(Episode 22) Destiny Mismatch … A Compelling Story!

Maya: “You have to stop this, Philip. It is not right”.

Philip: “What is wrong with me getting intimate with my girl?”

Maya: “Everything is wrong with it. First of all, God says no sex before marriage”.

Philip: “Ah, now you remind me of your late twin sister”.

Maya: “Exactly, that is another reason. You cannot be intimate with me after being intimate with my sister”.

Philip: “I was never intimate with her. In fact, she never allowed me make love to her so don’t worry about that, there is nothing wrong with us being together.”

Maya: “are you sure?”.

Philip: “Cross my heart, baby. I cannot lie against the dead”.

He was able to convince her and they resumed their kissing and romancing and smooching. When it was time to get down, as soon as Philip removed his boxers and her pants, he lost erection. All her efforts to put him back in the mood proved abortive. He suggested that they engage in a couple of foreplay to put him in the mood. None of the tricks worked. Philip was embarrassed, that was the first time he had lost erection right in the middle of something serious and it surprised him.

Maya: “What happened? Are you impotent or something?”

Philip: “Impotent? Hell no! I have done a couple of things in the past and it has never happened like this before. I guess it happened because I was overly excited”.

Maya: “Excited about what?”she was finding it difficult to believe that it was possible for a man to lose erection simply because he got excited.

Philip: “excited about being with you of course. You know it is our first time so you can imagine”, he blabbed.

Maya: “If you say so”, she was obviously disappointed.

The same occurrence continued to happen anytime Philip tried to get intimate with Maya and he became really worried. He had no option that to confide in Malik, his best friend.

Maya: “My dear, that is the situation I am in now o. Anytime I am about to get down with Maya like this, my erection will just go down fiam! In fact, the thing go just go sleep”.

Malik: “Hahaha, are you serious? If the thing go sleep, wake am na”.

Philip: “stop laughing jor. This thing is embarrassing me before Maya and you are here laughing. See, no matter how hard we to make it stand, it doesn’t work”.

Malik: “That is serious”.

Philip: “It is o, and the worst thing is that it will be erect during foreplay o, once it gets to the time for action, e don go sleep be that”.

Malik: “Maybe you have one infection that is affecting your erection. Have you tried seeking medical solution?”

Philip: “It is nothing medical jare”.

Malik: “how do you know that?”

Philip: “Last time it  happened with Maya, as soon as she left the house, that girl that has been crushing on me in the neighbourhood came visiting. One thing led to the other, you know I was in the mood now and we did it live and direct. It was hot man, super hot”.

Malik: “So, what you are telling me is that is that when Maya left your house after you lost erection, another girl came in and you were able to make love to her without losing erection?”

Philip: “exactly. I only lose erection whenever I am with Maya”.

Malik: “That means she has a very strong spiritual husband who doesn’t want you to make love to her”.

Philip: “and what is that supposed to mean? Don’t tell me you believe in all those spiritual spouses crap. Listen, I even intend to marry her so don’t even think of any spiritual being preventing anything”.

Malik: “well, that is the only think I can think of right now. I mean, how else do you explain the fact that you can make love to other girls except her?”

Philip:  “I am also confused, that is why I am having this discussion with you. And she told me she is not a virgin, meaning that other guys have been able to make love to her before now”.

Malik: “We need to seek the help of someone who can see beyond the physical. I will take you to someone who can help. Be ready by 4pm tomorrow”.


When Florence ran out of the hotel with the wrapper she had been given by the female security at the gate of the hotel, she went to her friend’s house. She was afraid of going back to her own house because she felt like Chief’s wild wife would trail her from the hotel to her house and continue beating her there.

Miss Economics who had introduced Florence to chief sat up as soon as she saw Florence walk in with just a wrapper over her body.

Miss Economics: “What happened? Were you involved in an accident or were you raped or something?”

Florence: “If that was the case, it would have been better”.

Miss Economics: “Then what happened? Didn’t you see chief?”.

Florence: “I did”, she hissed.

Florence: “You did? Like you mean chief did this to you?”

