Can You Have a Nigerian Wedding Without the Asoebi Gang?

Mondays are always sweet for me, I know so many of you will not agree with this because Monday is the hated day among the workforce. However, it is the day i get to feed my eyes on so many Asoebi attires from over the weekend.

Lets take this time to appreciate the Asoebi gang, they make our weddings colorful and lit. They are always in cliques, and their fashion style is always sophisticated. You can get green with envy, but you definitely cannot beat them at their own game. If you cannot beat them, please join them.

So lets say hello to these Asoebi gangs;





This question has been on my mind for a while now, could there be a Nigerian wedding without the Asoebi gang, would you opt out of the Asoebi fever for your wedding? Let us read your opinion in the comment box.



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