(Episode 9) The Boss Babe … Realm of Darkness!

(Episode 9) The Boss Babe … Realm of Darkness!

She sat in the living room waiting for her husband and hoping he would come back with some money so she could quickly get some food prepared. Her goods in the market had been ceased by one of the market women she owed some money, the woman disgraced and almost beat her up when she tried resisting her. The only money she had on her was what she used to get back home. On a normal day, she would have taken from what she sold to feed her family. When she got home that afternoon, the twins were in the veranda weeping because of hunger. She hugged them closely and consoled them with the promise of their father getting back soon with something for them to eat.

Ojo stepped in expecting to perceive the aroma of his wife’s cooking but what greeted his nostrils was the odour emanating from the toilet at the back of the yard.

Ojo: “What happened? Why are you people looking like that?” he asked looking from one hungered face to another.

Ronke: “Na you we dey here dey wait for oko mi. how work today?” she asked without standing from where she sat. She was too tired and hungry that standing up was a task she found daunting.

Ojo: “Why are you waiting for me? Did something happen?”

Tito: “Daddy we are hungry” he stood up from where he sat to hug his dad’s leg preventing him from removing the second leg of his trousers.

Ojo: “Why are they hungry? Didn’t you prepare something for them?” he asked looking at his wife disapprovingly.

Ronke: “Iya Aisha don carry the things wey I dey sell comot. She talk sey she go give them to me if I don pay hin money back. Na so I no come bring any food come for house. Hope sey you bring money come. Abeg give me money make I go cook for Ibeji. Dem don dey cry since morning. See as dem neck don long. I don tire for this kind suffering” she began to cry.

Ojo: “I did not bring any money home o. there was no customer today at all. You know I only carry load so it’s not every day I get customers”

Tito and Tife began to cry…

Ronke: “Wetin you dey talk?” the adrenaline rushed through her veins and she sprang to her feet.

Ojo: “No money” he said and made to lie on the bed but she held him back by the collar.

Ronke: “You don dey craze small small.

How a man go go work from morning reach night come back with no money? You go kill me today I no go gree. You go put your hand for pocket comot money for me now now now before I kill myself give my two pikin chop o” she held on to his boxers using her head to hit his chest.

Ojo: “Iyabeji leave me alone now. Don’t make me lose my temper. Leave me before the count of five. He started counting while the twins wept even louder.

Celine’s spirit wandered into the house, she had hoped she would meet them in a good atmosphere at least, she wasn’t expecting what she saw. She drifted towards them in a flash and tried to separate them but she was unable to as much as touch a hair of their body.

Celine: “Mummy please leave him alone, what is all these hullabaloo about?  I don’t like this a bit, please leave him alone I beg you” she screamed repeatedly but no one heard her. She looked towards her brothers who were hurdled together at one side of the sitting room weeping. She almost heard their stomach rumble and groan protesting their harsh treatment. She went over and sat with them, the three of them wept and watched together as neighbours trouped into their house to separate the two of them. Her dad was able to control himself and ended up not laying a finger on his wife who held on contumaciously to his boxers and kept cursing at him.

She went back to her body when she realised everything was under control. She sat down on the bed thinking of how she was going to help her parents out of their financial web. She thought of what Zahra had told her about helping them out financially and started to think it was actually a good idea. At that moment, she could actually give anything to see her family happy for once. Only God knew how long it was going to take for her to become financially buoyant enough. Her stomach rumbled louder than that of her brothers and she clutched it protectively knowing there was no relief for it in sight. She heard a knock on the door…

Celine: “Please come in the door is open” she announced. Sola stepped in feeling unsure of himself.

Sola: “Sorry for disturbing but is Shania at home?”

Celine: “No she is not. Welcome” she replied weakly still clutching her midsection.

Sola: “What is wrong with you? Hope all is well with you? Can I sit beside you please?” he gesturing at the space beside her on the bed.

Celine: “Uhn sure!”

Sola: “Thank you. So what is wrong with you? Hope all is well with you? You hardly go to school these days why?”

Celine: “Why do you think I will want to open up to you though?”

Sola: “Because I want to be able to be of help to you as a friend. Please help trust me I mean you no harm at all”

Celne: “Ahaha trust? Where is that coming from? Even I don’t trust myself these days let alone someone else”

Sola: “Well I am just trying to tell you I mean no harm at all”

Her stomach rumbled loudly again and she laughed trying to cover up her embarrassment. When he kept being persistent, she had no option but to open up to him about her parents’ financial status. He was quite sympathetic towards her and at last they began to talk freely to each other.

Shania stood just outside eavesdropping on their conversation. She boiled so much within that her nose began to emit smoke like the god of thunder.

Shania: “Oh dear innocent Celine, what I will do to you in this campus, heeeeeeiiiii…so I am the one this girl is trying to mess with? Sola don’t worry, you will soon understand who truly befits you” she thought and stormed out of the hostel compound.

Sola later took Celine out, he bought enough foodstuffs and provisions for her and later gave her some cash to use as transportation to and fro school for some time. She knew nothing came free and one day he might want to get something from her in return but she needed as much help as she could get. As long as he wasn’t asking her for anything just yet, she will deal with the latter part when the time comes.


