(Episode 16) Destiny Mismatch … A Compelling Story!

Florence: “Sir, I really don’t have that kind of money in my account. All I have is just about N50, 000. If you can take that, I will add up the balance when I win the competition”.

Organiser: “You have no business going for any beauty pageant if you are not financially buoyant. Just face your studies and graduate in peace”.

Florence: “no, I need to win this pageantry. No one can understand how frustrating it is to be written off as a nobody on campus. I am tired of having to stand beside other popular and rich people on campus just so that I can hold my head high. I am tired”.

Organiser: “Then go get the money and stop filling my ears with stories.  Like I told you earlier, I have a meeting to attend, you may leave my office now”.

Florence left the office, determined more than ever to meet the requirements for winning the coveted crown. She walked down to a store and bought recharge card. She dialed her father’s number; it rang and then went off without any response from his end.  “Ooooo, that is how somebody will be calling Papa and he will not pick his call o, maybe he is in the Church now, seff. Every time  Church, Church, hian”. She hissed aloud. She dailed her mother’s number and it rang. Her father was a pastor in a local Church that had barely up to 20 members. With 8 children to feed and send to school and with no other source of income apart from offerings and tithe from members of the Church who themselves were always coming to him for help, life was difficult. They had managed to send Florence to the University and being their first child, their hopes were on her to get them out of poverty.  Her mother picked up her phone.

Mama Florence: “God bless and keep you my dear.  How are you today?”

Florence: “I am fine, Mama. Where is Papa, I called and he didn’t pick”.

Mama Florence: “Your father is in Church.  Today is the second day of our revival, I will soon join him there to arrange the chairs and get the venue ready before members start coming”.

Florence: “Oga o, while other parents are busy making money for their children to spend, my own are busy organizing revivals and arranging plastic chairs for people to seat on”.

Mama Florence: “What are you saying? I can’t hear you “.

Florence: “Mama, I need money o. Our lecturers have given us some handouts, materials and textbooks to buy and they said anybody who doesn’t buy will have automatic carryover. Me I don’t have money to buy it myself”.

Mama Florence: “this is serious; I thought they have banned the sale of handouts in higher institutions? And now there is no money in the house. What are we going to do now?”

Florence: “Ah, you and Papa have to look for money and send to me o, even if it means giving me all the money from the offering and tithe of this revival, just do it.  Some girls are going to sort their way out of carryover by sleeping with the lecturers, but you know I cannot do that, so I have no choice than to buy the recommended materials”.

Mama Florence: “My God, don’t those daughters of Jezebel know that their bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit?  Please don’t ever offer your body to any man because of any grade, it is not worth it. Remember the daughter of the person you are, don’t do anything that will put us to shame o. How much is the materials?”

Florence: “Everything is 80 something thousand naira”.

Mama Florence: “ What! 80 something thousand naira for just books?”

Florence knew that if she didn’t convince her mother well, she would find out about her lies. She quickly scanned her brain for a lie to add, soon enough she got one. She never ran short of lies whenever she needed to.

Florence: “It is not just textbook now.  They said we will go for excursion in Ghana too and it is compulsory”.

Mama Florence: “ It is well, don’t worry my daughter. I will talk to your father about it and we will find a way of sending the money across to you, even if it means that we have to borrow it. Just don’t do anything ungodly to get the money”.

Florence: “Okay, Mama. I have heard you but please you have to be fast about sending the money, the deadline is next tomorrow”.

Mama Florence: “Okay, my dear”.

Florence ended the call, satisfied with her achievements, she had about 70 thousand naira in her account which she will add to the one her parents will send to make it N150, 000, then she would borrow N50, 000 from her friend to make up the N200,000 that the organiser had demanded. Miss Economics had already promised to give her clothes and shoes to wear and one of her friends had also promised to make her up free, all was set for her victory on Saturday and she was looking forward to having a nice time and victorious outing.


“And the winner of the competition is…”

Florence’s heart was pounding furiously, she had done all that was required of her to win the competition, she had paid the organiser his money and had given him head like she had never given anyone before. For more than twenty minutes she was kneeling in his office with his manhood in her mouth, sucking and licking. She remembered the disgust she felt when he released in her mouth, she had almost thrown up but for the determination to win the crowd. He had enjoyed every bit of the blow job she gave him, confessing that not even his wife could do it that good.

