(Episode 20) Destiny Mismatch … A Compelling Story!

Philip led Maya by the hand and they went into her car. The crowd made way for them as he held her by the hand like the hero that he was. They got into her car and she brought out her car key to drive. “No, let me have the keys”, he said and stretched forth his hands and collected the car keys from her hands. “I will do the driving”, he said to her. She obliged him and he drove her to her house. Her mother was in the sitting room pacing up and down when she came in. She wanted to lose her cool at the sight of Philip but she remembered what had transpired between her and her daughter and went to hug her.

Mrs Lanre: “ How are you, my dear? Where have you been? I was so worried about you that I almost went out in search of you”.

Maya: “I am fine, mum. She said and walked up to her room”.

Philip: “Mum, please take of her and always keep an eye on her. She was about jumping down a bridge to commit suicide when I saw her. Convincing her to change her mind was difficult and her frustration dates back to your prolonged mourning. Please live and let her live”, he bowed courteously and left the house, dropping Maya’s car keys on the sittee close to him.

“My baby, my poor baby. I am o sorry”, she said and ran upstairs to her daughter. Maya was lying down with her back turned to her mother when she came in.

Mrs Lanre: “I am sorry I pushed you that far, my dear”. She said and sat on the bed close to her daughter.

Maya ignored her mother’s pleas and continued to stare into space.

Maya: “please l would like to be left alone, mum. And for your information, I would be going back to London next week”.

Mrs Lanre: “No, I will never leave you alone again, my dear. I will always be here with you and you won’t go to London and leave me all alone by myself here. Remember it was never your father’s wish for you to relocate to London and that is why he didn’t approve when you said you were going back there after your studies. If you must go there, I will go with you and it would be for vacation after which we will return. There is no way we will abandon your father’s business here. Please my dear, forgive me for being so insensitive to the fact that you were also grieving”.

The lake of tears that Maya had kept locked up in her heart burst forth immediately. This was the mother she had known before death changed everything. Her mother was soft spoken and encouraging and she was glad to have her mother back. She turned around and threw her arms over her mother and hugged her tightly. They remained in that position, shedding tears and bonding.

Mrs Lanre: “My dear, there is something I will like to tell you. It is an age long secret….

Maya: “Shhh…don’t say anything, mum. All will be fine, I promise you that”.


Florence walked up to Sea View hotels, that was the hotel where chief Humphrey who had just come in from the country was lodged. It was the first time she was meeting him physically, he had been introduced to her by one of her friends who was also into modeling and they had often times communicated via WhatsApp. She took time to dress herself well and paid a school mate who was a makeup artist to pimp her face. Her friend had told her that Chief Humphrey was a very wealthy man who owned houses and companies all over the world. He was also in charge of Notch House, a reputable fashion house that was saddled with the responsibilities of organising inter-state pageants every year in Nigeria. He was a big fish and she was prepared to win him over especially since she had plans to continue in the beauty world especially with the opportunities that came with it.

She walked up the reception and asked to see chief Humphrey.

Receptionist: “Do you have an appointment with him?”

Florence: “Yes, please”.

The receptionist put a call through to chief and he instructed one of his aides to pick her to his room. Florence was surprised when she saw the affluence that graced her eyes as soon as she stepped into his hotel room. She stepped into the well furnished suit and saw the chief in a white singlet and white towel sipping from a bottle of Bailey’s wine. He was operating his Mac Pro when she got in, he got up as soon as she closed the door behind her and hugged her. She could perceive the sweet scent of his Armouge perfume, she hugged him albeit reluctantly. She felt cheap before him as the display of wealth she had seen dwarfed her attempt at appearing posh.

Chief Humphrey: “Come have your seat, my dear. I was just trying to send a mail when you came in, I will do just that and then attend to you properly”. He said as he offered her a seat and pointed at the bottle of wine in the table for her to take a sip.

Florence sat there for more than 20 minutes, if chief was not receiving calls, he was pressing his laptop for one confirmation or the other. What interested Florence most was that the calls were about money in hundreds of dollars and millions of naira. “I don hammer”, she thought.

“So, tell me, what would you like to eat”, Chief asked her and then came close to sit with her on the leather sofa.

Florence: “Nothing, I am okay”.

Chief: “Oh no, you have to eat something. You see, I usually lodge here anytime I am in the country and because of my very tight schedule, I don’t even find the time to step out. I order for whatever I want from wherever and people bring it here. Local delicacies, intercontinental dishes, just name it and you have it”.

Florence: “I insist that I am not hungry. Maybe later, though”.

Chief: “If you insist then. So, finally we see. You are such a beauty to behold”. He said as he used his fore finger to trace the round mound of flesh in her chest flattered by the push up bra she was wearing under her red velvet mini dress.

Florence: “Thanks, chief. You also don’t look bad, in fact you look very fresh”, she smiled elaborately.

Chief: “So, what do you have to offer me? You promised me a lot during our chats. Those nude pictures you sent to me, I wanna see them live”. He drew close and made her sit on his lap. She brought his face close and he began to kiss her. It felt awkward, kissing a stranger that she was meeting for the first time but she continued nevertheless. The man had all that was needed to change her life and if being feeling awkward was the price to pay, she was prepared to pay the price. Chief was an impatient man when it came to handling women. He didn’t have the time to engage in too much foreplay. His wives and mistresses were used to it, as soon as he mounted them, they would open up and he would go in and pour his seed and come out. He was impatient in almost everything except when counting money. He led Florence to the bed and unzipped her dress. He was impressed with the shape of her body and he began to unzip his trousers. She began to run her fingers on his tummy, a gesture that sent him wild with desires. Gently she pushed him to the bed and climbed on top him and began to work on his fat body. She kissed, she caressed and touched him in places where he didn’t even know existed. When she brought herself down and took his manhood in her mouth, he went wild with pleasure. To say that she was good at it was an understatement, he loved the way she rolled her tongue around it and moisturized it with her saliva. He could feel his rod reaching into her throat and he was impressed.

Chief: “Ah, you will kill me. So it is true that little girls have their ways of making one go crazy in bed. No wonder the prevalent cases of sugar daddies will not end in Nigeria”.

Florence: “I haven’t even started with you and you are melting already. Wait until I begin to bang you, you will realise that khaki no be leather”.

Chief: “Really? Let’s get down then, I cannot wait. Have mercy on me and don’t come and kill me with anxiety, you know that I am an old man”.

Florence: “Not until you grant my request, chief”.

Chief: “What is your price?”

Florence: “I won the miss campus of my university this year. I know that the pageant for the Most pretty girl in Nigeria is coming up soon and I know that you in charge of everything, I want you to get me into the contest and help me win”.

Chief: “Hmmmn, that is a big one. I will think about it if only you will allow me in first. So, can I come in?”.

Florence: “See this old man o, so he thinks I will just allow him enter me without dropping anything? What if he refuses to help me win after I give it to him? But then, if I don’t allow him do it, how will I ever win such a big contest? Because I know that I am not beautiful and I don’t have enough money to bribe the judges. What do I do now? Should I reach out to my friends to help me blackmail and threaten him into succumbing to my desires after I finish strafing him?” she soliloquized.

Question: Will she allow him? Will chief keep his promise of making her win the pageant?

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  1. Hmmmm…. she’ll allow him. probably will discreetly shoot videos to blackmail him If he doesn’t play ball. Flo the original bad gurl

  2. baileys wine! you guys just type nonsense and don’t proof read and you call yourselves writers. this isn’t even the first I’m seeing. please be more realistic, repitition of the same phrases are much or did everyone in tall the stories both past and present go to the same school. good job though, lovely stories but poorly written and not well researched.

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