(Episode 4) Skull Island of an Agonizing Heart

Mama Ada got home and met her husband on the bed struggling for air, it was the first time he was having an attack without her being around and she ran to the drawer to get his inhaler only for her to realize that she it was in the bag that she had taken out. She picked the bag, ransacked its contents and brought out the inhaler and helped her husband to it. After some minutes, his condition became stable and he fell asleep.

The next morning, as early as 4am, her husband tapped her gently. “Please get up let us talk, he said”.

Although sleepy, Mama Ada got up immediately, her heart beating wild against her chest.

Mama Ada: “What is it, my husband?”

Baba Ada:”It is about your outing yesterday”.

Mama Ada’s heart skipped a beat, ever since she returned from the outing, she had been worried because she had thought of discussing it with her husband but his health condition had prevented her.

Mama Ada: “I am all ears, my husband”.

Baba Ada: “I don’t want you to misunderstand me but you stayed so long outside yesterday that I was wondering what happened to you. I guess it was worry that triggered the last night’s asthma attack”.

Mama Ada: “Hmmn, I am sorry my husband. Things didn’t work out as planned o. My mouth cannot say all that my eyes saw where I went to. I wanted to call you but I didn’t have airtime in my phone”.

Baba Ada: “Where did she take you to?”

Mama Ada: “A brothel, to follow men and get paid”.

Baba Ada: “Chineke meh! Did you agree to do it?”

Mama Ada: “Agree ke? When I am not crazy? God forbid o”.

Baba Ada: “So why did you come back late? Why didn’t you just decline and leave her there?”

Mama Ada: “I tried to but I didn’t have enough money for taxi. I had to wait for her to drive me home and she insisted on finishing what she was doing before she could bring me home”.

Baba Ada: “It is okay. I believe you and I am very proud of you. I saw a vacancy for a security man in the newspaper I collected from my friend to read yesterday. I will apply for it so that I can at least help”.

Mama Ada: Are you sure you can do that? I mean you are not too strong yet”.

Baba Ada: “I cannot continue to stay at home and allow you go through this alone, I have to earn something no matter how small”.


The next morning, he went for the interview and after some days,he was employed for the job. His salary as a secondary school graduate was N40,000 and he was glad to have something to contribute to his family. He came back home elated.

Baba Ada: “I have secured a job o, my wife. Help me thank God”.

Mama Ada: “Are you serious? She came out to meet him at the entrance of their door. You mean they gave you the job?”

Baba Ada: “Yes, now. I was lucky to meet one of my friends whom I have lost contact with there and he spoke to one of the people in charge on my behalf. That is how I got the job o, just like that”.

Mama Ada: “Wow! Thank God o, at least our children will have enough to eat and school fees won’t be a problem again”.

That month end, when he got paid he gave his wife N30,000 out of the money and she went to pay the debt she owed her friend.

Mama Ada: “I have brought the money I owe you, thank you so much for your patience and understanding, may God bless you”.

Mama: “Na wa o, where did you get the money from? I hope you are considering the business I introduced you to, that will give you more money to do whatever you want. By the way, where did you get this money from?”

Mama Ada: “Ah, help me thank God o, my husband has gotten a new job and he gets paid N40, 000! Isn’t that massive?”

Mama: “What! Ordinary N40, 000? That is not even up to the money I use in buying my bags. Do you know that you can earn more than a hundred thousand naira by servicing a politician for few minutes? That is more than your husband can earn in 2 months. You better wise up and shine your eyes”.

Mama Ada: “Abeg let me come and be going before you corrupt my mind here. You are supposed to be happy with me that my husband now has a job. I have told you that I am not interested in that business of yours and I reiterate; I am not interested!”

She walked out of the stall leaving Mama Ene dumbfounded.


Some months later, Baba Ada was on night duties when armed robber stormed the premises. It was a shock for him because he had never had such experiences before. The armed robbers tied him up alongside his colleagues and carted away N455, 000 from the fuel station’s safe. It was the money of the sales they had that evening and the manager couldn’t take it to the bank because the banks would have closed as at the time the manager left the office. The next morning, news of how the petrol station was robbed and how two security men were locked up in the toilet had spread everywhere in the neighbourhood, the manager of the feeling station had informed security agents who came and took the two security men away for interrogation. Baba Ada was very weak and fragile when he got to the station.

