45-year-old Pastor dupes businesswoman of N70m to cure fibroid

45-year-old Pastor dupes businesswoman of N70m to cure fibroid

Detectives attached to the Special Fraud Unit, Ikoyi, Lagos have arrested a 45-year-old Pastor of the Celestial Church of Christ, simply identified as Oladele, for allegedly duping a businesswoman of N70 million, with a promise to cure her of fibroid.

The pastor was arrested April 5 at Ado-Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital, where he was accused of fleeing to after collecting the N70 million in various guises from the woman.

It was learnt that the victim has been suffering from the fibroid for about 14 years.

In 2007, she met a woman who introduced her to the pastor, who promised to cure her of the disease.

Addressing newsmen on Sunday on behalf of the Commissioner of Police in charge of the SFU, Ibrahim Lamode, the spokesperson of the SFU, Ngozi Braide, said the pastor charged the victim N98,000 when she was brought before him.

After collecting the money from the woman, Oladele prepared some concoction for her, which stopped the regular blood flow from the fibroid.

Braide said: “Immediately the blood stopped, the victim then saw the pastor as her saviour.

The pastor then told her to stopped making love with her husband, that as long as she was having sexual intercourse with her husband, the blood would not stop.

“The pastor also lied to the woman that her husband belongs to different secret cults that each time she sleeps with her husband, his money will increase and they have to kill the husband so as for the victim to live a better life.

“The fake pastor told the victim to bring her children for spiritual cleansing, which she did, and they were given some concoction to drink.

“Thereafter, went to the victim’s house and planted some charms in their compound.

“The only son of the victim was said to had gone mad two days after taking the concoction given to them by the pastor.

“When the relationship between the pastor and the victim was waxing stronger, the pastor then told the woman to build the replica of their duplex for him.

“And the woman obliged and went to Ijoko area of Sango, where the pastor had a land, and built the same house for him.

“Not done, the pastor also requested for a Toyota Highlander, Lexus Jeep and two five bedroom bungalows at Ado-Ekiti from the suspect.

“When the pastor noticed that the victim’s son was misbehaving, he then advised the victim to allow him take care of the boy and took him to Ado-Ekiti.

“Two weeks later, he brought him to Lagos already healed.”

“After the boy was healed, the pastor requested for money from the victim.”

It was gathered that when one of the victim’s daughters saw that his brother had been healed, she gave N20 million to Oladele, who was said to have told the lady that their father wanted to kill them.

After the lady gave the money to Oladele, it was then she realized that something was amiss.

She then told her father what has been going on between their mother and the pastor.

This led to the complaint being lodged with the police.

Lamorde warned members of the public to know who they patronized for spiritual assistance.

He said the suspect would soon be charge to court.



  1. This sort of madness from these so called “men or women of God” will never stop as long as several folks in sub Saharan Africa, particularly the women folk, refuse to to see boyond their noses and continue to patronise those crooked pastors, alfas and witchdoctors
    They use the name of God to take advantage of innocent religious faithfuls who continue to refuse to read between the line
    It’s unfortunate, several Africans are living their lives as mere religious slaves
    So sad

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