Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe reportedly beaten up by husband (Watch Video)

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe reportedly beaten up by husband

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe-Gentry’s has been reportedly beaten up by her husband Lanre Gentry.

According to report, the actress has been enduring domestic violence for a long time in her marriage but it has gotten worse lately.

The couple were reportedly in a nasty fight last week that left the actress with severe injuries and she’s still receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital in Lagos.

We went through the actress’ Instagram page where she put up a photo of a battered woman writing, “Say no to domestic violence. Only a Coward hits a woman! REAL MEN don’t HIT!”.

Her husband responded with a post saying, “say No to the promiscuous and irresponsible women.”

Adelove has reached out to the actress’ rep but they refused to speak to us. According to her rep, “they have no comment.”

This is not the first time domestic violence allegations have trailed Mercy Aigbe’s marriage. In 2013, it was reported that Mercy Aigbe was beaten up by her husband at a public event. The event allegedly happened on Sunday April 7,2013 at recorded TV Show for Oodua Amounmaworan (TV).

“So slightly before the show ended, Mercy just vanished and everybody started looking for her including her hubby, Lanre Gentry.

“After like an hour or so, the hubby forced the MC to announced that he was looking for his wife and when that didn’t work, he stood up a with fierce look and began causing a scene..when it was obvious he meant business,they later took him to a room where his darling wife who has arrived the venue in a short black dress with her back bare had changed to a night gown!!!

Enraged hubby Lanre  dragged her out in the night gown and threw her into his SUV and drove angrily out of the venue whilst shocked onlookers looked on!” wrote Stella Dimokokorkus.

Mercy Aigbe and Lanre denied this and released a YouTube video saying nothing of such happened.



  1. Really?Eyah,with all her instagram pictures,one would think she is a very happy woman.Why would a woman stay in a violent marriage?This is so bad.
    Wealth does not determine a happy marriage.With enough money to spend on designers,but even the smallest denomination does not grant her a blissful marriage.
    See the husband calling her promiscous and irresponsible..Why did you marry her in the first place then,imagine,the mother of your kid.
    No matter what,a man must not raise his hands on a woman.Its uncalled for.

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