(Episode 14) The Boss Babe … Realm of Darkness!

(Episode 14) The Boss Babe … Realm of Darkness!

He went straight to his study on getting home that night. He avoided her like plague and refused to go out to eat when she called on him. She noticed it and tried all she could to get him to talk to her but he refused to open up. How could he have? His guilt ate him up like a hundred termites, he found himself unworthy of God’s forgiveness and so did not bother asking. He just wept and wept and kept weeping until he could weep no more. When he had wearied himself with weeping, he realised what he was doing was not going to help issues and went on his knees to ask for forgiveness. He prayed and prayed, cried and cried but the guilt persisted to the extent that he started thinking God had not forgiven him not knowing it was he who needed to forgive himself. He thought of telling his wife about it all “how will she take it? Will she forgive me? Will she keep it a secret? What do I do?” he kept thinking until he slept off, a restless slumber it was indeed as he kept dreaming of snakes chasing him, he saw Zahra with her face painted in a way he could not describe, she looked like a goddess in a coven and she was issuing out judgements of death on him.

No matter where he ran to, she’d be there, she had a ram head slung across her shoulder and written on its forehead was ‘Beelzebub’


She fell on her knees to pray for the pastor whom she knew was in deep trouble. She prayed he would overcome this times of trial and learn to forgive himself. She prayed to God to show her the right path and not to fall into the hands of the devil. She was still on her knees praying when someone knocked on the door. She quickly stood up to open the door and saw Sola giggling from ears to ears. He looked slightly different exhuming a kind of aura she could not seem to understand no matter how much she tried.

Celine: “Hey Sola! You look kind of different today, hope there is no problem? Did you come asking after Shania? I thought she is at your place” she asked as she gave way for him to step in.

Sola: “It’s you I came to see for something very urgent”

Celine: “By this time? It’s past nine already. Why don’t we talk about it tomorrow?” she asked looking over his shoulder at the wall clock.

Sola: “No I cannot wait. I said it is urgent” he replied impatiently and beckoned for her to sit on the bed beside him. She did.

Celine: “Okay I am all ears”

Sola: “You know you are special right?”

Celine: “I seem to but I doubt it sometimes”

Sola: “You are and I have loved you since the first time I set my eyes on you. I tried to deny it but I don’t think I can do that any further”

Celine: “Hmmmmmm…this is your urgent talk?”

Sola: “I want to have you, I want you and I promise you will never regret it. It pains me so much seeing you get hurt, seeing you lack what you shouldn’t be lacking. Please sweetheart, let’s become one, let’s help each other out. Your parents will thank you for this I promise”

Celine: “I wonder why you all are using my financial disability against me. I didn’t know you’d wanna do a thing like that too”

Sola: “Don’t see it that way dear. I am only trying to help but I fell in love with you in the process. Are you trying to say it is wrong for me to love you? Can I control the actions of my own heart? Please help me this once” he said and started moving closer to her but she shifted back.

Celine: “What are you trying to do?”

Sola: “I want to feel you. I love you really” he reached for her and tried drawing her into his embrace but she pushed him away and gave him a resounding slap.

Celine: “I rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus” she muttered inaudibly but he heard her just loud enough and sprang to his feet.

His eyes blazed with fury and he thought of doing something nasty to her but checked himself, the room was becoming too hot for him that all he wanted was to flee from that room. From the back of his eyes, he saw her hold her head the way she used to and let go of the door handle despite himself.

Sola: “What is wrong with you?” he asked careful not to touch her.

Celine: “My head aches. I think I will sleep now” she said and started closing her eyes but he laid his hand on her shoulder and the sleep evaporated from her eyes. She felt her spirit struggling to get out but it was as if someone held it down.

Sola: “Are you feeling better now?” he knew he mustn’t let her sleep, he knew what that entailed.

Celine: “I am better. Thanks” she replied unable to shake off the feeling that she needed to be somewhere at that moment, that something was not right somewhere


A little birdie told them that the ladies attended a party that night and would not be back till midnight. They waited patiently for them at the junction leading to their house. At exactly 3a.m, their car zoomed into the junction. The guys jumped out of their hiding place and surrounded the car. The ladies who were obviously high on alcohol and weed got out of the car with false bravado gushing from the effect of the weed that still cussed through their veins. It was not the first time they’d have to deal with such nuisance and they were always prepared for it.

