(Final Episode 24) Destiny Mismatch … A Compelling Story!

Mrs Lanre glanced at her bedside clock and realized that was some minutes past midnight so she decided not to disturb her daughter whom she assumed was fast asleep. She would tell her everything the next day, she was tired of keeping the secret that was threatening to crush her.


Maya sat up abruptly on her bed, she glanced at her bedside clock and it read 2: 14am. That was the 3rd time in three days that she was waking up at that time, all after having terrible nightmares about her sister. She decided to visit a pastor to explain the situation and seek spiritual advice. It baffled her that her twin sister whom she had loved as much as she loved herself could cause her such sleepless nights. Early the next morning, she set out for the Church, the pastor was just about stepping into his office when she accosted him at the door and they went in together.

Pastor: “Bless you my sister. What can I do for you this morning?” The pastor knew everything about how she had lost her father and her sister at the same period and so he felt that her visiting had something to do with the circumstances surrounding their death.

Maya: “Pastor, I need help. I have been having days of sleepless nights for a while now. Each time I close my eyes to sleep, I see my late twin sister beckoning me to join her where she is. Sometimes, I see her crying and other times I see her holding a sharp knife as if she wants to stab me. I am confused. Sometimes I see myself in the river with some people beckoning at me”.

Pastor: “God forbid that you join her where she is. It is not a good omen for the dead to call on the living, but the there is nothing prayers cannot do, all will be well”.

Naya: “Also, I will like to ask, pastor. Is there anything wrong with me falling in love with my late sister’s boyfriend?”

Pastor: “First of all, I condemn in totality every relationship that is not built on the word of God. And it is morally wrong for you to go into any form of intimate relationship with a man that was your sister’s boyfriend”.

Naya: “No wonder!”

Pastor: “No wonder what?”.

Naya: “Pastor, I will not hide anything from you. I know that you see beyond the physical and so there is no need hiding anything from you. I fell in love with my sister’s boyfriend shortly after she died and we started a relationship. We tried to get intimate more than thrice and in all cases, he…he…”

Pastor: “He what?”

Naya: “He lost erection”.

Pastor: “Hmmn, I will not condemn you because we are all sinners in one way or the other. But you see, our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and we should treat them with respect. Premarital sex under any guise is wrong. Oh thank you Jesus, thank you Lord, thank you Holy Spirit of God for this revelation”. He busted into praises and prayers and speaking in tongues while thanking God for the revelation that he was seeing. Naya also got on her knees and began to sing and pray. She hardly prayed but whatever it was that was making the man of God to pray was also enough reason for her to pray as well.

“My daughter, where is your mother?”he suddenly stopped and asked her.

Naya: “I left my mother at home, sir. She was still sleeping when I left the house this morning”.

Pastor: “I will like to see your mother and the young man in question, please. Can you arrange a meeting to that effect tomorrow evening? Some prayer warriors and I will be interceding on behalf of your family from now till tomorrow evening when the meeting will hold”.

Naya: “I will do just that”, she thanked him and left after some prayers and praises section.


Florence set out to meet Chief in his hotel room from where they would proceed to the airport. She was in high spirit and had taken her time to dress well. Chief was still in his white singlet and boxers when she got in.

Florence: “Ah chief, you are not dressed yet? Don’t come and make us miss this flight o, as you are seeing me so, it is my body that is here, my spirit is in Dubai already”.

Chief: “Common, we still have about two hours before the flight. Besides, the pilot won’t even fly if I am not on board”.

Florence: “Okay, get dressed now, I am here already”.

Chief: “Not until we have had a hot quickie”.

Florence: “Oh chief, we would have all the time in the world for that in Dubai”.

“I want it now”, he drew close and began to kiss her. He raised the micro mini skirt she was wearing and bent her for a doggy when the door to the hotel room was yanked opened and his wife Nene stormed in holding a little jar.

Chief: “What is this woman? How on earth do you get to track my movement?”

Nene: “Stay out of my way, I didn’t come for you”, she turned to Florence who was shivering like a chicken beaten by a heavy rain. Her skirt was still raised up exposing her thigh and her bare boobs. “After all the beating and warning, you still have the guts to come close to my husbaand right? Let’s see if he will still want you after I finish with you today”. She charged at Florence on the bed but her husband stood in-between them.

Chief: “Not again, Nene. I won’t have you embarrass me like this again”.

Nene: “Stay out of my way, chief”. He tried to catch hold of her but she pushed him with all her strength, he fell backwards, hit his head against the iron post of the bed, slumped and died immediately.

“Chief!”, Florence shouted and attempted to run to him but Nene ignored her husband, opened the jar and in one split second emptied the contents all over Florence who screamed and passed out of the pain inflicted by the acid poured on her.

Nene tried to run out but Florence’ scream had attracted the attention of the hotel’s security who accosted her on the way and arrested her immediately.


The next day, Naya was able to convince her mother to follow her to Church. She had also given Philip the address of the Church so he could meet her there. She had been able to convince him by telling him that it was a matter of life and death. Philip was already in the Church when Maya and her mother got in. The pastor and the prayer warriors continued praying without pausing even when they came in.

After a while, the pastor asked Maya to kneel down for prayers to be offered for her because he was seeing the spirit of death around her. “madam, what do you know about the birth of this lady here? I have been seeing some revelations but I would like you to speak up first”.

