Those Responsible For Devaluation Of Naira Will Not Live To Enjoy It – Adeboye

Those Responsible For Devaluation Of Naira Will Not Live To Enjoy It - Adeboye

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Worldwide, has said those responsible for the devaluation of the national currency, the naira, will not live to enjoy their illicit gains.

Delivering a sermon at the special Sunday service organised by RCCG Region 11 aka Ikoyi/Victoria Island Family at the Tafawa Balewa Square, Onikan, Lagos, yesterday, Pastor Adeboye said this was a revelation he received from God early this year but which he was sharing for the first time.

“Those who are deliberately destroying the naira will make the money but will not spend it,” he declared.

The naira crashed in value in recent months, exchanging at over N500 to the US dollar before it began to appreciate lately.

Yesterday’s service was the first of its kind by Region 11, whose appellation was changed from ‘Ikoyi/Victoria Island Family’ by Pastor Adeboye.

“On my way here this morning, while I was on the long bridge, God told me to change your name to Blessed Family,” he said.

Dwelling on the theme of the programme, which is ‘Enlarge’, Adeboye said it connotes the presence of the enlarger as well as the one to be enlarged.

“God is not interested in addition but in multiplication,” he noted and added that God had pleasure in the prosperity of His people.

He enjoined the organisers to make arrangements to take next year’s edition to the National Stadium because “God would have so much enlarged you that this venue would be too small for you.”

Pastor Adeboye, however, admonished the congregation to always do the will of God and be ready to pay the price for greatness.

“If you do the will of God, He will do His own part,” he added.

Using his personal life as example, Adeboye said his greatest desire was to become the youngest vice chancellor in Africa, but, God has blessed him beyond his wildest imagination.

“I might not have become the youngest vice chancellor, but, today, I have many vice chancellors who call me ‘Daddy’ and I have my own university.

“If you would be committed to the vision and mission of RCCG, you cannot die without commanding influence. There is a special influence and special anointing upon RCCG,” he added.

Earlier, his wife and Mother-in-Israel, Pastor Folu Adeboye, declared the programme “the beginning of a new day” and also appreciated those who grew the region from a humble beginning at Our Saviour’s School in the 1980s.

The service started with the Regional Pastor, Charles Kpandei, leading the congregation to sing the Blessed Family’s special song.

He paid tributes to his predecessor, Pastor Oretayo Adetola, whom he described as the ‘martriach’ of the Blessed Family.

Dignitaries who attended the special Sunday service included the RCCG national overseer, the national secretary (represented), National Treasurer, Elder Fola Aboaba, Felix Ohiwerei, Okey Mofunaya, Chief of Defence Olonishakin and provincial pastors.



  1. A true christain must not cast a curse on others
    Jesus never did that, rather he prayed for sinners
    Besides, the real cause for Naira devaluation is lack of industrialisation by Nigeria
    We depend too much on only crude oil to earn foreign exchange
    As long as Nigeria does not export goods in large quantity like Japan, China, Korea and other large economies do, the Naira will suffer profoundly
    This CBN measure of dishing out monetary reserve without earning foreign exchange can only be temporary
    Time will tell

    • Why are you always in this habit of frivolous comments over issues you are hardly an authority. What are the attributes of a good Christian you know? Why is it that those who tenaciously learn at the Master’s feet will not talk while you who galivant with politicians always rush down with comments on matters involving God’s servants?
      You better check yourself before your wreck yourself!

    • There is no doubt about it, you need wisdom. Part of exercising the wisdom when you get it is to repent of your negative comment about a servant of the Most High God and always keep quiet when you should not talk.

  2. Jesus pronounced several curses while on His earthly ministry, including the ones on the fig tree, on Bethsaida and on Chorazin. Where people are prayed for and implored to change their evil ways but refuse to repent, judgement is imminent. There are several countries with mono economy who have strong currencies, even if the mono economy is oil dependent.

  3. The Man of God said what he said God told him at the beginning of the year , ” That those responsible for the devaluation of the Naira will make the money but will not live to enjoy it”. Those words are not the words of Pastor Adeboye but those of God. I think that there is need for us to properly read , before making comments.

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