I’ve no security vote, El-Rufai tells Dogara

I’ve no security vote, El-Rufai tells Dogara

Kaduna State Governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai has again tackled the Speaker, House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara over monthly salary pay packet, state security votes and local government allocation, saying he has no security vote.

Governor El-Rufai had earlier made public, his monthly pay-slip with a net salary of N470,521.7, having earlier challenged the speaker to do so.

In a swift reaction, Dogara had, within the week released his pay slip, showing a total pay per month of a net salary after deduction as N346,577.87.

During a public function last week in Kaduna, Dogara, challenged the state governor, EL-Rufai to publish the state security votes and local government allocation if he is transparent enough.

This followed an earlier statement by the governor that the annual budget of the National Assembly (NASS) was shrouded in secrecy, making Nigerians to doubt its transparency and accountability.

However, EL-Rufai, in a statement yesterday through his Media Spokesman, Samuel Aruwan faulted Dogara’s claims.

The governor also said he issued this update in relation to admonition that he gave to the NASS leadership on the need for lawmakers to make their budget transparent and accountable.

The statement read: “The figures in the pay slips presented to the speaker are in stark contrast to the declaration by The Economist regarding the earnings of NASS members. One of the claims cannot be right.

“If the leaders of the NASS have security votes allocated to them or personally collected by them, they might wish to disclose such.

“Our security spending does not operate like the NASS system of sharing public funds in such an opaque fashion that even NASS members do not know how their entire budget is broken down or what the leadership gets as its ‘running costs.

“Kaduna State government has presented details of its security budget. What was presented represents the only security vote for the entire government. As the figures show, there is no security vote for the governor of Kaduna State.

“This may be a shock to those used to the notion of security votes as barely disguised slush funds, but we do not operate such a system in Kaduna. Our budgets specify what is voted as assistance to security agencies, and its expenditure is properly recorded and accounted for. These are not monies given to or spent by the governor.

“We reiterate our call for the NASS to download and analyse our budgets and actual spending which are all publicly available.

“In Kaduna State, the state government has been a net creditor to local government councils, some of which cannot pay salaries without assistance by the state government.

“We do not retain local government funds nor impose contracts on them. Our policy announcements in this regard were widely reported and appreciated.”

“When NASS eventually releases its budget details, the public will be hoping to see specifics on personnel costs, overheads and capital expenditure. Rather than restrict budget details to only 2017, the current leadership of NASS should fulfil the obligations of transparency by releasing the breakdown of the NASS budget since 2015. That way, Nigerians, including members of the NASS, will get to know what the budget of that institution is.

“The NASS leadership has been promising ad infinitum to publish the breakdown of the opaque budget. It should simply do so…”

Prompt release of the 2015 and 2016 breakdowns, along with the proposed figures for 2017, would be a good way to start.

“As things stand today, even if Malam Nasir El-Rufai refrains from further commentary on this matter, the genie is already out of the bottle. The public will not accept a secretive NASS, or any other branch of government for that matter.

“The House of Representatives has responded with predictable tetchiness to a simple and clear demand that details of the National Assembly budget be made public. It is inconceivable that an important institution, vested by the Constitution with representation, lawmaking and oversight powers, has for at least seven years, ignored the imperative to set an example of transparency, despite being severally urged to do so.




  1. El- Rufai, you know non of Nass members cannot match u in a cerebral contest. Moreso, thugs in the Senate and the Vc from Abu have dragged your revered institution through the mud. You are a first class graduate, and visibly so, you have shown your intelligence engaging the vagabonds in power. Pls continue to hammer this guy’s like nails on their heads. God bless!

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