(Episode 21) Destiny Mismatch … A Compelling Story!

Chief: “Hello, I am waiting”.

Florence: “Okay, chief”. She said as she mounted chief.

Chief: “That is my girl, I like them obedient”, he said.

Florence got to work, she raised her butt and sat on his erected manhood. She observed with relish how he was melting under her with pleasure. She began to ride, he had given her a free rein like the cow girl that she was. Her position gave him the opportunity to explore her body, he caressed her boobs which were going up and down in sync with the rhythm of her riding and gliding. He began to fondle her clit using his finger, it was blissful and he was ready to give in anything to have a repeat of the experience. Then a bang was heard on the door and Nene, his youngest wife barged into the room. Chief remembered that he had forgot to lock the door after allowing Florence in. He thought of his aides but he remembered that he had sent them away so he could have uninterrupted access to devouring Florence’s body.

Florence climbed down from him and covered her bare boobs with chief’s towel that he had discarded on the bed.

Nene: “So, this is where you are camped after leaving Canada right?”

“Excuse me, madam, you cannot just badge into our rooms like that”, the female receptionist who was panting from trying to catch up with Nene said.

Chief: “It is okay, you may leave”, he was embarrassed because he was stack naked, his manhood dripping with his semen and the honey from Florence’s honey pot.

Receptionist: “I am sorry, sir. She just walked in and before I could stop her she used the elevator and I had to…to…”, she lost concentration, chief noticed that she was staring at his long manhood.

Chief: “I said go!” he thundered and she ran out of the room.

Chief: “Nene, you see the embarrassment you caused me? Are you happy now? How many times have I told you to stop monitoring me all over the world?”

Nene: “You are shameless, chief Humphrey. I just caught a girl young enough to be your daughter on top you and you have the mouth to tell me that I am embarrassing you. Tufia!”

Chief: “what exactly is your problem, woman? You are my youngest wife and yet you are the most troublesome. Why won’t you allow me be? Is there anything you want that I don’t do for you? I gave you the best of everything money can buy, all you need do is ask for a thing and you have it, you even enjoy certain privileges that my other wives do not enjoy. What more do you need?”

Nene: “I need my husband’s attention, that is one thing money cannot buy. For more than three months now, you have been in Canada leaving me cold and lonely. I got winds that you returned to Nigeria yesterday and yet you refused to come home. Instead of you to reserve your energy for me, you are here wasting it on this little girl, you are busy panting under her like a Christmas goat. When you finally decide to come home now, you will be telling me that you are tired and that you need sleep. Climb me and in less than a minute you are down. You do not make me feel like a complete woman and that is my problem”.

Chief: “I am a man, you don’t expect me to stick to one woman all my life”.

Nene: “That is why you have 3 wives, that is more than enough to satisfy any man. Besides, who said a man cannot stick to one woman? Those ones who have one wife and yet don’t cheat on their wives, are they dead? In fact, reverend fathers who don’t have nko, have they died?”Even you, you weren’t like this until you got yourself in this beauty pageant thing where women throw themselves on you anyhow.”

Florence who was crunched on one corner of the bed seized the opportunity of the dialogue between husband and wife to run out of the room but Nene who was watching her with a corner of her eyes stopped her. “and where do you think you are going, you little rat? So off all the boyfriends that I am sure you have, you still have eyes for older men right? I see that you like eating very strong gizzard, I will show you my true colour today”. She gave her a resounding slap and before Florence could regain her balance, another slap came her way. Then the punching and the scratching followed. Nene fought like a wild cat and Florence could not stand her, she submitted like a gentle lamb as blows after blows landed on her. Nene grabbed her left breast with one hand and her hair with the other and began to drag her on the floor. Chief tried to intervene but retreated when he saw Nene making moves to come after him. He knew better than to stand on her part when the spirit of fighting took over her. Nene raised Florence’s head and peered into her face.