“And the winner of Miss campus 2017 is Florence Peter!”, the announcement jerked her from her reverie and she got up and began to receive hugs from different quarters. It’s was an edifying moment as everyone in the hall wanted to identity with her. She had suddenly gone from being over looked to overbook. In the hall were senators,  members of house of Representatives and other top notch politicians, she saw them casting lustful glances at her v- necked golden colored silk dress. She smiled, she had finally arrived. Now was the right time to begin to rub shoulders with the big babes on campus. She was glad that nobody knew that her parents were pastors of a local Church that means there was no impediment on her part to enjoying herself fully on campus. She made up her mind to visit the Lanre’s the next week, dressed in her grown and other regalia, so they would at least realize that she was not a failure as they had thought. She wished Naya was alive to see what had become of her after she had asked her to leave her house. “Well, Maya is still alive, that one that feels she is better than anyone else simply because she studied in London, she will be shocked to see my new level”, she thought within her as the outgoing queen placed the crown on her head.


Maya found herself in Philip’s house, she had gone to visit him and apologize to him for the way her mother embarrassed him the last time he visited to condole with them.

Maya: “I am really sorry; my mother has not always been like this. Grieve made her this impossible”.

Philip: “its okay, I understand perfectly. If I had known that my presence would cause such outrage, I wouldn’t have gone. It’s just that I felt it would not be nice for me not to visit considering how nice Naya was”.

Maya: “Oh, don’t talk about not visiting.  So, are we friends now? Philip? ”

Philip: “You can call me Philip or Sam. Your sister used to call me Philip, I will appreciate it if you call me Sam for a change, that is what my hommies call me. You calling me Philip reminds me so much of your sister not to even talk of the fact that you look exactly alike. And, of course we are even more than friends. You remind me so much of your sister who was my only true love. In fact, I see her in you and I feel for you the same way I feel for her” He drew close to Maya and gradually took her lips in his. Her lips were soft and succulent. He began to kiss and lick her tongue.  Maya tried to stop him.  “this is not right”.

Philip: “Shhhh, don’t say a word”.

Maya succumbed, as one under a spell and soon his hands made its way to her firm but soft breast. He squeezed her nipples and she moaned softly. The effect of the moan on him was electrifying, it charged up his manhood and he felt the strong rod struggling to be released from the cage of his Marks and Spencer boxers. His lips made its way from her mouth to her neck down to her nipples which he covered with his lips; he began to suck with vigor, like an infant whose survival depended on the milk from his mother’s breast. She on her part had her hands all over him, she ran her fingers through his head, and kissed his head. She was on fire and he could feel it from the way she was mourning and groaning and offering him one breast after the other. His hands made his way into her pants, he tried to connect with her clit but she held his hands. “I am on my period”, she whispered in a coarse voice that she could hardly recognize as her own.

“It doesn’t matter. There’s nothing wrong with making love while you are having your period”.

“But…”, her resistance gave way when she felt his index finger made his way into her. He began to finger, first with one finger and then the second and the third. She knew there was no going back, she enjoyed fingering of all the foreplay there was, her clit was her weak point and this Sam was handling it so well. When he pulled her pants and spread her legs on the bed, she did not resist. She was prepared to have him. She watched as he unzipped his trousers and discarded his boxers. Her eyes popped when she saw his long and fat manhood, “sweet and fresh cucumber”, she thought. He lowered himself to her height, for she was petite and he, very tall. He glided his way into her and she exploded with pleasure as his manhood filled her, stretching the walls of her vagina for it to fit in. She opened her eyes to stare at the ceiling, an involuntary act she always did anytime she was having sex. Then she saw her twin sister, standing close to the bed and staring at them, in her hands was a sharp kitchen knife and in her eyes were tears of blood. “No, you are dead”, Maya screamed and attempted to get up but Philip’s weight pinned her to the bed. He was oblivious of what was happening around him, for he was busy pounding and grinding and reeling in erotic bliss.

