S*x Scandal: Stephanie Otobo files $5m lawsuit against Apostle Suleman in Canada

Latest report from Ontario, Canada indicates that the controversial preacher, Apostle Johnson Suleman is far from getting any reprieve from his publicized affair with Canada-based Nigerian songstress, Stephanie Otobo.

‘A letter dated April 19 2017 with case file number CV-17-573595, signed by Registrar of the Ontario Superior Court and addressed to Apostle Suleman’s Ontario residence, posited that Otobo has filed a lawsuit, claiming Canadian $5milion for damages resulting from breach of trust, breach of fudiciary relations, breach of contract, negligence, defamation, poisoning, intentional and negligent infliction of emotional stress, forcible confinement, multiple instances of battery, false imprisonment, fraud, assaults, sexual assaults, sexual harassments, harassments and malicious prosecution. ‘

The suit, also seeks an order restraining Suleman from contacting and communication, directly or indirectly, with Otobo while in Canada, and restraining the Apostle Suleman from being at a distance of at least 500 meters from the plaintiff.

According to Canada laws, Suleman has within 40 (forty days) to serve and file his statement of defense. In the event of his failure to appear before the Ontario Superior Court, however, judgment may still be given against him without further notice given to him.



  1. A well exposed individual cannot be silenced by any form of harassment, intimidation or threat
    You don’t go messing around with women and expect to be treated like a demi god, especially in advanced nation
    No, surely not in this 21st century
    Time will tell

  2. Once you float Canadian law and a judgement is delivered against you, it, in the future, will surely affect your travel to the US, UK and some other European nations

  3. Soon and very soon, we will all know who is deceiving who. Fraudsters in the name of pastors and apostles. God help us all.

  4. Smart babe! Thank God you are wise enough to take your case and evidences out of “Nigeria” where the rich & influencial (+ pastors) freely buy the judiciary.
    Now, the truth can be well sought out….

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