Nnamdi Kanu Will Not Give Up – IPOB

Nnamdi Kanu Will Not Give Up - IPOB

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has reinstated that their leader, Nnamdi Kanu, will not give in his fight of freedom of Biafra from Nigeria.

It also vowed that the May 30 Biafra Day remembrance will go on as planned.

According to a communiqué issued by it spokesman, Emma Powerful, on Tuesday, where he advised all Biafrans to ignore any tactics aimed at frustrating their agitation.

Part of the statement read: “This annual event, which is now observed by Biafrans all over the world as a mark of perpetual respect to the bravery of the few men and women who stood for three years to resist the combined murderous might of Britain, Egypt, Soviet Union and OAU is an event that cannot and should not be toyed with. IPOB members at Federal High Court Abuja.

“If not for these men and women of the Biafran Army, the Biafran race, especially Igbo, would have been wiped out from the face of this earth. We owe these heroes a great debt of gratitude which can never be fully repaid. Therefore, we must honour them.

“Any person working against the remembrance of our heroes deserves nothing less than death. These evil men, who are in constant meetings with agents of the government of Nigeria to frustrate the remembrance and honour of our soldiers, including IPOB and MASSOB members that fell during protests and rallies deserve a fate worse than what befell saboteurs of the civil war.

“Their name and that of their children will be forever be associated with infamy. They should also be aware that posterity will never forgive their families and generations to come. As it was with Ifeajuna, so shall it be with them. Furthermore, we wish to remind these misguided elements that IPOB is the largest most powerful non-violent liberation movement anywhere in the world right now.

“When we set out to do something, not even death can stop us, so they better beware. It is unfortunate that the Government of Nigeria and their collaborators in Biafraland have not observed that the resolve of IPOB family members worldwide towards the restoration of ancient nation of Biafra is unshakable.

“IPOB is firmly under the supreme leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and he has made it clear after his release that he won’t settle for anything other than the total liberation of Biafra from the British contraption called Nigeria. Anybody campaigning for restructuring of Nigeria in the name of Prophet Nnamdi Kanu clearly doesn’t know him very well because he was born to restore Biafra not to restructure Nigeria. It was our leader that coined the phrase, Biafra or Death, and he meant every syllable of it.

“Every member of IPOB must reach out to the Community leaders, Market leaders, Church leaders, Transport Companies, National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), National Association of Road Transport Owners (NARTO), Women Associations, Artisans, Tricycle/ Okada Union, Luxurious Bus Association of Nigeria (LUBAN), Nigeria Association of Lorries (9Loaders/911), Park Management in all the States in Biafraland to remember and honour of our falling heroes and heroines on 30th May 2017.”



  1. For long, I have been fighting with Nigerians everywhere over the unreasonable relevance the Hausa -Fulani and some cowards, sycophants and ignorant people among the Awoist Yoruba attach to the so called 1914 Amalgamation of Nigeria. This is because the Hausa-Fulani use it to justify their insistence that Nigeria is made up of two parts, North and South. It is understandable why they want it so. It gives them half or more of the share of the cake that is owned by three unifying groups, East, West, and North. This was still the background and motivator of Gowon’s 1967 state creation – the shape of which has been endemic in state creation and sharing of “national cake”, thus giving them the advantage and dominance over others.
    It is not unusual as they have this nature of intentional stupidity for the sake of gains; a sickness which they have infected most of the other people, except the Igbos, with, such that Nigeria remains submerged in idiocy. In fact, at some point all these years, I saw the entire Nigerian populace as a swinish rabble. Those who skewed the balance hinge their plot on the fact that they were the last party to come into the enclave being formed by the British. Hence they intentionally decided to say; “well, we met them together, so they are one party, and we are the second party”. This interpretation, hatched from treachery, also found support in another treacherous group, the Awoist Yoruba, who saw/still see it as a short cut to sabotaging the Igbos – especially with the hatred built up against the Igbos after the civil war. The Awoists drew up a simple pattern of sharing the “national cake’, which was: “each time it goes up north, the Hausa-Fulani can have it, anytime it comes down south, we will get it because the Hausa-Fulani hate the Igbos”, simple. Thus, they threw the little education they had, just like their master did, to the dogs, just because of hatred and jealousy; and automatically crowned the Hausa-Fulani, the kings of the jungle – more so with the idiotic sycophancy and slavish tendencies of the so-called minorities of the East. Note that this was the driving idea with which Tinubu lunched his APC and; finding nothing to say to the more educated Yorubas and those who have a conscience, he built up the word “corruption” against Jonathan.
    It must be said here that the outcome of the confab organized by Jonathan in 2014 does not change anything but maintains this obnoxious “Two Parts” idea. Having three regions up and three regions down is still the same thing as a “Two Parts” idea, which Nigeria is not. The fact the Hausa-Fulani and their neighbors have not accepted it shows how immeasurably greedy they are, for indeed it isn’t much different from their 1914 amalgamation/ “Two Parts” dementia. I am TOTALLY against the suggestion that it makes for equity or justice. It is still unacceptable.
    Perhaps the best thing to prove to this people that there was never a “Two Parts” idea in Nigeria’s formation, and can never be one, is to dissect the subject matter a bit. Hence, I will not quarrel with them anymore over their willful skewing of 1914 Nigeria Council but simply trash their empty brains with some simple truths. 1. The British made Biafra their protectorate on the 30th of June, 1849. 2. They made the Benin Kingdom another protectorate on February, 18, 1852. 3. Biafra and Benin protectorate where amalgamated on 6th of August, 1861 4. Lagos, together with other Yorubas lands overtaken after Lagos were included same on 6th August, 1861.
    Someone will ask, does this explain it all. No, not at all. Let us now look at the subject that has stupefied many a Nigerian- 1914 amalgamation.
    The organized “management structure” resulting from Lugard ‘s amalgamation initiative is known in history as “The 1914 Nigeria Council”. Lugard was just doing what any new managing director would do on taking over a group of concerns. It is unfortunate that these treacherous people have sank their understanding into the brains of youths making them not to see that the actual formation of the country was the steps in the 50s ending up in 1960. Anyway, that discussion is for another day. Now let us look at the council: Lugards Council, though comprising of 24 persons in all had only 6 Nigerians, who were as follow: 1. One person taken from the Calabar axis – which was of course the capital of Biafra 2. One person from the Benin – Warri axis (or will you call that Midwest?) 3. The Alaafin of Oyo – representing the Yoruba nation 4. The Oba of Lagos – Representing Lagos which was a full colony and not just a protectorate. 5. Two Emirs from the North, namely Sultan of Sokoto and Emir of Kano.
    It is clear from the foregoing that the Lugard and the British did not see Nigeria as North and South but rather as a collection of nations they were bringing together. Each of the protectorates had a representative. The recognized Biafra, Benin, Yoruba, Sokoto Caliphate and Kano and they areas they covered. THE IDEA OF “TWO PARTS” WAS NEITHER IN LUGARD, NOR IN THE 1914 AMALGAMATION, NOR IN THE BRITISH. If anything, it had more southerners (4) than northerners (2). So now, where did the idea of “Two Parts” come from. It is just an intentional stupidity borne out of a desperation to take possession of a property in dispute – for, that has always been the Hausa-Fulani understanding of Nigeria – a property in dispute. And of course, a lawyer will always tell you to quickly take possession of the property and let the litigations continue till eternity. Who is the lawyer in this case, THE BRITISH? If you say so, na you talk am.

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