(Episode 12) The Boss Babe … Realm of Darkness!

(Episode 12) The Boss Babe … Realm of Darkness!

Sola felt bad over what the ladies did to Celine. He wished he could fish them out so he could pay them back in their own coin. As for the guys, what he’d do was in his mind. He boiled within as he killed the engine of his car and alighted. Not knowing what he would say to her to make her feel consoled. He knew how shattered she must be and avoided going there the first few days of the incidence but he knew he couldn’t stay away forever. She was his friend and he needed to be there for her more than anyone else. He knocked at the door but no one answered, knowing she must be in the room, he pushed the door open gently. What he saw took his breath way, he saw her dangling from the ceiling, her body twitching violently.  He let out a loud yelp and ran to her, holding her legs in a way that lessened the effect of the noose on her neck and gave her time to breath.

Sola: “What are you trying to do to yourself Celine? What on earth has gotten over you? Now untie the wrapper around your neck before I do something you wouldn’t like”

He felt her reach up slowly, untied the noose and almost fell on her face to the floor but he let go of her legs and caught her midway. She started to weep uncontrollably.

Celine: “Sola…” she almost choked on his name.

Sola: “It is okay dear, I have no idea how you must be feeling right now but it’s okay. It’s really okay…I am here now, I will never let anything bad happen to you again” He held her against his chest, stroking her hair gently.

Celine: “It’s not okay Sola, it’s not. I am done for, I am shattered. I just want to die, I just want to leave this cruel world. There is nothing left for me to live for any longer. You shouldn’t have saved me, you should have left me to die” she cast him an accusing look at her last statement.

Sola: “No! You are not done for my dear, you might be shattered and broken, who isn’t? we all are a little broken but the last time I check, broken crayons all still colour the same” the words of Trent Shelton flowed freely in his mouth. “God will allow you go through places you don’t understand just to bring you to the place He needs you to be. So don’t let this season take your life…”

Celine: “You think He is aware of all these happening to me and He intentionally kept quiet?”

Sola: “I am not a bible person like you my dear but I did hear my pastor say one day that God will avenge His own elects, though He may tarry but He will”

Celine: “Hmmmmm” she signed, not like she didn’t know that but it felt good having someone remind her of it.

Sola: “Yes my dear. There is a purpose for every pain. There is no growth without rain, sometimes it takes on hard storms to birth our greatest change…”

Celine; “Well I have nothing to live for now, all I have in my life is storms, the more I hope it will cease and peace will reign the more it rages even harder. There is no relief in sight” she shook her head hopelessly.

Sola: “I can’t believe I am the one telling you this right now and not the other way round since I see you as the strongest one. Your life, it’s not finished, you need to keep living. Depression is real but so is deliverance, you can heal from within these afflictions, overcome your fears and strengthen your faith again. Breakdowns happen just before breakthrough so break that cycle that is trying to break you. Break those thoughts that are trying to kill you and never stay silent about your battles, give your pain a voice. It’s okay not to be okay. This storm, I am sure will soon run out of rain” he was grateful he was a fan of Trent Shelton’s otherwise where would he have gotten the words to help strengthen her from?

She looked at him smiling…

Celine: “You are really a genius dear, thank you so much. You just don’t know I am grateful I am for all you just said. Thank you so much, I will try to be okay. I am glad I picked the right person to give my pain’s voice to. I feel my resolve to live coming back in lengthy waves” she said nestling her head against his chest while he continued to stroke her hair.

He made up his mind to avenge her, to deal with whoever was involved in putting her through pains even if it was his own cousin. He was sure he will get whoever it was.


Zahra became a regular member at Pastor Timothy’s church and in no time had become a very close friend of his. He was taken to her because of her wisdom which seemed to come naturally and the way she composed herself. She was always dressed decently and spoke in a decent manner also. Something she couldn’t have found difficult doing because of her strict Muslim background. She was brought up to dress decently, speak decently and comport herself like a girl who will soon become a wife should. Everything changed after she got admission and tasted the freedom everyone clattered for.

His wife Mary had her reservations about her and did not hesitate to voice her fears to her husband.

Mary: “Honey…” she began one day on their way to church as he drove them in silence thinking about the good friend he just made. Someone who finally understood him and knew the loneliness pains he was passing through. Someone whom he could finally bare his mind to and be rest assured that he was safe.

Pastor Timothy: “Yes dear? Is anything bothering you? I know what that look entails” he said trying to concentrate on his driving and at the same time not giving her the feeling that he was distracted.

Mary: “It’s about Yemisi…”

Pastor Timothy: “Oh Yemisi!” he said smiling. “What about her?”

Mary: “There is something about her I find daunting. She does not seem to be what she presents herself to be”

Pastor Timothy: “What do you mean by that?”

