(Episode 17) Destiny Mismatch … A Compelling Story!

She saw her sister’s ghost raise up her knife, she screamed, pushed Philip out of her and woke up with a start. She found herself in her room, sweating profusely. “It was a dream, goodness, it felt so real”. She felt wet and moist in her pants. “gosh, what sort of a dream was that and why was Naya looking that angry?”.

Mrs Lanre ran in when she heard her daughter scream. “What is it? Why did you scream?”

Maya: “I had a terrible dream, mum”.

Mrs Lanre: “Terrible dream? What was it about?”

Maya: “I dreamt that I was with one man and then Naya appeared looking angry and holding a sharp knife, she was just about stabbing me when I woke”.

Mrs Lanre: “Why would your sister torment you in the dream? Is there something that you are not telling me?”

Maya: “what is that supposed to mean, mum?”

Mrs Lanre: “I don’t know o, I should be asking you”.

Maya: “Mum, please, I am not in the mood for this today. I just had a terrible dream and I am trying to think it through. Don’t even start, please”.

She turned to the other side of the bed. The maid knocked and opened the door.

Maid: “Excuse me big and small madam, someone is asking after you in the sitting room”.

Mrs Lanre: “Who is the person?”.

Maid: “she said her name is Florence, late aunty Naya’s friend”.

Mrs Lanre: “Ehn! What is that kidnapper doing in my house? So, they are all coming here one after the other to mock me over the death of my daughter?” she ran out past the maid who noticed with pain the changes that had occurred in her madam after the death of her husband and daughter.

Maya: “oh not again, mum. For how long will you continue reacting this way to Naya’s friends?”she ran after her mother so as to prevent her from creating a scene.

Mrs Lanre: “Yes, what are you doing here?” she asked Florence who was wearing her crown and all.

Florence: “Good afternoon, ma. I actually came here to condole with you over the death of my friend since I was too busy to make it for the burial”.

Mrs Lanre: “Just shut up your mouth there, which friend are you talking about? Who are you calling your friend? The same friend you connived with your boyfriends to kidnap her sister? Anyway, your sympathy has been registered, you can leave now”.

Maya: “Mum, please don’t react like this. I told you that Florence was with me all through the period that I was running around trying to see Naya’s body, she even went with me to the mortuary to identify the corpse. I know she made a mistake once but we should not judge her based on that, she is a good girl”.

Mrs Lanre: “You are in no place to tell me how to judge. I don’t blame you, you don’t know how wicked the so called friends of nowadays can be. Did you notice the crown and banner on her, what does that mean if it is not a show off for us to see how good she is faring after all that has happened to us? Please, let her leave my house, my spirit does not agree with hers”.

Florence: “Fine, I will leave”, she got up and made for the door. She was comfortable leaving because she had accomplished her mission of showing off her newly acquired status to mother and daughter.


Philip was in class when Malik walked up to him.

Malik: “Hey, Philip. One hardly sees you around these days”.

Philip: “Malik, I am just keeping it low. I haven’t really being myself since the day we visited Naya’s family house”.

Malik: “and why is that?” he quizzed, his eyes searching Philip’s face.

Philip: “Maya of course, I mean Naya’s sister. Don’t you see that they look exactly alike?”

Malik: “and so? Haven’t you seen identical twins in your life before?”

Philip: “You don’t understand”. He shook his head.

Malik: “Then make me do, that is why we are friends”.

Philip: “You know that I was in love with Naya and we had a good relationship even though we were never intimate, well, the thing is, as soon as I set my eyes on Maya, the love I had for Naya that I had been trying to kill after her death came flooding back but this time around for Maya. In fact, I feel like she is Naya and I can’t help but love her and dream about her every day and night”.

Malik stood up and touched his friend on the forehead with the back of his palm. “I talk am, see as your temperature high, na malaria dey worry you”.

Philip: “Guy, I serious jor, stop turning serious matters into jokes. I am helplessly in love with that girl”.

Malik: “You are dreaming of Maya? How are you sure that it is Maya you are dreaming about? The two girls look so much alike that you cannot even tell one from the other. Probably you are even dreaming of Naya”.

Philip: “eh ehehe, stop that rough play o. How can I dream of someone who is dead? Abeg stop joke”.

Malik: “As if you never heard that ghosts exist or as if we didn’t know that you dragged her body out of your room when you discovered that she had died”.

Philip: “I feel like walking up to her and telling her about my feeling, after all we were not intimate with her twin so there is nothing bad there”.

Malik: “Walk up to her and do what? No try am o, in fact, no think am. This time around, when she dies in your house, I will not be there to save you. And this time around, nobody will believe that you didn’t kill her, yeye dey smell”.

Philip: “in fact, you don’t have any good thing to say to me, I am going home to rest my head, see you later”. He walked away, leaving Malik dumbfounded.


Maya came back from the supermarket to see her mother hurled up in the corner of her room crying, she was in a complete mess, with her hair dishevelled and some of her items of interior decoration, destroyed by her.

Maya: “Oh my God, mum. Look at you, you have started destroying things again. For how long shall you continue like this?”

Maid: “small madam, she has been like this since you left the house, she refused to eat and she has been breaking and scattering the things in her room and crying”.

Maya: “Just get out, I didn’t ask for your explanations. I have my eyes to see what is happening”.

The maid bowed courteously and left the room.

Maya: “Mum, please stop this. You are wrecking me emotionally”.

Mrs Lanre: “Stop what? I feel so alone in the world. Your father was my friend and companion, what am I doing on earth without him?”

Maya: “He was my father too, mum!” she screamed at the top of her voice.

Mrs Lanre: “Where is my Naya? I carried the two of you together in my womb and went through excruciating pains to bring you into the world. Where is she now?”

Maya: “Mum, why are you doing this to me? Every day I wake up with the determination to be strong and alive for you but you drag me to so much grieve that I would rather leave behind. You need to put the past behind you, dad and Naya will never come back and that is the reality that I have come to accept”.

Mrs Lanre: “If they will never come back then death should come and carry me away too. What am I doing in the world without my husband”.

Maya: “you also want to die and leave me all alone in the world right? Fine, let’s see who goes first”, she turned around, went back into her car and drove out of the compound. She was going to drown herself, it was better to kill herself than go through the agony of losing a loved one again, this time around, her mother who was the only person she had left in the world.

Question: “Will she succeed in committing suicide? Will Mrs Lanre ever forgive herself if something happens to her daughter?

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  1. This story self! If Maya kill herself, Mrs. Lanre will not forgive herself, She ( Mrs. Lanre) will not even survive it if Maya die, but Maya won’t kill herself.

  2. She wont succeed in commiting sucide… Somebody will rescue her in the act. As for mama Lanre, time never reach to open up on ur secret… i am waiting to see wat u did in the past.

  3. She won’t succeed cus she will b unable to or rescue to b alive if attempt. Her mother will blame herself more n end her life too.

  4. Maya won’t succeed in killing herself
    ….and if it peradventure it happens…Mrs Lanre won’t forgive herself.

  5. Maya would not succeed on suicide mission though there is something hidden about Mrs Lanre we are yet to unravel………next episodes

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