Shania went to her girls in the campus, the ones who were known as the campus big girls whom no one dared mess with, they had both money, connection and power that even guys were careful around them. She asked for their help in dealing with a particular girl demeaning her and they were more than obliged to render their help and so they got together to plan how to waylay the culprit carefully without attracting unnecessary attention. They set someone on her tail to keep tabs on her and find out what she did, where she went and the paths she passed every day for a week.

Celine never suspected anything. She was super excited to be back to school for the main time and used the opportunity well. She would go from class to library then from library to class. She hardly even went home fearing the money will get exhausted fast if she kept moving to and fro and so most times she stayed at the library reading all night.

She decided one day to stroll around the Unilorin faculty of Arts department when she got tired of sitting down, her legs had become so cramped up she thought she was going lame. She trekked from the lecture theatre down to the faculty- most people found this very strenuous as it was a long distance. She decided to tour the back of the banks too and this was when the girls found an opening at last. They accosted her at the back of GTB which was as deserted as a grave yard could be. She was surprised when she saw ladies tying bandana to conceal their faces surrounded her. She turned looking for an opening to escape through but there was none. She looked from one face to another trying to see if she would be able to recognise one of them but that was also impossible as they wore sunshades to conceal their eyes too.

Celine: “What do you want from me please?” she asked with every hair on her body standing upright.

1st Lady: “We want to cut off one of your breasts and feed it to the dogs” she said in a crooked voice.

Celine: “Why? What did I do to deserve that? Did I peradventure offend one of you?”

The ladies looked at each other and burst out into laughter. There were five of them.

1st Lady: “Oh yes! You offended a whole lot of people. Can you guess at least one person among them?” she taunted her.

Celine: “Please I am sorry. I will be careful from now on. Please” she pleaded innocently.

1st Lady: “See as she dey pretend to be innocentee. Kai this girl dey vex me sha” she said turning her head from side to side to buttress her point.

2nd Lady: “What are we waiting for ladies? Please teach this bitch a lesson she will never forget all through her life” she shrieked in a high note voice and the others pounced on her. Blows flew through the air and landed on her face, boots smashed her ribs, fingers tore at her beautiful skin while hands tore at her cloths. Within seconds, she had been stripped naked as they kept wrecking her body. She became a casualty in a war she knew nothing of, in a war where she seemed to have been a culprit yet she knew not what her offence was. She heard one of them scream “stop” and they stopped with their harsh punishments at last.

She looked up, one of them had a glistening knife in her hands while another had a camera fixated on her naked bleeding body. She tried to cover herself up with her hands and the ladies laughed at her futile attempts. The one with the knife started getting closer to her, looking at her well-shaped firm boobs and smiled wickedly. Celine started to weep at the thought of having her virgin breasts cut off so mercilessly…

Question: Haiii who is going to save her innocent breasts now? Was it okay for Celine to have collected stuffs from Sola?

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    • Hmmmm. She would be rescued but I don’t no who will rescue. As for collecting stuffs from Sola, I think itz ok coz it seems Sola has no hidden agenda jux wanna help

  1. its not really okay….but she has no choice now, nobody to help her now. I just hope someone come to her rescue. next episode pls.

  2. Sola has good intentions, so it’s alright for Celine to collect from him.
    She’ll save herself, she has powers she doesn’t realise and it’ll be forced to manifest.

  3. She will use her power to rescue herself. Collecting money and gifts is not bad from Sola. I know sola has interest in her but with no harm

  4. I just hope someone comes to her rescure, well her collecting stuff from sola is not bad because he has always had a clean heart towards her

  5. There will be a helper from somewhere to rescue her as for the gift she collected from Sola their is nothing wrong with that

  6. Her Spirit man will help her.
    There is nothing bad in what she did,it is better than being acquainted with the Mysterious man&Zahra.
    Is better she leave the hostel&stay off campus.

  7. Someone should just surface anywhere and rescue her. derez nothing bad in shola helping her…..since derez no hidden agenda involve.

  8. Its was OK for her to collect the gift from sola because I see noting wrong wit that. As for saving her someone will sure save her it could be sola self.

  9. Its not a bad idea for her to have collected the gifts from shola.

    I feel a patrol team around campus wwill happen to pass around that moment.

  10. One of the gurls will have pity on her by saving her. Collecting gift from Sola not an offense. Shania’s hatred is too much. This na horror film
    bloodsucker story

  11. I tink it’s tym Celine drift off to her usual slp. Or may Zarha or torment /protector wud cum around to save her.

  12. She will surly be save,jus can’t guess ow. Celiene is ok as he collected tinz frm sola,its more better from zahra proposal.

  13. Hmmm. These girls don’t know wat they are messing with oo.. I pity for them.. As for her accepting gifts from Sola, it’s OK cause she needed the help.. He means no harm.

  14. Hi ALC&Fs,

    You mean save Celine,now ? The tailless cow is fended for by God Himself.
    I think she was innocent in her accepting some help.


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