(Episode 19) Destiny Mismatch … A Compelling Story!

Baba Florence: “have you suddenly lost your voice?”

Florence: “daddy, I got it from the money I made when I went for the competition in Ghana”.

Baba Florence: “I didn’t hear about you going for any competitions talk more of winning”.

Mama Florence: “How can you say that you didn’t know when she went for the competition? What about the other time we sent money to her for excursion?”

Baba Florence: “All you told me was that she called while I was in Church to say that she needed money for textbooks, handout and excursion and I ran around to get the said amount. How does that now translate to going for a competition and winning?”

Florence: “daddy, we had the competition when I went for the excursion and I emerged the overall best. I won some money and that is what I used to buy these food stuff”.

Baba Florence: ” Oh, I am so proud of you, my daughter. Why didn’t you call to inform us so that we can arrange a thanksgiving service for you?”

Florence: “I thought it would be better if I come home to inform you myself”.

Baba Florence: “Okay, so where is the certificate or award that you were giving for participating and for winning?”

Florence: “er, I forgot that in school”.

Baba Florence: “please come along with it next time, you know I love to keep those things safely for you and get ready, you shall testify to the glory of God in Church this Sunday which is our monthly thanksgiving service”.

Florence: “okay, sir”. She grumbled not knowing how to object to going to testify in God’s altar about a lie she had cooked up to cover her extravagant life style.


Philip was on his way to visiting his parent when he saw a lady hanging on the rails of the bridge, in a bid to jump in. “So people can still think of killing themselves in this world? Na wa o, na real wa. Na wetin dem wan go tell papa God if they kill themselves na?” he thought. But when the commercial vehicle he was in drew close, he saw that the face of the lady was familiar. At first his attention went to Naya. “ Naya’s ghost is here? What is she doing her and why is she attempting to jump into the bridge? Does she want to die the second time?” he asked no one in particular. The passengers in the bus cast him a weird glance, they couldn’t understand why a young man like him would be talking to himself. “Probably he is running mad, abeg, the madness should wait till we drop before it gets serious o”, they thought.

Then his head struck, “Maya!” yes, that was not Naya’s ghost but her twin sister attempting to commit suicide. “damn it, why didn’t I remember that Naya had a twin sister?” he cursed as he ordered the driver to stop.

Driver: “make I park on top bridge say wetin happen? You no know say FRSC dey arrest anyhow for here?”

Philip: I beg you in the name of God, just stop. I saw a lady attempting to jump into the water and I want to go and help her. Help me save a life, please”

The driver being a devout man stopped the car immediately and Philip jumped down and began to run backwards to where Maya was, saying her last prayer.

Maya: “God, please accept my soul. I desire nothing more than to be with my twin sister. I guess that is not my fault because you were the one who created us as twins in the first place. If you knew you would call her away this soon, why did you bother to give her to me then? I can’t take the pain anymore, mum is not helping matters and I feel all alone in the world. I…”

“Stop it Maya, don’t do this, don’t kill yourself!” she heard a voice call out and she stopped her prayer and turned to see Philip running towards her. “What the hell is he doing here?” she thought.

Maya: “Stop there. Don’t come further. If you take a step further, I swear that I shall jump in”.

Philip: “Okay, fine. I have stopped, come down from the rail please. Why are you doing this to yourself?”

Maya: “What are you doing here? How did you know that I am here?”

Philip: “I was in a commercial vehicle going to see my parents when I saw you. At first I thought it was Naya, then my brain clicked and I remembered that she had a twin sister”.

Maya: “Naya, well, you will not have to confuse the two of us anymore. I am going to join her, she is the cause of all these”.

Philip: “the cause of all these? How do you mean?”

Maya: “yes, she caused it by leaving me all alone in the world. She waited for us to come into the world together, why couldn’t she wait for us to leave together? Why did she have to die without me? How does she expect me to cope all alone in the world? Who will I call my twin now that she is gone?”

Philip: “But you are not alone in the world. You have your mother. Think of the devastating effect that the news of your suicide will have on her”.

Maya: “My mother? Who knows if she has joined Naya and my father already? She told me that she could not bear to live without them as if my being alive meant nothing to her. Let me just end it all here”.

Philip: “No, Maya, I am sure you misunderstood her. You should understand that life has not been fair to her too”, he noticed that she was staring into space and so he seized the opportunity and began to walk towards her. By this time, a crowd of people had gathered on the bridge and some were taking pictures and videos of what was happening with their phones. Some were streaming it live on social media.

