(Episode 18) Sins Of My Fathers … a Timely Story

Obinna had dressed up in his white tux, as white was their color for the day. However as he made to leave his apartment with his friend, who was going to be among the witnesses, he felt a wave hit his head. He couldn’t explain how he felt but he knew that he felt like he was carrying a big rock inside his head, and the rock was squeezing against his cerebrum. He gave a scream as the pain hit him, and then it was like he was lifted off the ground and flung abruptly. He flayed his hand, trying to grab for any support to keep for falling, but he found none. He fell with a thud, and his head crashed against the door of his apartment. His friend was thrown into confusion as he couldn’t explain what just happened. He checked for his friend’s pulse and saw that it was very low, he rushed into the street and began to scream for help.

Passersby just looked at him and passed on their way. In Lagos, one didn’t just rush to save people because some cry for help could be a ploy to dupe someone. It was only one man who had the courage to ask Obinna’s friend, the reason for his wailing. He explained to the man that, his friend who was getting wedded that day, had just fallen down and hit his head and he needs help. The man called emergency service on his phone, and in a few minutes, Obinna was driven to the hospital.


Obinna’s mother had found out through means of her own, that Obinna was getting married to Nkasi that day. She had also gotten the address of the court where the wedding would be conducted and so, she drove there with thugs, meaning to throw subtlety and outrightly kidnap Nkasi. When she got to the court, she was lucky to see Nkasi being led out by Emily, who held her like she was frail.

Obinna’s mother: “You, wicked girl, so you have refused to heed my words and leave my son” she yelled, pointing her fingers into Nkasi’s face.

Nkasi: “Why can’t you have faith in our love, Obinna and I love each other, we cannot live without each other. Our souls are joined together and no force on earth can separate us” she said, forgetting for the moment that she was worried about Obinna standing her up.

Obinna’s mother: “Shut your mouth, you wretched Osu. Did your parents not tell you, Nwadiala cannot go into a union with an Osu? Nkasi you want to destroy my bloodline, you want people to call my grandchildren Osu. Nkasi, you will kill me first before I allow that happen” she retorted and pounced on Nkasi, tugging at her hair.  All the diamante hair pins that were used to secure Nkasi’s natural hair in an up-do was pulled out by Obinna’s mother. Emily came in to tear Obinna’s mother away from her friend, but the latter flung her hand and pushed her. Emily fell with her butt on the ground. She looked up perplexed at the heavily built woman dealing her friend blows and scratches.

Emily: “Somebody help” she screamed, looking around for help. The court’s security men ran to the scene and pulled Obinna’s mother away.

Obinna’s mother: “Leave my son alone, I beg you” she said, this time with tears in her eyes.

But before Nkasi could afford an answer, Obinna’s mother’s phone rang. She took it out and listened for a while, with her face changing from angry to anxious.

Obinna’s mother: “I am coming right away.  You said Bellefonte Hospital right?” she said into the phone, and afterward rushed away.

Nkasi looked dishelved; her tuxedo was in a mess, and her face sported finger scratches, and mascara blotches.

Nkasi: “Why do I feel like Obinna did not leave me stranded, that he is hurt somewhere. Did you see her face, she looked scared and only Obinna, has the power to cause that kind of fear in her.  I am going to that hospital” she said and began to run towards the car they had come in, suddenly energized.

She didn’t know whether to wish that Obinna was hurt and didn’t stand her up, or to wish that he was fine and stood her up.  As she drove to the hospital, her love for him overcame her selfishness and she prayed that he was alright. However she was going to meet the biggest shock of her life.

The Bellefonte hospital was only for the rich and the elite of the society, and only a look at the architectural design of the three storey building, gave a testimony to that fact.  When Nkasi got to the hospital, she met the big breasted nurse at the nurses’ station which was at the reception.

Nkasi: “Please, I am about to be wedded and my husband was brought here. Please help me” she said. The nurse took pity on her and asked her the name of her to-be husband.

Nkasi: “His name is Obinna Egeonu” she replied. The nurse put her hand to her mouth, her face was horror stricken. She asked if the name that was provided was that of the man she wanted to get married to. Nkasi replied in the affirmative as her heart began to beat faster.  She didn’t understand why the nurse was reacting the way she was. Nkasi saw pity in the nurse’s eyes and her anxiety doubled. The nurse took her  to a wing that was apart from the hospital’s main wings.

Nkasi: “Nurse we have left the main hospital wings, where are you taking me to?”

Nurse: “Just come with me, I am taking you to see who you asked for” she replied, and Nkasi could detect a note of sadness. Then she turned into a building, it was beautiful and tastefully built, but there was a forlorn look about it, like the people in it had been abandoned. At this point, Nkasi could not contain her fear, she wished she had brought her friend, Emily. The nurse pushed open, a swinging door, and they entered the cold hallway, lined on both sides by room units. The nurse stopped in front of a room and opened the door. Nkasi could not believe what her eyes saw.

Nkasi: “What is this?” she asked unbelievably, with eyes that were horror filled.


When Obinna’s mother had driven to the hospital, her son was unconscious and the doctors, after conducting series of tests on him, could not find the cause of his ailment. They told her that they had never seen a case like his, and that his condition was beyond science. Obinna’s mother called her husband, who rushed to the hospital. Obinna’s parents had never been church people, so they didn’t know who or what to look up to. They were hopeless. They paced the hallway of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), wishing their son would wake up and be fine.

Obinna’s mother thought back to what the old baba in Ijebu had told her. She wondered if her son was in this condition because of her. She thought that what was ailing her son was supernatural especially as, the doctors had said they didn’t know what was wrong with him. Obinna’s condition defeated science, and for his mother, the only explanation was that, the curse she had sent to Nkasi had backfired on her son. Didn’t the baba say that if Nkasi’s spirit was strong, that the curse would go to her son?

Obinna’s mother: “Hey Chi mo, I have killed my own son. Hay God! How cruel can life be?” she lamented inside of her, as she paced restlessly. She thought back to the Wholly that had told her, that her son would not die, and that gave her a little hope, after all, Wholly cannot lie.

Obinna’s father turned to the God that the Christians preached and begged him to restore health to his son, as their money could not make him well. Obinna was his only heir, even though he had cut him off, it was just to scare him into leaving Nkasi, now that his son was in this condition, he didn’t know who to blame, whether to blame himself, or Nkasi.

Obinna’s father: “If there is truly a God that is greater than the gods of our fore-fathers, then let my son be well” he muttered to himself.

At that moment, they had heard commotion inside the ICU. A nurse rushed out to tell them that their son was awake and their attention was needed. They rushed into the ICU with joy in their hearts, but what they saw was not what they expected to see.

Question: What did Nkasi and Obinna’s parents see, what has happened to Obinna?

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  1. D evil men do always leave with then.His mother’s evil deed has come to hunt Obinna…Chaii,there is God ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo………………..

  2. Obinna&Nkaisiobi.
    The evil that men do leaves after them sio.
    There is a living God,He will surely intercede on their behalf.

  3. Next episode please. Can’t tell what exactly Is happening but it has to do with the spiritual help mama Obinna sought which may have backfired

  4. it is the handiwork of the spiritual help his mother seek that back fire because the baba has already told her if nkasi spirit is stronger it will affect obinna.

  5. Does it mean nkasi went to d wrong hospital n d nurse lead him to a deadly plc? I think obi’s is performing craziness or acting weird

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