(Episode 10) The Boss Babe … Realm of Darkness!

(Episode 10) The Boss Babe … Realm of Darkness!

She grabbed hold of her left breast and put the knife to it but the first lady stopped her…

1st Lady: “I will save your boobs for next time just in case you refuse to repent from your wayward life. Steer clear of other people’s boyfriends if not, I will be forced to actually amputate your beautiful limbs in a very painful manner. Do not joke with the big girls do you understand?”

Celine: “Yes I understand” she was more than grateful that her boobs was saved. She wondered whose boyfriend she had snatched. She had never even dreamt of having a boyfriend of her own yet. She closed her eyes as the ladies all ran off at once leaving her naked and bruised where she laid. She crawled to a sitting position and groped around in the dark, trying to locate where they had thrown her shredded cloths. She could not believe what was actually happening to her. She tried to close her eyes and make herself sleep off so probably her spirit would wander off after them just to know their true identities but she was unable to. She tried again but the same thing happened. She wondered what use it was having that kind of power when she could not even use it to help herself. She found her gown at last and put it on as torn and dirty as it was. She was grateful that it was late and no one will be able to notice her.

She limped back with great difficulty to the lecture hall where she left her bag at. Luckily enough for her, no one was there, she retrieved her bag and leapt to the school clinic. They questioned her as to what happened but she told them she tripped and fell off the stairs, she didn’t want unnecessary attention to her person. She had forgotten the ladies recorded everything that happened and no matter how much she tried to conceal the incidence, it will still be all over the school.


Ronke came back that night with mud all over her body even her head. The market where she sold foodstuffs which was used mainly to sustain the family had been demolished and her goods destroyed in the process. They had been given a week notice to pack their wares but the hopeful ones among them thought it was just a bluff and remained there doing their thing. Many goods were destroyed in the process leaving many of them disillusioned as to where to go from there.

When she got home, she went straight to her husband who returned from work earlier that day because his taxi was faulty and he had no money to repair it so he had it packed outside the house.

Ronke: “My life don finish”

Ojo: “What happened to you? Why are you looking this way?” he asked standing up to dust off the dirt on her body.

Ronke: “Dem don destroy my market. Dem destroy everything”

Ojo: “Why?”

Ronke: “Dem talk sey na government send them o. hai wetin we go do now? Why you come back early today?”

Ojo: “My car don spoil o. I no even get money wey I go take repair am. Hmmmm this life really is difficult. What will I do about my daughter in school? How is she surviving?”

Ronke: “Dis wan na trouble o. heeeei gbese leleyi o… Tani mo se ti ko le foriji mi. ah! Mogbeee moku mo ma daran (who did I offend that cannot forgive? Ah! I’m done for, I’m dead, I am damned)” she placed her hands on head, and started rolling on the floor. Her husband did not know what words to use in consoling her.


On her way from school that day, just before she stepped into the street leading to their hostel, he appeared beside her and started walking with her.

Mysterious Man: “You are the only one who can see me so just listen very attentively to me. There is a pastor I want off the face of this earth and he must go reeking of sin in a most shameful manner. You must not give him a chance at repentance, lure him, seduce him but I should warn you, he is a strong one and not easily swayed so you must be tactical in your approach” he said and waited for her reply.

She put her phone to her hear and pretended to be receiving a call so people will not see her as an insane lady talking to herself.

Zahra: “What is his name and where does he stay at? This is the kind of assignment I love the most. Daunting and challenging” she replied smiling.

Mysterious Man: “Pastor Timothy of The Hope OF Glory Ministry. Please make sure you succeed at this otherwise the repercussion will be too much for you to bear”

Zahra: “Trust me sir and what about the rewards you promised me? I haven’t seen anything yet”

Mysterious Man: “I will let you have the person your heart desire the most but you must not give him all of your heart, he will give you everything you want. I will see to that” he said and disappeared.

She smiled excitedly as she stepped into their compound. “Yes! Kendrick let the game begin”


When she got home that night, she met Zahra and Shania at home. Zahra was just telling Shania she had met Kendrick and he had picked interest in her. He was already on the verge of getting her an apartment and some other surprise package as he termed it. She was surprised to see Celine looking so tattered with cuts all over her.

Zahra: “What happened to you Celine? She went over to her to examine her closely.

Celine: “I fell down” she replied pulling off her cloth.

Zahra: “You fell down? These does not look like injuries you sustained from a fall to me. Hope you are okay though? Please be okay o. I need you to be”

Celine: “Thank You. I will be okay”

Shania: “Sorry o madam. I feel really sorry for you” she said with a fake concern registered on her face.