Mary: “She is hiding something from us. I like her, I like that she is a good girl and all that but I just feel quite uncomfortable around her. I think it’s time we cut down a bit on our relations with her. It is getting too tight you know?”

He thought he perceived a pint of jealousy in her tone and smiled.

Pastor Timothy: “Just calm down a little my dear. That lady is as harmless as a dove. I do not see anything wrong with her despite the fact that I am very good at reading people. Don’t you like being your friend? Seems you two get along well enough or at least that was what I thought?”

Mary: “We get along well. I just want to tell you to be careful. She might be just like a daughter to me but I know what I am talking about. Call it a woman’s intuition” she replied and sat up straight on her seat as got to the front gate of the church and he honked the car horn for the gate to be opened.

Pastor Timothy: “Don’t worry dear, we are fine as far as I am concerned” he said brushing aside her fears with the wave of his hand.


The words of the Mysterious Man kept echoing in her head “make sure you kill him, give him no chance at repentance. Make sure you kill him… kill him! Kill him!! Kill him!!!” it echoed on and on. She thought it must be Manny trying to make her wary of the warnings but she could hear his voice loudly in her head enough. She sat on her friend’s bed curling her phone in her long fingers deliberating on her next step. Her friend had travelled and left the key to her apartment for her at her request. She decided to call him at last, he picked it at the first ring.

Pastor Timothy: “Hello Yemmy?”

Zahra: “Hello sir” she replied snivelling like one who had been crying.

Pastor Timothy: “Have you been crying? What happened?” he asked springing up from his seat at his private study where he prepared most of his sermons and had his quiet time.

Zahra: “Sir I didn’t know who else to call but you” she hiccupped. “Someone just broke into my room while I was sleeping, he almost raped me if not for God” she started weeping out loud now” hoping he would be a gentleman and bound to her place to save the damsel in distress.

Pastor Timothy: “What? Hope he did not touch you?”

Zahra: “He did to an extent, but he did not succeed in the long run. My whole body hurts right now. We struggled for close to an hour” she winced and gave out a sound to signify she was really in pain. “Stop asking silly questions and get your sorry ass down here already prey” she thought maliciously giggling from ears to ears.

Pastor Timothy: “Can you get to the hospital yourself?”

Zahra: “I don’t think I can even stand up”

Pastor Timothy: “Okay give me your address, I will be there in twenty minutes.

She directed him to Sanrab, bobby villa where she was and waited for him patiently. He arrived within fifteen minutes, she laid curled in embryonic position but sat up gently immediately he stepped in and started to weep again. He took in her dishevelled long hair, the dress she wore which was supposed to be knee length but because of how she sat, it rode up to her thighs and stayed there like a permanent residence. He went over to her and hugged her in a bid to comfort her and she wrapped her hands around his shoulder, pressing her boobs tightly against his chest. He tried to pull off but she clung to him sniffing.


She felt the now familiar headache and without saying a word drifted off again. As he spirit floated out of her body, she wondered where she was going to be taken to, who she was to meet again, was it Zahra? She wondered if her soul was joined together with Zahra’s as she used to see in horror movies. As soon as Zahra crossed her mind, she was teleported to a tiny room where Zahra sat clinging to a man she had never seen before. Something told her she was to stop whatever Zahra was up to. She listened to them…

Question: Will she be able to stop Zahra this time? Why do you think she is able to see all the missions Zahra is on?

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  1. Dnt tink she wil be able to stop her mission,Celine was able to see all zahra’s mission Cos d kinds of spirit controlling Zahra is in her

  2. Adelove if u ask me,nah who I go ask? I really don’t think Celine will be able to stop her this time.But I pray God will use her to stop that she devil

  3. I pray celine succeeds, pastor Timothy was not in the spirit @all. God tried to use his wife to warn him, but he never allowed the spirit of God to direct him. Celine’s spirit is a kind of contradicting Zahra’s spirit.

  4. I hope so.Pastor you shouldn’t have go alone now,haba.God will help you o.
    Celine, is operating in hgh spiritual realm,her spirit supercede that of Zahra.she just needeed to be more prayerful for weapon of war are not carnal

  5. She will be able to stop zahra dis time which will be beneficial to d man of God. Celine was able to know zahra’s mission bcus she witnessed her oath taking n knws abt her evil secrets.

  6. She’s has d antedot to Zhara’s venom coz she Carey’s d greater power in her though situation of life makes feel weak spiritually n physically

  7. God will Celine in order to be able to help Pastor & also deliver Zahra. Celine only ve d opportunity to know about Zahra mission bcos good spirit is her

  8. Celine is able to see what Zahra is doing bcos the spirit Celine has is from God. I hope she is able to stop Zahra dis time.

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