Question: “Is it right for Maya to get intimate with her late twin sister’s boyfriend?  Why is Naya’s soul not resting in peace?

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  1. Maya did the wrong thing and I think Naya death was not just heart attack. I think there is something fishing

  2. Their soul is tied together I’m one way,what happen to one must happen to another, I only pity the idiot called Phillip.
    Their mother will be able to explain better….

  3. Hi ALC&Fs,

    It’s not especially under the circumstance.

    I wonder myself- guess it still points to the fact that something somewhere is not right.


  4. Is it Sam or Philip,, I think something is behind Naya’s death, as for Maya, there are one thousand and one guys out there for you to make a choice

  5. Something is wrong somewhere….. Why naya soul not rest in peace….. Its not heart attack killed ha…. Maybe someone have poison ha drink when she went To visit some of ha friends or i dont really know…. Something is not clear

  6. Naya,s boyfriend is Philip na, which one is Sam again, ha! I don’t understand. haba maya so fast? you no try abeg.

  7. It’s Philip and not Sam.
    For Naya’s spirit to be at unrest, it means there’s something Philip isn’t saying.

  8. It does not matter if Maya is intimate with her sister’s boyfriend,after all Nana never had any sexual relationship with him..Maya might be visualizing the incident out of fear..

  9. Something is wrong with Naya’s death and dts y her soul is not at rest. is wrong for Maya to fall in love with her late Siesta’s boyfriend, there are other guys so y must it be her late Siesta’s boyfriend. she might not really know the deep cause of her sistas death even if the doctor has told her that she died with a heart attack.

  10. This Philip aka Sam is a bad guy, Why is he telling Maya to call him something else? Because his hommies call him Sam, so what? wat is he hiding frm her? What plans does he hv 4 her? Dia is nothing confusing, d Philip is d one who asked Maya to call him Sam because he is dubious! Next, we are waitin 2 find out d truth.

  11. Something is definitely wrong somewhere.i think Philip has something he is hidden. I see nothing wrong with Naya dating Sam

  12. Sam or Phillip adelove dts somehow confuse o bt anyway we do try to flow along. Maya seems to b a loose gal compare to Naya. Florence that has no money for her own apartment bcom Miss campus hmmmmmmm wonder shall Neva end o.

  13. Is not right for Maya to make love to her sisters boyfriend.
    Naya soul is not at peace cos Philip didn’t stand for her corpse and Maya is here betraying her.

  14. Too bad!, why would Maya betray her sister even in death???, Philip said Naya calls him Philip but his friends calls him Sam so nothing confusing!.

  15. This is too much to bear… Maya is such a loose gal at this stage giving ur self to a guy just like that not just a guy bt ur sister bf. Thats way too much. Mrs lanre wat are u hiding and Philip what plans do u hv now. Adelove ur readers seem to be confuse on the identity of philip to be Sam. Gudnyt

  16. Maya behaves the way foreigners behave towards sex. they see sex as nothing but their mother has to open up because I believe she has a secret concerning the twinny. as for Sam he is a he goat with no brain from Naya to Maya just to satisfies the animal in between his legs

  17. Naya’s soul isn’t testing cos there’s a dark secret about her death not just heartache.Besides,her twiny isn’t suppose to have an affair wit Philip.

  18. It’s not right for her to date Phillip I think the secret is not allowing Naya to rest or they both have one placenta

  19. Hmmmm,na wa o. Its not wrong 4 maya to date philip bt its not normal havng sex wit him just like that wen u r not yet in divine relationship. So philip is nw changing his name to sam 4 maya,so as not to b thinking of naya. I tink there is something else behind it. As for Naya, dnt think her dead was a naturl one. Secret lies in her mum’s hand.

  20. Is not right for Maya to sleep with her twins boyfriend so fast and Naya’s spirit is not resting because she didn’t die a natural death

  21. not right at all. cos d incidence is still very fresh. her spirit wont rest in peace seeing all dat is happening.

  22. How can Naya’s soul rest in peace when the two people she loved while living are betraying her? Phillip nd Maya re not doing the right thing atall.

  23. Maya is not doing the right thing. Maya’s soul is not resting because she was not ready to die when it happened.

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