Rosy Meurer gets attacked by an unknown man in Lagos

Rosy Meurer gets attacked by an unknown man in Lagos

The lady Tonto Dikeh accused of sleeping with her husband, Rosy Meurer, was attacked by an unknown man as she made her way to the premiere of a movie in Lagos yesterday March 24th.

Writing about it Rosy said

“At the BASIRA IN LONDON premier. Well thank God I made it in one piece. I got bashed and attacked by an unknown man on my way to the premier. Thank God for the Nigerian police that intervened.They are trying to bring me down but God is my strength and pillar. #thankgodforlife#godismystrength #everythingrosy#rosykisses #godpassuna #premier#QueenOfAllQueens 👑”. In another post, Rosy says any weapon formed agaisnt her shall prosper and all tongues that rise up in judgment against her shall be condemned.



  1. What is this life turning to no decorum, people do things their conscience can not overcome and adduce every occurence to some percieved enemies they created by them selves. Do what is right say the truth and you will not need to look back at all times thinking every unfortunate incident the the handiwork of percieved enemy. While the real enemy is your conscience pricking you.

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