I pray he listens to Erica. Nkiru should find a place in her heart to forgive Lanre but she annulled the marriage.

  25. I don’t think he’ll listen to her.
    But Audu may already be safe.
    I’m beginning to believe the Boss is Patrick the poet.

  26. NK may forgive him but might not go back to him and his wicked mother, Lanre ur eye don open Abi? Gud for u. Boss will listen to Erica. can’t wait for d end part. next episode please Adelove..

  27. No, Boss will not listen to Erica BT Nk will forgive Lanre BT may nt want to GI back to their marriage bcos of her mother in law

  28. Nk shuld forgive lanre but.not go back n its.pat dat.is Boss.oh.i pray he.survives n also save Audu oh

  29. See your life outside Iya Lanre,haaa Lanre, I pity you.pray she forgives you.but I know she will do,just that I don’t know if she will marry you again&follow you to your stupid mother.
    Patrick the boss,I hail o o o.abeggggggg, follow madam dey go,please.because if you go back I sense danger o o o,&it will be too much for Erica to bear.though Audu has been of good helper to you&Erica but l still feel,you shouldn’t go back.if you do …… Adelove complete the sentence o.

  30. Nk will forgive her,left for me, i would have jilted him the same way he did to me,I think Boss is the same PATRICK Erica has been dying for…Iya Lanre, expect the worst,Wicked woman…

  31. He will not listen to Erica cause he’s not a coward.. Audu saved both of their lives before and now he gas to pay back.. NK will forgive him cause she still loves him..

  32. am thinking…is d mask guy Patrick n if he is why was he worried wen he did not hear from her abt d job.. n why did he not recognise Erica initially…geting more interesting… NK will forgive Lanre

  33. I guess the boss is Patrick…… I love this part by Erica, I am pregnant for you, wat do we do now? u av so many children already… lol

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