(Episode 7) Torn Hearts of Ghosts in a Shell

(Episode 7) Torn Hearts of Ghosts in a Shell

Madam Amina sat in her room and pondered. Why Abel no wait for me? Ha Abel, you disappoint me o. but dis boy, I no understand. Bimbo… Bimbo…ok o.


Collins’ house was at Ebrumede, just after DSC roundabout, coming from Effurun roundabout. Collins and his elder brother occupied a three bedroom flat in a posh house. His brother had a black Venza which was parked behind his white Ranger Rover Sport. Abel sat in the sitting room with his small bag on the floor by his side. He stared around the richly furnished sitting room in awe. He had never seen so much display of wealth in his life. See as Collins TV big anyhow, see e chair, and see as e soft. Na wa o. Collins? He thought to himself as he stared around. Collins walked into the sitting room.

Collins: “Come make I show you where you go crash. Go change make we go eat. E get one spot wey deir banga soup na dead.” Abel got up and followed him.

He led Abel into a room with a big bed. The room had a small TV, fridge, an air conditioner and a wardrobe for clothes. Abel’s mouth would not close. I never sleep for bed by myself before o. ehn…money dey dis country o, he thought to himself. He put his bag into the wardrobe. Collins left him to get ready.

They drove to the restaurant, sat down and made their order. Abel felt like a bush boy from a bush village. His shirt was old and worn and it has not felt the heat of a pressing iron since it was bought. He ate his food quietly, listening to the conversation between the brothers. All they talked about was money this, money that. Dollars that somebody paid and somebody received, land, cars, houses…these guys only spoke about money. Na wa o! Na G dese boys dey do? Abi dem dey work for offshore? He thought to himself.

After eating, they paid, got into their cars and drove to a friend’s place at Ugbomro. They picked two guys there, then drove down to Express Junction. Collins dropped his friends at a Hotel called The Cardinal’s. Then he drove off with Abel. They drove down to Udu road, where Collins stopped in front of a boutique. They got in and Collins picked clothes and clothing accessories for Abel. He told Abel to go change into some of the clothes, he bought for him. He paid and they got into the car and drove back to the hotel.

Along the way Collins tells Abel some things.

Collins: “Omo boy, d street no get joy o.”

Abel: “na you wan tell me. No b d street me I dey?” Collins nodded his head watching the road before he turned into the express road.

Collins: “you know say my pale don kpoof. D old man die near dat e wheelbarrow wey e take dey carry wood from wood market for Udu Bridge.” Abel nodded his head.

Collins: “school we no fit go. You know dat my sister, Cordelia na?” he asked, as he drove to the front of the hotel and parked.

Abel: “yes, how she dey?”

Collins: “person wey nearly die because of abortion wey e wan do. D pikin no comot o. e don born am. We arrange one store for Jigbale market for am make she take dey press.”

Abel thought about Bimbo. God, make she no go die o. which kain life… He looked around the hotel. The place was full. Loud music was spilling out of speakers, cars were everywhere and the girls, God, the girls, and they were like flies.

Collins: “make we sit down here small.” He wound down the windows and switched off the engine.

Collins: “anyhow sha, me and Blessing be dey hustle for one hotel near awi house. Na dere we kon meet Brume, I know weda you go still remember am. When we dey primary 5, e dey primary 6.” Abel shook his head, he didn’t remember him.

Collins: “well, naim na introduce us to d level wey we dey run now. “ Abel sat up expectantly. Collins smiled.

Collins: “na street we dey run, broda. We dey hustle maye for d street, na so we dey fit dey live for dis town o. job no dey o. person no fit go school. Family don forget person. What to do, ehn.” He looked at Abel.

Abel sat back and thought about what he just heard. He had heard about this hustle; Yahoo Yahoo. Hmmn, I no kill person. I no carry gun rob anybody. Na whitey money I go dey collect. But wait o…

Abel: “I hear say some guys dey use science take dey collect money.”

Collins: “dat na true. E get guys wey dey go chop small tin, so dat when dem tell their client make e drop d raba, dem go legit am immediately but me and blessing no dey work like dat. To God who made me, I never touch juju for dis mata. Na my head, na I take dey work am bros.”

Abel: “what of Koti? I hear sa dem dey disturb wella o?” Collins laughed.

Collins: “for reals o omo boy. Na so Koti dey arrest anybody wey dem see for d road o. anyhow sha, we get alignment wit some chairmen sha. We dey reason dem percentage every month, so dem dey free us. No worry my HK tight. We got to hustle o Omo boy. Dis waffi ehn, no sorry o. now no body dey reason your mata, make you collect your first orgbor first, you go know say everybody get price for dis town.”

Abel sat quietly, watching two girls, obviously prostitutes, sitting on a car bonnet, talking.

Collins: “so wetin you talk? You dey game?” Abel turned to look at Collins and smiled sadly.

Abel; “I no get choice. I no get anybody. I no go school. I no sabi any work. I don too sufa. Make I still enjoy small before life go end.” Collins nodded and opened the car door on his side.