Maya: “I told you not to come closer but you wouldn’t listen. You are also not trust worthy” she barked causing Philip who was an inch close to her to freeze. He was watching her intently and he knew the moment had come for him to practice the taekwondo skills he had learnt back then in secondary school. She climbed the rail with her other leg and attempted to let herself down the bridge and into the water but Philip was faster, in one swift move, he grabbed her hands and held her tightly. She was suspended on the wall of the bridge. Beneath her was the large body of water beckoning her and above her was Philip who was struggling not to let her go. He was breathing and panting heavily, he didn’t know that such a petite girl could pull so much weight. He tried to drag her to him but he couldn’t, she seem to have the upper hand as he felt like she was gradually slipping from his grasps. The crowd looked on, none venturing to help. Some stood close to them taking selfies with different captions that they would post on social media. Philip screamed for help but no one ventured to help. He thought of letting go to save his own life since she appeared to be dragging him gradually, but he knew he couldn’t let go even if it meant losing his life in the process. He had slept while Naya died, he could not afford to allow her twin sister whom he had come to love as much as he loved her die to.

A policeman had stopped his car to check his water gauge for the car was over heating when the saw the crowd gather on the bridge, talking excitedly and taking pictures. They made way for him when they saw his uniform and when he got to the center of the drama, he saw a young man trying to pull out a woman who he believed had attempted to commit suicide.

“Another case of someone attempting to jump into the bridge when we have not finished talking about the one that recently happened? And to think Nigerians are just standing and taking photos without doing anything to help” he fumed as he drew close and began to pull Philip while Philip pulled Maya, it was a thug of war but at the end, he and Philip won and Maya was pulled out. She sat on top the bridge, her body shivering from fright and fatigue. She had thought that committing suicide was an easy adventure, but the events of the past few minutes had thought her otherwise. In as much as she wanted to die, she was grateful to God for giving her a second chance. She looked at Philip and their eyes locked, she was in love with him, she had fallen in love with him right from the first day that she had set her eyes on him. She wanted him and she knew he wanted her to from the way he looked at her. She had taken courses in Psychology in the university and she could tell when a man was in love by simply looking at him in the eye. She felt her heart urging her to go on and start a relationship with Philip but she was afraid of what people would say and what her twin sister in the land of the dead will think when she saw her and her boyfriend in a relationship.

Back home, Mrs Lanre was getting tired of waiting for her daughter. “I hope I have not provoked her into doing something stupid? If she does not return in the next five minutes, I will just go and hang myself. I can’t bear the grieve of being fingered as the wicked mother who pushed her daughter into committing suicide”, she concluded.

Question: Hmmn, it is getting complicated o, love can be so unpredictable. Do you think it is right for Maya to start a relationship with her late sister’s boyfriend considering the fact that he means well for her?

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      • Don’t also forget the fact that Phillip loves her cus she looks like Naya not necessarily because she is Maya. I think they are all grieving and give themselves time

        • Quite true, but what happens if after the passage of adequate time the love bond btw them remains strong, would it be right for the to go ahead and would you approve then Juliet? Some folks recognize that love very early you know. Cheers

  1. itz depend……she needs love and care for now……and d more phillip stay with her, d more dey get attached to one another.

  2. Dnt tink it’s wrong for her to start a relationship wit Philip,after all dere was no sexual intercourse btwn him and Naya wen she was alive

  3. It’s not right for Maya to start a relationship with her late sister’s boyfriend they might ment to be together that is why is difficult for the two to let go even if the on knew it wasn’t right

  4. It is really getting complicated….is not bad if they are both into a relationship after all there is no intimacy between he and Naya

  5. They can go ahead, at least philip never had canal knowledge of Naya, i pray the mother dosn’t do anything stupid sha

  6. Its right but both hv to mk it open to their parent and allow the spirit of God fill their hrt. She shudnt forget her dream.. very important.

  7. Am not really getting where this story is going..Was Naya’s death a natural one and what is d secret their mum is keeping.Hw can she think of dating her late sister’s boyfriend when there are millions of men out there.

  8. It’s not right for Maya to date her late sister’s boyfriend but considering the way things are not with Maya,matters of the heart cannot be dictated as constant closeness will definitely trigger a relationship btw them.

  9. Maya can do anything she likes, she has the right to start a relationship with whoever she is in love with, after all Philip did not have sexual relationship with Naya.

  10. Maya &Naya
    Mr Lanre & Mrs Lanre
    Phillip & Naya
    What else?.there is more to it than being in a relationship, Mrs Lanre should open up the secret so as to know if it is right or not.
    If Maya should date Lanre without proper atonement, Nayas spirit will kill both of them,&that is another death in the family.
    Is Naya death naturally? Why is she not resting in peace?answers to all these questions will go a long way.

  11. Is not bad Whether intimacy or not, where there should be problem is if Naya’s death is not natural. And their mother should bell the cat from the bag naa.

  12. Hmmmmmm…. Na WA oooo. Maya should get to know Philip first before jumping into any relationship…

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