Florence: “Chief did not do this to me. His wife did, when she caught us in the hotel making out”.

Miss Economics: “Oh my God, which of his wives?”

Florence: “I don’t know but I heard chief calling her Nene and saying something about she being his youngest wife”.

Miss Economics: “That troublesome woman, she is chief’s youngest wife, she married some one’s husband but she doesn’t want another person to share with her, useless greedy woman. In fact, how did she find out that you were in that hotel with chief?”

Florence: “I should be asking you that”.

Miss Economics: “what do you mean by that?” she was beginning to get angry for she was short tempered.

Florence: “You are the only one who knows about my going to meet chief, you were the only one who knew the hotel I went to. You are the one who introduced me to him and you are the one who obviously knows which of his wife is troublesome. So, I should be asking you how she found out about us”.

Miss Economics: “You don dey craze o, shey you know? You better go psychiatrist hospital before the thing become too late. Are you saying that I told chief’s wife about your going to meet her husband? How can I do that when I know that I will get my own share from the outing?”

Florence: “I am just confused, I don’t even know what to think anymore. Chief was a big fish and I was really looking forward to making him help me win the most pretty girl contest. Imagine that I was on top him working hard just to impress him and then his wife entered and gave me the beating of my life and chief just stayed there watching and he didn’t raise a finger to help me”.

Miss Economics: “Are you serious? You mean you allowed her beat you up and you did nothing to get back at her? Why didn’t you fight her back?”

Florence: “Fight her? Even you who has Ph.D in fighting couldn’t have fought back that woman. She is so wild. I had to run out naked o, it was the security woman at the gate that helped me with this wrapper so. My dress, pants, phone, bag everything, I left it there. I pray the woman doesn’t do anything with them o”.

Miss Economics: “But chief fall hand sha. I am  going to call him o, he must pay for all that his wife did to you. Haba, look at your face as if you fought with a dog. Don’t worry, just go and freshen up, I will take care of this”.

Florence: “The problem is that the woman knows that my father is a pastor and she has threatened to tell my father what she saw. God, I am in deep shit. My father will just storm the university one day and embarrass me on campus. Gosh, what have I gotten myself into like this?”

Question: What is the way out for Florence? What do you think is the problem with Philip?

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    • i guess Naya’s spirit is antagonising Philip having intimacy with her twin.i don’t think anything is wrong with.As for Florence,na she know.see what desperation has led her to.

  1. I tink Naya is behind what is happening to Philip,like she’s nt hapi seeing him and Maya dating,gud for Florence,she can still deny dat she wasn’t d one d woman saw

  2. Florence should go and beg the chief wife and for Philip i think Naya spirit is preventing him from making love to her twins sister

  3. Florence desire stardom, she has to pay the price now. There is much to those twin I insist, let Mrs Lanre speak out her secret otherwise Philip, your life is in danger.

  4. Florence should go home and tell her father everything before chief’s wife do it for her and that one go be wa o!. As for Philip I think Naya is the cause of his problem I tink she doesn’t want Philip to make love to her sister until they are married

  5. dats d end of d road fr florence cux nene wont kip quiet abt it.
    Ntn is wrong wit philip, I tink naya dosnt want him to get intimate wit maya untill dey ar married

  6. Hello ALC&Fs,

    Florence must first sit down and have a deep reflection about her life and what she truly wants.

    That is either psychological or spiritual,either way he needs first proper counselling.


  7. The problem of philip is frm Maya’s mum. She has a secret to tell. Only her knws the way out. Florence no exit form for u. Lol you are doom already.

  8. I think is Naya playing some trick on Philip or better still there is secret regarding to d twins born. Florence don enter am, make she jus surrender.

  9. For Florence dats d repercussion of sleeping wit someone’s husband she hasn’t see anything yet…for Philip its a spiritual case n I guess it associated wit wat Maya’s mum wanted to tell her

  10. Florence should talk to chief about his expose her to her parents & as for Philip may is Naya that is prevent him from her sister

  11. Florence is getting what she wants.
    The problem with Philip has something to do with Naya. Maybe she’s not happy with him.

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