Collins: “welcome to the family, brodaly. Oya make we go press small liquor. Shey you dey drink sha?” Abel stepped out and closed the door on his side.

Abel: “once, once o.”

Collins: “Ok. We go find one shorty for you, make you take relax dis night ehn?” Collins asked, smiling.

Abel: “No! No….no woman. No bring any girl near me o.” Abel replied vehemently.

Collins: “Guy chill, wetin sup? You no like woman?” Collins asked, looking at Abel in surprise. Abel relaxed a little.

Abel: “Abeg no vex. I no want distraction now. Na money I want, woman go come later.”

Collins: “Mtschew…make we dey go inside joor. Reverend father Abel…waka joor.” They laughed and walked into the hotel grounds.

Abel and Collins soon located Blessing, Collins’ elder brother and two guys they had picked up earlier. They were seated around a two tables joined together. Four girls had joined them. Abel looked at the girls. See as dem fine. He thought as his palm became sweaty and his heart beat sped up.

A slim, dark complexioned girl caught his eyes. She was so beautiful, it hurt to look at her. He spied her from the corner of his eyes as he took his seat by her side. She smiled at him then turned to the girl by her side. Abel sat back and looked around the hotel.

They were seated outside. Chairs and tables were placed all over the place. A DJ was spinning out great songs and soon Abel was nodding his head to the music. Abel was suddenly roused from his reverie

Waiter: “what will you take?”

Abel: “Malt.” The beautiful girl by his side turned to look at him in surprise. She looked him all over, smiled and shook her head. Collins had heard Abel’s order and he frowned.

Collins: “guy bring one Andre and one Hennessey come joor. No answer dat one. Babe meet my friend from back in the day, Abel. Abel, meet Preye, she’s a whole lot of fun and she’s crazy as hell too.” Collins said laughing. Preye smiled.

Abel: “Preye, dat na Ijaw name na?” He said, trying to start a conversation.

Preye: “Yes, it is. Are you Izon?”

Abel: “no o. I be Urhobo o. Ijaw girls dey fine.” He said, then he smiled and bent his head.

Preye looked at the boy. He is tall and slim. Not cute but looks like a hard worker. No education, palms have callouses. Hmmm… This one don hustle life tire. E look smart o. wetin e dey do wit dem Collins? Dem one spoil dis innocent for ground so. E don tey I fuck guy wey e mind still clean o. hmm. She looked him up and down. Janet kicked her leg from under the table. Her phone beeped. She looked at the message, it was from Janet.

Janet: “which one you dey look d boy like say e dey smell shit?”

Preye: “babe d guy no dey fit speak English o. where dem Collins for see dis one?”

Janet: “Lol…you be winch o. but e be no bad o. e tall and e body slim, strong.”

Preye: “ehen…so?”

Janet: “Na wa for you o. tall, slim guys = long dick. Digging deep”

Preye burst into laughter. Abel turned to her in surprise. She shook her head

Preye: “sorry.” She said in between laughter. She looked at Janet and opened her palm, wide at her.

Preye: “Waka. Ashawo.” She mouthed silently, giggling. Janet returned the playful curses back and they both laughed.

The waiter returned with the drinks and plastic cups. Preye opened the Andre and poured it into Abel’s cup, then poured into hers.

Abel: “tank you.” he sipped it. E sweet o. He drank some more. He turned to see Preye looking at him, her eyes bright in the dark. He smiled.

Preye: “I like fuck you.” Abel’s drink sprayed out of his lips as he choked on his drink. The rest at the table burst into laughter.

Preye: “sorry. Come let’s get you cleaned up.” she said, smiling. She got up and Abel got up to follow her out.

Janet: “digging deep!” she shouted. Preye laughed again and walked away with Abel in tow.


Bimbo watched in disbelief as Abel walked away with a beautiful girl in his arms. Ehen… Abel run comot house, come dey enjoy for here abi? Meanwhile auntie dey fine am for everywhere. E come and leave only me to be facing her wahala abi? Issorite.

Question: Will Bimbo confront Preye over Abel? Will Abel fall for Preye?

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  1. Abel has fallen for preys already….if bimbo like make she confront preye…..preye no kukuma get shame b4….she go deal with bimbo hhen….

  2. Hmmmm. What is Bimbo doing in the hotel if not to do the “thing” lol. If she try anyhow preye go show am anyhow.

    But abel should thread softly.

  3. Adelove ow Bimbo take b 4 dat hotel? Anyway bimbo my tell abel to her aunt n later confront preye. I think as times goes on,abel will fall 4 preye.

  4. wow…this story has a very long way to go, Abel will fall for preye and Bimbo will tell madam Amina about Abel whereabout

  5. Next episode o jare suspense dey too much…like how many hours will take before updating another episode

  6. Bimbo will not confront preye… and I think Abel will fall for Preye… LOVE HAS JUST BEGUN.


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