(Episode 8) Skull Island of an Agonizing Heart

Mama Ada was in deep thoughts when her husband groaning caused by pain pierced her heart. “Please help me, I don’t want to die now”, he pleaded weakly.

Mama Ada: “Okay, I will do whatever they say and bring the money for your treatment but the gods bear me witness that I am not doing this because I want to do it but because you asked me to do it”.

Baba Ada: “It is my dying wish to you, my wife. Do it and I will leave the rest of my life for you and my children”.

Mama Ada: “Ah, don’t talk about dying o, who will you die and leave these children for? We are in this together o, you are not going anywhere. Just stay here, I will soon be back o?”

Her husband nodded and she left. On her way out of the ward, she met the doctor coming in.

Doctor: “Madam, where have you been all day?”

Mama Ada: “I have been running around trying to get help”.

Doctor: “That is okay. Do you have the money now? Your husband condition is critical and as it is, anything can happen”.

Mama Ada: “No, I haven’t gotten the money yet but I am going out again and this time around I am sure I will get it”.

Doctor: “You have to see to that very fast, madam or I am afraid that we have to discharge your husband because we do not want him to die in our arms here”.

Mama Ada: “It is not my fault, all his relations and mine have refused to help. I am in this dilemma alone”.

Doctor: “Excuse me madam, I have patients to attend to”, he walked away leaving her buried in deep thoughts.


Mama Ada walked to her friend’s shop. “You need to help me, my husband is dying please”.

Mama: “I have told you that I don’t have any money to lend you, things are hard now”.

Mama Ada: “I know, just help me talk to some of your rich politician friends”.

Mama: “Men cannot give you their money just like that. You need to rub their back before they rub yours, no man throws money away just like that. But then, I will call one of them now and you will go and see him”.

Mama Ene placed the call across to one of her friends and whom she had met through one of her customers, the same man had indicated interest in Mama Ada when she took her to the motel on that fateful night that Mama Ada had refused to cooperate with her. The man was glad to know that Mama Ene was calling on behalf of her friend whom he had lusted after the first day he saw her.

Alhaji: “Yes hello, I can hear you. Tell her to come and meet me in my lodge, I will be here waiting for her. I will send the address of the lodge to you right away”.

Mama: “Alhaji, please help her. She will be coming alone and she is in a big trouble and needs money urgently”.

Alhaji: “Don’t worry, just tell her to come, I will be here waiting”.

Mama Ada got the address and navigated her way to the lodge. Alhaji was relaxing in the sitting room of his suites dressed in a flowing white gown when she walked in. She recognized him as the man that had made advances at her when she was waiting for Mama Ada to finish up so she could drive her home the day they went out at nights. She shrank back when the alhaji rose up to hug her.

Alhaji: “Hello, my dear, I knew that you would come around. Come and have a sit”, he led her to the chair. She sat down and moved away from him.

Alhaji: “Oh common, don’t tell me that you are shy, your friend is a very sociable person and I expect you to be one too. So, tell me what is it that is troubling you that your friend was telling me about on phone?”

Mama Ada: “I need help, my husband is lying critically ill in the hospital, if we don’t do something fast, he may die but God forbid o”.

Alhaji: “So, why won’t something be done fast?”

Mama Ada: “Money o, we don’t have money. That is why I am here, to seek your help”.

Alhaji: “And how much are we talking about here?”

Mama Ada: “About N150, 000, sir”.

Alhaji: “That is a lot of money but don’t worry, we shall do something about it. I will give you N200, 000 cash, which is just about all the cash I have on me right now and then I will give you a cheque of N100, 000 to add to it”.

Mama Ada got on her knees and began to thank him profusely. “Thank you very much, alhaji. Allah will bless you”.

Alhaji: “Amin. Can we get down to business now? I am running out of patience”.

Mama Ada: “What business?”

Deep within her heart, she had hoped that she had found enough favor before him for him to give her the money she needed without any condition attached to it.

Alhaji: “It is going to be a rub my back I rub your own ai. Nothing is free even in Freetown”.

Mama Ada declined for a while but when she remembered her husband’s feeble face and how he had begged her to help save his life, she had no option than to succumb to the alhaji who wasted no time in discarding his flowing gown and mounting her to her disgust.


Madam Cash entered Emeka’s well furnished sitting room where Nkiru ran to attend to her.

“Welcome, ma. What do I offer you? Oga just stepped out of the house not long ago but he told us that you would be coming”.

Madam Cash: “Nothing my dear, I am fine. I actually spoke to your oga some minutes ago and he told me he would soon be back. I will just sit quietly and wait for him”.

