Ex Reality Star Exposes Her Nipples in Public (Photos)

Ex Reality Star Exposes Her Nipples in Public (Photos)

Lateysha Grace, a young woman who soared to fame on MTV’s now-defunct reality show The Valleys is frequently branded a Bargain Bucket Beyonce.

According to report, the young woman on Wednesday night at the Sixty6 Magazine launch party in London left nothing to the imagination in an eye-popping sheer gown.

The mother-of-one showed off her sensational curves as she went braless beneath the mesh dress while sporting only a tiny thong – meaning the near entirety of her phenomenal figure was on display.

Lateysha first appeared on screens on The Valleys, a show following the raucous antics of hopefuls from across the industrialised valleys in South Wales, as they relocated to Cardiff with plans to make it in modelling, singing and club promoting.

The Port Talbot-born beauty, who had the words ‘Valleywood’ tattooed across her pubic bone, attempted to make it as a singer with her party piece being a lewd reworded version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

She went on to star in Big Brother last year, making her a natural attendee at the party which was laden with stars from across the reality world joining the bash.

With the scantily-clad look a favourite among the reality cast members, it seems Lateysha was determined to make maximum impact as she sizzled in her slinky gown which showed off every element of her figure.

The dress boasted racy fine knit material which would have been minimal with a slip underneath yet her choice to go braless meant the whole party could see her assets.

Not content with flashing her cleavage, she also showed off her perky posterior with a thong worn underneath – making for a look which no doubt stunned passersby and partygoers alike.

Her silk hair was worn in tumbling lengths falling over one shoulder and sweeping over to one side while her make-up was flawlessly applied.





    • Lovely. Very beautiful

      We have to stop our hypocritical and abusive behavior towards women in Nigeria.

      Instead of admiring their God-given beauty, we want to beat them, oppress them and abuse them emotionally

      We chastise women who want to use their own bodies as they de fit. And praise polit icons who loot our common wealth

      What an idiotic mentality

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