PDP Peace Move: Makarfi, Obi visit Ayade

PDP Peace Move: Makarfi, Obi visit Ayade

Factional Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Senator Ahmed Makarfi, yesterday, made a move to woo Governor of Cross River State, Ben Ayade, praising him for what he described as his revolutionary steps in governance.

Governor Ayade is one of the governors in the party believed to be supportive of the court recognised national chairman, Senator Modu Ali Sheriff. Makarfi, who visited Governor Ayade in the company of two other members of the National Caretaker Committee, Senators Ben Obi and Abdul Ningi said: “I am a peace maker and at the end of the day, we will have to find how PDP rises and runs again, and not only to run again but rise and fly.

Governor Ben Ayade “We must find a way to work together as a family and that is the spirit that should be guiding each one of us. It is not an issue of one verses the other but what matters is whatever way the issues must be settled.

” The former Kaduna State governor used the opportunity of the visit to laud Governor Ayade on his performance in office so far, especially in the area of employment creation. “In this period of high unemployment, you (Ayade) are not retrenching or cutting the salaries of workers but creating employment in the state.

That is highly commendable.” Continuing, he said: “I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I don’t talk that much but whatever I say, anytime you wake me up even from sleep, I will still be on that particular issue I have said.” Expressing similar sentiments, Senator Obi said: “Thiis is a state with little resources, yet it has been doing so much, turning the state round with employment.

While others are retrenching, he is employing, youth employment is a major factor of this administration and we are proud of him.” On how prepared the PDP is to take over the federal structure in the next elections, the party National Secretary said,”we just gave way for APC to come in and Nigerians have seen the difference, so we are gearing up to bounce back in 2019.” Welcoming the team, Cross River governor, Prof Ben Ayade, expressed hope that, “the visit was a demonstration that there exist a commitment to finding a peaceful resolution to the impasse of this time.”



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