Mrs Lanre: “It is a long story, pastor but I have to talk because I don’t want to lose my only child. It happened several years ago, when I was having one miscarriage after another. When I got pregnant for the twins, I was afraid that I might have another miscarriage so my friend took me to a river where some sacrifices were carried out. The river goddess made me promise that the first twin, that is Naya would never get married in her life and that she must never sleep on the same bed with a man over the night until she is 25 years. That was why the goddess struck her with heart failure and killed her that night. I couldn’t open up to anyone, not even her twin sister. The goddess has been threatening me in my dream that she would take Maya 7 days after her 25th birthday, reason being that Maya has altered her destiny by going out with her sister’s ex, now her sister’s destiny of dying has been transferred to her because they got involved with the same man and I am sure it was the goddess that made her fall in love with her sister’s boyfriend so that it can have access to kill her the way it killed her sister. Help me man of God, I don’t want to die childless”. She was weeping profusely.

Pastor: “Hmmn, the spirit of God never lies. I saw a dark cloud hovering around her when she came here yesterday and I knew it had to do with circumstances surrounding her birth. You see, you made a terrible mistake woman, going to that river goddess ruined your children’s destiny. Do you think that God who gave you the pregnancy is not able to help you protect them from miscarriage? Even if he allows a miscarriage to happen, know that it is for your own good. You see, I feel sad for people who go to the devil to seek for favours. Anything that God cannot give you, believe you me, that thing is not for your own good and even if you get it elsewhere, it will ruin you’’. Turning to Philip, he said: “My friend, while I was praying, the spirit ministered to me to tell you to speak up and be free. I made enquiries from Maya and I was told that Naya died in your house. Is there anything that you are hiding?”

Philip: “Man of God, ever since her death, I have kept this burden in my heart, it is crushing me and I have to speak up now. I didn’t kill Naya, God knows that I don’t have a hand in her death, the only thing I did wrong was that for fear of being branded her killer, I connived with my friend and we dragged out her body. I am sorry, Maya, I kept this away from you”.

Maya: “Don’t you ever touch me, you wicked fellow. How could you have kept such sensitive information from me all these while?”

Philip: “I am sorry. I thought…”

Maya: “Don’t come close to me. How did I even get entangled with you in the first place? I hate you! I hate you so much”.

Pastor: “This is not the time to hate or apportion blames, let love lead the way, I mean Agape love, that is godly love”.

He declared seven days of fasting and prayers for them all to break the curse on the destiny of Maya who was due to die days after 25th birthday. On the 7th day of the fast, deliverance session was conducted for she and her mother and Mrs Lanre sold some of her belongings and gave it out as alms.


After Maya was delivered, the spirit that was attracting her to Philip so as to get access to kill her left her and she began to see him as a brother. Few months later, she relocated to Uk with her mother and after her Masters programme, she got married to a foreigner and gave birth to two identical twin girls. Her mother lives with her and takes care of the twins. Philip on the other hand fell in love with another girl whom he had met at the NYSC orientation camp. Nene was arrested and charged to court and prosecuted accordingly.

Florence sustained first degree burns from her face to her thighs as a result of the acid bath and needs 15 million naira for surgery in India. She had to abandon her studies because she lost her sight as a result of the acid, disfigured and remorseful for attempting to take on a path that is not in line with her destiny, she now sits at home with her parents who are praying daily for a good Samaritan that would provide the money for her surgery. Her quest to take on a destiny that is not in line with God’s plan for her led to her untimely destruction.

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    • that serves Florence right.it’s good to be patient.greediness led to her to being disfigured.thank God for Maya,her mum n Lanre

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  1. Hmmm satan will give you cap to collect head,so what was the essence of giving her children in the first place when you know you will kill them later,anything outside God’s purpose is not good,great lessons from here

  2. whao……nice one Adelove……DAT is d reward wen people try running faster Dan deir shadow….patience dey say is virtue.

  3. Nice one just that at some point you refer to philo as Sam and use naya and Maya interchangeably but big ups guy good job

  4. Florence got wat she wanted. greed, not contended wt Wat her poor parents gives you her. so api dt Maya got saved and d whole truth is now open. d devil doesn’t give anything free. Tnk u Adelove.
    Today been my birthday, tnx Adelove for making my day wt ds story. Happy birthday to me!!!!!!

  5. Adelove the best blog, God bless you guys for entertaining us with wonderful stories. Any gift that comes from the devil doesn’t last.God’s gift is the BEST!

  6. The basic lesson here is to be satisfied and wait on God
    To never faster than one’s shadow
    Thanks and God help us all

  7. Nice story indeed, devil has nothing to offer.
    Adelove crew well done, always read your stories and made some corrections before posting online. You mistake names some times, such as Naya in place of Maya when we know that Naya is dead. This has been featuring in previous stories.

  8. thumbs up to all adelove crew I really learnt a lot from dis story kip d good work rolling good night to u all one love.

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    would not. Let’s be contented with what God gave us. kudos Adelove and Co.

  11. Nice but the mix up with the names should be corrected. Secondly I don’t see where Nene went wrong in fighting for her husband but all the same,thanks again Matty of Adelove

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    Good night all and thanks Adelove.

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  14. wow wow i love is a great lesson for we youth to be contented with whatever is given to us by our parent,and our mothers don’t be faster than ur shadow don’t bcos of one thing nd destroy d life of ur children

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  17. This is so interesting, many lessons to be learned. Greed consumes one gradually.
    All being said n done, God is the Ultimate.
    Love you guys a lot, more grace n strenght to do more n more.


  18. Adelove you are too much, I really learn a lot on this story. May God bless u. Lets us all take life softly.

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