Nkiru: “Okay, ma. Please excuse me”, she left the sitting room. Few minutes later, Emeka came in looking younger in a Pierre Cardin weekend shirt. He walked up to Madam Cash and hugged her. “See who is in my house today, Madam Cash herself, hope you brought enough cash with you from obodo Oyibo?”

Madam Cash: “See who is talking. Are you saying this because you don’t want me to demand for my share of the oil money?”

Emeka: “Where you see oil money for Nigeria? You no know say recession dey Nigeria? Anyway, where is this girl, how comes she has not served you anything. Nkiru! Nkiru!”

“Sir!”, Nkiru answered from the kitchen where she was doing the dishes and came running downstairs.

Emeka: “What did you serve my guest?” he thundered, causing the girl to startle. Ever since he had started forcing his way into her , she had hated him and detested his presence with everything in her. Many times, she had thought of running away but Emeka had threatened to find her and kill her should she ever run away or speak to anyone about what he was doing to her.

Madam Cash saw the way the girl startled and her heart ran out to her. “No, Emeka. Leave the young lady alone, she actually asked to serve me but I refused”.

Emeka: “Okay then. I will just go in there and pick some cash and then come and drive you to the nkwobi joint we spoke about”. He excused himself and ran upstairs leaving Madam Cash and Nkiru alone, the lustily glance he threw at Nkiru didn’t escape Madam Cash’ watchful eyes.

Madam Cash drew Nkiru close, she knew that Emeka was a notorious womanizer and she wanted to get something with which to blackmail him, that was the reason why she had pretended to be friendly even when she hated him from the bottom of her heart. She knew that it would not be easy getting Nkiru to talk but she was willing to give it a try never the less, she knew how to break girls and make them spill the bean.

Nkiru’s eyes were filled with fright as Madam Cash drew her aside and began to whisper in to her ear.

Question: Will Madam Cash succeed in making Nkiru open up? Is Mama Ada safe with the Alhaji?

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  1. Alhaji might be a ritualist o but i hope he’ll help mama Ada. It’s better if Nkiru open up to madam cash befor she gets pregnant nd end her life while going tru abortion. If madam cash offered to take her away from Emeka, she’ll open up.

  2. Mama can never b save with such men, as for poor Nk she has gone thru so much there dat anything is possible.

  3. Nkeiru might open up to madam cash, mama Ada is not safe with alhaji though she will get the money but her life will never remains the same again.

  4. Madam cash will succeed in getting info frm Nk bt it may not b so soon. Mama ada not save wit alhaji,I dnt trust dat man. Its either he doesn’t giv her d money complete by lying to her or never wanted her to liv him again 4 her service evn thou her husband is healthy.

  5. mama cash will succeed in getting d useful information from her…n den what can mama ada do Dan to accept her fate…somtime somethings have to happen in some hiding ways in other to give way for Gods divine intervention.

  6. Nkeiru must open up o, so dt emeka will b dealth wit… I pray mama Ade get d money from alhaja on time to take to d hospital bfor her husband gives up. Weldone Adelove crew

  7. Emeka ur time has come cus madam cash will persuade Nkeiru to talk both ll finish u.
    As for mama Ada don’t put ur trust in Alhaji.

  8. Yes she will make Nkiru to talk and mama Ada is not safe with AlhAji. I think Alhaji has another hidden agenda.


  9. It will be hard for madam cash to penetrate Nkeiru ,because Emeka threatened to kill her if she opens up to anyone….though with much promises and gifts..she will succeed….Mama Ada is not safe with Alhaji…

  10. Hmmm, I think mama Ada is safe with alhaji but that won’t be the last time she’ll sleep with him. With the 300,000 he is about to give her, it’ll enter her eyes and that of her husband. I think Nkiru won’t want to easily tell madam cash her mind, Emeka will interrupt them.

  11. Nkiru should better open up and set herself free from danger. As for Alhaji, he must give Mama Ada the money o and not play tricks on her. I pray the gods should not be angry at her.

  12. Nkiru will not open up to madam cash cus her boss has threatened her,mama ada is safe with alhaji. But this is not the end of it

  13. She will succeed in getting words from her mouth,a and she will also blackmailing him.
    Mama Ada, whether save or not didn’t have a choice for now,may God not allow us see trouble that will be bigger than us.Amen.

  14. Hello ALC&Fs,

    I think Mama Cash will succeed in getting Nkiru to spill it, meanwhile, Mama Ada would be safe…. Depends on what safe really mean here….


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