Soldiers brutalised man to death in Ikorodu, Lagos

Soldiers brutalised man to death in Ikorodu, Lagos

Barely a week after a woman was assaulted by personnel of the Nigerian Army in Ikorodu Area of Lagos, another picture has emerged of a man alleged brutalised to death by the military.

According to a Twitter user, Kenny Abel Adesanya, the corpse of the victim, name unknown, was dumped by members of the officers of the 174 battalion on a street in Ogijo, Ikorodu.

An eyewitness told the Newsmen that the incident happened at 10, Prince Jamiu Oyebade Street, Ogijo.

He explained that the deceased’s landlady had invited the military over a misunderstanding about two-month rent arrears the victim owed.

On arriving at the house, the soldiers manhandled and brutalised the deceased, landing him in the Pillars Hospital, Ogijo.

He said, “The beating happened last week. It was the landlady of the victim that invited the military from 174 battalion just because of little misunderstanding

“The victim has been in the hospital since that last week before he finally gave up yesterday night.

“His family brought his body, dumped it at the front of the house for the landlady.”

The witness said the landlady has been arrested by the police.



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