Policeman: “Tell us exactly what happened at the station yesterday”.

Baba Ada: “We were having our normal night watch when we heard gun shots around the gate. The next thing, we saw men wielding all sorts of sophisticated weapon storm the compound of the petrol station. When they saw us, they ordered us to freeze and they got us and tied us up and dragged us into the toilet. That was where we remained until they finished their operation which we learnt led to the loss of more than N400, 000”.

Policeman: “So, what you are telling me is that you folded your arms and watched as robbers carted away money from the bank without doing anything?”

Baba Ada: “We didn’t fold our hands, our hands were tied behind out back. These people had sophisticated weapon and we were helpless before them”.

2nd Security: “What my friend here is saying is true, the kind of guns wey those people carry fit make person piss for body. I swear as them commot am like this, my body just cold”.

Policeman: “So, what you are telling me is that the fuel station is paying you people for nothing. Ordinary robbery attack, you couldn’t repel. And by the way, why are you calling your colleague your friend? How are we sure that the two of you didn’t plan this robbery to steal that money?”

“Ah, Oga, have mercy on us, this is where we work and get paid and from there we feed our family. There is no way we can connive to steal money that does not belong to us. I have never stolen a penny in my life”.

Policeman: “You don’t want to tell us what you know about this robbery right? You will remain here until we conclude our investigations”.


For seven days after the robbery incidence, Baba Ada and his colleague were denied bail under the pretext that they were not saying all they knew about the robbery. The fuel station had instructed the police to deny them bail because they were prime suspects in the robbery since they were the only ones apart from the manager who knew that cash was kept in the office that day. In detention, Baba Ada’s health was deteriorating seriously and he needed medical attention. The police had instructed them to get a surety who was at the rank of a deputy medical director in the civil service as his surety and he or she must be worth more than N400,000. Mama Ada was confused as she knew only two people who had what it takes to get bail for her husband. One was her husband uncle who forbade them from ever coming to their house to seek any help because he had asked Mama Ada to sleep with him but she had refused and blatantly called him names and threatened to report him to her husband if he continued pestering her life. The other was Mama’s client whom she had tried to introduce to Mama Ada to sleep with. It was a dicey situation and Mama Ada was confused as to who to go to for help. She knew that she needed to do something fast if she didn’t want her husband condition to get worst in Police detention.

Question: What should Mama Ada do? Which of the two men should she go to for help?

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  1. Neither one, If prayer can not solve it, nothing else can. Let him remain there, God will make a way, she doesn’t have to go and beg anybody. Just saying my mind sha, una go still write wetin sweet una

  2. wow too bad, too sad, left between the devils in the deep blue sea indeed. I pray she doesn’t bow to the challenges and do something she would regret either way through her laugh. at the end of every dark tunnel is a light, no matter what God will provide a lasting & enduring solutions.

  3. I don’t advice her to go to any of them. She should just go to God in prayers and the GOD of possibilities will unveil itself.


  4. Mama Ada is in dilemma..I pity her..She should pray to God for favour and go and meet her husband’s uncle..May be the favour of God will go with her and cause the man give her the needed money for her husband’s bail..

  5. This is serious oooooo, non of them is an option for her to go, she should just pray for God intervention.

  6. Gud evening… Mama ADA is at a crossroad o, only God can see her tru n I hope her husband doesn’t die in d cell..Thumbs up Adelove crew

  7. Hmmmm,I don’t knw which one to suggest 4 her self cus its all abt intimate. The client will b ok,she can jus beg him 4 hlp n tell him her stories that she only needs hlp and nothing more mayb he will v her mercy in eyes. may God hlp her.

  8. So painful ,I will suggest she try talking to her husband uncle again ,who knows he might have a change of heart .

  9. None will do. She’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.. Let her turn to God.. No matter what he will rescue her.

  10. She should look unto Jesus the author and the finisher of her faith. If she gets the money from satan by committing adultery, he will get back every other thing from her especially her happiness, and leave her empty. Be wise Mama Ada and go to God.

  11. Hmmmm, this is really a hard but for mama Ada to crack. She should ask God for guidance at this crucial time because God is the only solution

  12. Mama Ada should seek God’s help, none of those men are good enough to help her without demanding for something from her in return.

  13. Hi ALC&Fs,

    Standing between the devil and the deep blue sea.

    Let her commit everything to God asking for divine help. God always cares and can.


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