How truck crushes okada rider to death in Lagos

How truck crushes okada rider to death in Lagos

A commercial motorcyclist was crushed to death by a heavy duty truck at Daleko area of Lagos on Thursday.

The passenger on the motorcycle, who survived the accident, was dragged from the wheels of the truck with a broken leg.

A crowd of sympathisers made frantic efforts to rescue the two victims of the accident which occurred at about 9.15 a.m. on the Mushin-Isolo Road, Lagos.

Officials of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency promptly responded with rescue vehicles which lifted the truck, allowing the removal of the cyclist’s lifeless body stuck between the wheels.

Eyewitnesses said that the accident occurred when the motorcyclist, who was at top speed, tried overtaking the truck at a dangerous bend.

The corpse was removed to a mortuary while the injured was taken to the hospital.



  1. The ban on Okada on expressways, dual carriage ways and on all major roads should be strictly enforced
    Besides, those Okada riders need to be trained on the traffic code and made to undergo standard driving test before being allow to operate on the inner roads
    From my observation, each time I visit Nigetia, it’s quite apparent that those Okada riders have no clue on driving rules, they way drive dangerously, exposing themselves and their passengers to high risk
    It’s so bad that they overtake other vehicles from both sides eg; from left and right sides , whereas they suppose to only overtake from the left side, since Nigerians drives on the right side of the roads
    They pose so much hazard to motorists and this type of accident is a thing waiting to happen
    May the soul the dead rest in peace

  2. It is quite unfortunate that our Government runs the affairs of governance by sentiment. Total ban of Bike riders is the solution. I see them not adding value to the system but menace and cutting people’s life short. I don’t believe in the school of that says if banned their livelihood is tempered with. Before their prevalence was there no means to transportation without resource to demography. What Government should do is to use them as farmers now that we are diversifying into agriculture. Government will build cottages for them as their accommodation.

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