Sola: “So it was you shameless ladies who did such to an innocent girl?”

1st Lady: “What innocent lady are you talking about? We have dealt with many innocent ladies in this campus so which one are you talking about?” she said and staggered drunkenly.

Sola: “Guys! Please proceed. Beat them all up, strip them naked and have your ways with them. Cover your faces properly I will record and post it on every social media there is in the world. You have met your waterloo bitches” he cursed as a fight ensued between them. The guys had an upper hand in the fight because the ladies were drunk and could not even see properly despite the adrenaline rush they felt.


With each lash he dealt her, a fragment of her skin tore off due to the thorns on the cane he used. He used his hands and feet and his tails in the process too. Her bones cracked under his fist. She looked to see if anyone was passing but no one passed. It was like they were all kept off that road at that moment. She cried, screamed and begged for death. With each stroke, she’d think that would end her life but she finds herself awake each time experiencing the kind of pain she had never perceived existed in her entire life. She was just about to pass out a fifth time when she felt the presence of someone else there. She thought that maybe someone had found her and so she opened her eyes slowly but found the mysterious man towering over her instead. Looking at her with pleasure and even smiling. She wanted to stand up and bit his head off but her strength failed and she staggered back each time she tried to stand up. “Son of a bitch” she muttered under her breath.

Mysterious Man: “I guess Manny has had his fill. I will spare you for today because I still have a lot for you to do. It seems you cannot do it alone so I will find you a partner. The two of you will meet very soon but make sure you don’t fail me this time. I am not merciful like He is. I kill, I destroy, I steal- those are what I know to do best. Being merciful I am sorry, did not make the list. I am letting you live now because I still need you alive. So you shall do as I say now desperately in fact” he bellowed and she thought she saw two horns begin to appear at each sides of his head but they disappeared as quickly as they had appeared.

Manny jumped back inside her and she began to heal little by little…


He decided at last to tell her everything that transpired between him and Yemisi. He needed to ask her forgiveness and so he called her into his study room that noon…

Pastor Timothy: “Honey…there is something I need to tell you, I don’t know how you will take it but I still need to tell you. I think I will go crazy if I did not open up” he said unable to look her in the eye.

Mary: “What is it dear? Did something happen?” she asked with her heart in her mouth”

Pastor Timothy: “Hmmmmm…I feel so ashamed of myself, I feel like just disappearing into thin air right now”

Mary: “Just tell me dear. You know you can tell me anything, anything at all. I hate seeing you like this, and it is so unusual. In all my years of marriage to you, I have never seen you this way not even once. I have always being the weaker one”

Pastor Timothy: “I have sinned honey, against God and against you”

Mary: “Please talk to me already, what happened?” her mind wandered about, trying to find what it was her husband could have done to make him so riled up but she found nothing. he had always been the best among husbands, she never had to worry about anything except their childlessness which was not even his fault but hers.

Pastor Timothy: “I committed adultery”

Mary: “What? You did what? With who?” she asked, standing up to her feet. Tears welled up in her eyes instantly.

Pastor Timothy: “I am sorry honey, please forgive me” he said and trying touching her but she jumped out of his reach furiously.

Mary: “I said who did you commit adultery with?”

Pastor Timothy: “Yemisi”

Mary: “What? After I warned you to stay away from her? So you took me for a fool right? What have you done? What have you done?” she slumped down with her hands in her face and started to weep profusely.

Question: Did Sola take the right step in both ways? Will Mary forgive him? Who do you think Zahra’s new partner will be?

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  1. Well he did what he thought was right and i think its okay, mary will forgive him but not immediately because she warn him

  2. Sola did the right thing by revenging on behalf of Celine and the pastor’s wife will forgive him as for Zahra’s new partner i think it will be the fack sola

  3. I don’t think sola take d right step by approaching celine of having her intimately and also doing all that to d ladies on in d name of revenge. If celine gets to knw abt it,she won’t b pleased..sola shuld jus v find out who lure them into it. I think mary will forgive her husband. I hope sola or shania won’t b zhara’s accomplice.