Nene: “Ewo!, is this not the daughter of Truth and Prosperity church? I was invited by a friend for their thanksgiving service and I saw you introduce yourself to the congregation as the pastor’s daughter during your testimony. So this is what you do, sleep around with people’s husband? Your parents and Church members must hear this and if I dare see you anywhere close to my husband again, I will kill you, it is a promise”.

Florence: “No, I am in trouble today”. She took one painful leap and ran out of the hotel room, not minding the fact that she was naked. The embarrassment of being seen naked was better than staying and getting killed by this wild cat who was threatening to complicate matters for her by telling her parents about he ‘sexcapedes’.


After the suicide attempt incidence, Philip and Maya became very close. Mrs Lanre was against the closeness between the two people because of Philip’ relationship with Naya but she kept quiet and pondered it in her heart, since she had promised Maya to allow her always have her way. When she noticed that her daughter was beginning to fall in love with him, she called her daughter to her room to advise her.

Mrs Lanre: “My dear, I don’t understand you anymore o, I have kept quiet for long but I cannot hold it anymore”.

Maya: “What do you mean, mum?”

Mrs Lanre: “it is this your closeness with Philip, is there anything I need to know?”

Maya: “Mum, can you imagine? I think I am in love with him”, she answered excitedly.

Mrs Lanre: “Love? How can you be in love with your late twins ex boyfriend? Where is that done?”

Mrs Lanre: “Oh mum, can’t you just allow the dead to rest in peace? We are in the 21st century for God’s sake, let go of some archaic traditions and superstitions”.

Mrs Lanre: “I am sure Naya will be turning uneasily in her grave”.

Maya: “Naya is dead and has no business interfering in what is happening in the land of the living”.

Mrs Lanre: “What will people say when they hear that you are dating your sister’s boyfriend?”

Maya: “Who are the people? Listen, you and I are the only ones that we have gone and so we shouldn’t live our lives to please anyone. Where were those people when we were wallowing in grieve and pain? Please mum, this guy makes me happy, that is exactly what I need in my life right now”.

Mrs Lanre: “Hmmn, okay o. Don’t just say that I didn’t warn you o”.


Maya came to visit Philip that day for them to go the movies together, it was their usual way of spending the weekends. When she got in, she saw him hurdled up under his blanket and shivering. She ran up to him and touched him.

Maya: “What is wrong with you? Are you sick? We should go to the hospital then”.

Philip: “No, it just cold. I was beaten by the rain on my way back from a friend’s place. Just make a hot cup of coffee for me and I will be fine’”.

Maya set about making the coffee. When she finished, she helped him up and held it up to his mouth where he took one sip after the other.

“I am okay”, he said when she tried to make him drink some more”.

“Are you sure?”she asked, worried that he had not taken enough to drive away the cold. For an answer, Philip drew close and covered her lips with his own in a passionate kiss. Maya responded by kissing him back but soon the details of the dream she had about her sister stabbing her for making out with Philip came flooding. She tried to stop him but he wouldn’t bulge. Rather, he pushed her to the bed and began to unzip his trousers.

Question: Will the dream she once had come through? Is Nene’s attitude of embarrassing her husband and Florence justified?

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  1. Naya will never in anyway kill her sister cos she knows she’s very close to her heart Nene’s attitude of embarrassing her husband and Florence is very justified Florence deserve more beating than she got

  2. I doubt if her dream will come to pass, naya is dead and the dead have no business with the living, florence got what she deserve

  3. I don’t think Naya will hurt Maya.
    As for Nene, she’s wrong, afterall she must have known chief to have been married and still dated him for marriage. She should feel what the other wives must have been going through when she was monopolising chief’s time at the time.

  4. why do I feel that Philip has a hand in Naya’s death, he might have forced himself on her before she got the heart attack, I don’t trust Philip, if he was a good guy he wouldn’t rush Maya the way he is now.

  5. Florence got what she deserve…. as u lay ur bed so shall u lie on it. Philip why cook up plan just ti get intimate with Maya? hmmmm Maya shud stop it wit determination to avoid her dream coming through.

  6. Maya dream will not come to pass. Florence deserve what nene did to her. A big disgrace for pastors daughter and chief.

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