Celine: “Thank you very much. I really appreciate your concerns” she replied from the bathroom as water ran down her aching and bruised body washing off all the dirt and their scent that lingered on her. She quivered when she remembered the knife getting close to her body and the warning the lady had given her. “How exactly do I heed to that warning when I don’t even know whose boyfriend I snatched or how? Or am I getting insane in the spirit and doing stuffs I cannot even remember doing? Is my spirit lusting after other peoples’ boyfriends or what? How do I go about all these happening in my life? I might actually end up committing suicide” she thought sadly.

Shania: “I really feel sorry for that girl. A lot is happening in her life these days that she is slowly becoming a sadist. She is no longer her usual vibrant self. Who could she have offended this time around?” she asked looking at her friend to see if there is any indication in her facial expression that she suspected her of any fowl play but there was none. She looked indifferent enough.

Zahra: “I feel bad for her too. She is one unlucky babe. She rejects luck even when it comes staring her in the face. I don’t know if Christians were made to be poor or something. Even when an opportunity to get rich presents itself, they reject it with the excuse that it is sinful. I pity them all” she shook her head.

Shania: “Whatever! I am a Christian and I am not poor. What are you trying to say?” she asked getting peeved but her friend gave out a mind blowing laughter.

Zahra: “You are Christian? You are not a Christian my dear. You are just playing a game of religion. You live in yesterday’s hour, you do everything your own way, you hardly even do church. True Christians are those who lay down their cause so their cross might be found in Christ, they don’t do things their own way but Christ’s. Those are the ones who believe in Him, the power of His words. At least that is what one singer said” she said surprised she could say all that. She knew Manny was not pleased with all she just said and he boiled inside. She shut her eyes and hoped he wouldn’t punish her later.

Shania: “Whatever! All I know is I am a Christian and we are not poor. That’s all” she said eyeing her friend suspiciously.

They all went to sleep nursing different thoughts. At exactly 3a.m, they heard a loud banging on their door. Zahra made to open the door but Shania held her back…

Shania: “Are you mad? Why will you want to open the door for them?”

Celine: “That’s true, please do not open the door” she said shivering from head to toe. She was yet to get over her ordeal in the hands of the ladies.

Zahra: “The two of you are mad. Don’t you know they can force the door open and if that happens, they will kill us all? Do you want to die?” she asked staring daringly at Shania then shrugged her off as the banging continued. She staggered towards the door, unlatched it, it flew open almost hitting her and threw men wearing hooded jackets stepped into the room one after the other.

1st Hooded Guy: “Why didn’t you open the door on time you bitch?” he asked but before Zahra could say anything, he already flung a slap at her. She looked at him dazed, wondering why he would do a thing like that. She almost called him son of a bitch out loud.

Shania: “Please what do you guys want with us? Please we did nothing wrong”

2nd Hooded Guy: “Will you keep your mouth shut? Now lie down there and make sure you did not raise your head up even once or i’d blow your ugly head off” he commanded harshly and the girls fell flat on their stomachs.

1st Hooded Guy: “Now we can to collect something from one of you and she must give it to us willingly without even a whimper. Do you all get it? Make sure you get it cos it might be you”

3rd Hooded Guy: “This sure is interesting. I have never had to deal with ladies before. I will make sure I enjoy every bit of it. Do not think you offended us o, you did not. One little birdie whispered to us that you have something we might be interested in and that is why we are here. Please make it worth our while, do you understand? I expect you all to shake your heads now” he said and watched to see if any of them will disobey, none did and so he continued “now who is Celine among you?” he asked looking from one to another…

Question: What can Celine probably have that they want? Was Zahra right in her definition of who a true Christian is?

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  1. this is much on her,the spirit in her is what they want to make use of in a negative way,actual sometimes Zahra definition of christian is true when the fellows fail to stand firm against waving spirit…..Celine was doubting God

  2. Another fresh trouble for Celine. Only God knows what they want from her or who sent them. Yes Zahra is very right.

  3. Virginity.
    Hummmmmmmm, see life.friend,See the extent they are going to destroy other friend because of a man.
    Celine,God will help you o.if you are lucky this time,it is better you leave the room&find somewhere to stay.

  4. hmmmm nawao. dey shud just let celine be now. her virginity is all dey want. zahra is very correct wit her definition of a good xtian.

  5. They want to take her virginity, while for Zhara she can never be a church gower talk more of a Christian, let her be more punished by her so called mysterious man, may God help Celine with her family

  6. Celine has suffered alot o,this guys are interested in her virginity..zahra’s definition of a good xtian is correct

  7. Y will she continue living wit dis two devils knowing who dy ar. She has also lost her faith wen she couldnt pray or read her bible even wen her conscience telling her to do. Celine may God help u. Zahra sister Yemisi might bcom Pastor’s second wife eeeeeeeh devil. God help Pastor Timothy.

  8. Hello ALC&Fs,

    The afflictions of the righteous are many but the Lord delivers him out of it all. Celine crime is her decency.

    Her definition is agreeable.


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