  4. It was d mystery man DAT came to Visit Celine nd not sola becx he transformed in being sola,,so but sola is very right in what he did to dose girls but he should be careful in order not to get caught,,as for d partner he will Bring for Zahra it might be shania

  5. hmmm Sola did what he considered to be the right thing and for me its ok, Mary will forgive her husband but not so soon, Zahra next partner will be shiana.

  6. God will help them both,since,she should forgive her,God will help her to do so,though not easy,God will strengthen her.
    Zahras partner will be one of the agent but God will strengthen Celine,gate of hell will not prevail over her life in Jesus name.God will strengthen Pastor Timothy,together they will break loose of the devil.

  7. I don’t think the real Sola is the one with Celine but the mysterious man who putting up as Sola. Sola however did well dealing with those that hurt Celine. The mysterious man wants to make Celine Zahra’s partner. Mary will forgive her husband’s mistake after he must have pleaded with her. They’ll both join forces to fight nd defeat Zahra’s future attacks.

  8. Yes he did that right thing. Mary will forgive the husband but not so easy cos she already saw day coming and he rebuked that though now he is a victim.
    The mysterious man is trying to use some and get Celine so that she can be Zahar’s partner but it won’t work for him.

  9. Yes he did the right thing. Mary will forgive the husband but not so easy, cos she already saw dat coming and the husband rebuked that thought now he is the victim.
    The mysterious man is trying to use some and get Celine so that she can be Zahar’s partner but it won’t work for him.

  10. I pray Mary forgive her husband on time so that the devil won’t penetrate them, sola may be zarah nxt partner and I think the mysterious man take sola form to visit celina to stop her from seeing the bad & evil thing that is happening at that moment

  11. It was the mysterious man that used Sola’s face to approach Celine and not the real Sola.I hope she rebukes him properly.Sola did the right thing.Mary will forgive her husband

  12. Sola did d right thing and Mary has no option than to forgive her husband d pastor, Zahra partner will b Celine if I may guess right

  13. Sola didn’t do the right thing.
    Mary will forgive him and I think Zahra’s second might be Sola…God forbid.

  14. I don’t think it WS sola dat visited Celine ..sola did the ryt tin,dos ladies deserve a dose of dia own medicine, Mary will 4give her husband, zahra new partner might b sola

  15. The partner for Zahra might be Shania. It wasn’t Sola that visited Celine but the mystirous man.
    Sola take the right step to teach those daughters of Jazebel a lesson.
    Pastor Timothy wife will forgive him in due course.

  16. Mary will forgive her husband. I believe it’s d mysterious man that transformed into Sola to approach Celine but God gave her wisdom and she was victorious by rebuking him immediately. Sola did well by giving those ladies d piece of d cake dt dey deserve……

  17. shola did d right thing….. Mary should forgive her husband so dey can fight d battle together. donno who zahra partner will be.

  18. Sola took d right step,pls mary try to forgive ur husband so devil will nt av a say in his life,as for zahra i dont know who her patrner would be

  19. Sola is not the one with Celine but the mysterious man in Sola’s body.God,please help Celine to overcome the mysterious man

  20. Sola did the right thing for those girls, who know maybe d mysterious man was sola…… Mary wil forgive ha husband pastor Timorty….zahra partner wil be either shania or sola

  21. it was not sola that visited celine as for mary she will forgive her husband sola did the wrong thing becos the ladies might come back for them

  22. Sola took the right step of dealing with those girls and im sure he wasn’t the one that came to the room to see Celine. Mary would not forgive her husband. Kendrick should be Zahra’s new partner.

  23. Pastor Timothy did the right thing by confessing to his wife, hope the new partner is Shania or one of the ladies that dealt with Celine.

  24. It was the mysterious man that visited Celine not sola.
    Sola did well by punishing those ladies.
    Mary should try and forgive her husband,though its not easy.
    I think the partner is either Sola or Celine

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