Bloody protest hits Benue as suspected Fulani herdsmen kill farmer

Bloody protest hits Benue as suspected Fulani herdsmen kill farmer

Ever busy Otukpo – Makurdi expressway was brought to standstill as protester in their numbers take over the road to protest of an alleged killing of Tiv man by an unknown gunmen suspected to be Fulani herdsmen Gunmen suspected to be Fulani herdsmen.

The incident has triggered serious protest as angry youths came out in their numbers and blocked the ever-busy Otukpo – Makurdi expressway.

Motorists plying the road are were held standstill as no one is allowed to pass through the community.

According to an eyewitness, Peters Ozofor, “Some Fulani herdsmen killed a Tiv man on his farm which made the irate youths take to the street, the Tivs have blocked the road therefore no car can go through the express way.

So far, an innocent passenger has been killed and a driver injured. Every other car including ours is packed on the highway.”

Confirming the attack  Thursday evening, the Benue State Police PRO, Moses Yamu, ASP, said the incident occurred in Tse Igba Uke village after suspected herdsmen killed one of the villagers over alleged attack on their cattle.

He said, “We got reports today that suspected herdsmen attacked Tse Igba Uke village, killed one Sunday Kachuwa and injured Zongu Aliade over alleged attack on their cattle. The corpse was removed to General hospital while the injured is undergoing treatment.

In another development, youths at Ikpayongo blocked the road in protest of the killing and killed a passenger in the process. Policemen led by the CP cleared the road and restored normalcy to the area.

“The command frowns at jungle justice and appeals to the general public to desist from taking laws into their hands.”



  1. Though I find it too difficult to say, yet is apparent that the law of retribution is at play in the Benue
    The tone for this HausaFulani madness was set in 1966 when the northern coupists instigated their kinsmen to massacre thousands of helpless Igbo civilians, particularly in the north
    Back then, the rest of Nigerans applauded and hailed them as heroes, albiet them being tragic heroes
    They all ,including the middle belters, joined forces with the murderous Hausa/Fulani to later invade Igbo land to kill plunder and rape their women, in their quest for the futile “one Nigeria”
    Unfortunately the Hausa/Fulani sword has now been turned against own allies
    Besides, it is now crystal clear to everyone the real people that craved to dominate the whole of Nigeria
    I pity the Benue people anyway

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