Don’t call me just a monkey, add ‘rich monkey’ to it… Emmanuel Emenike tells racists fans

Racism has been an issue in the football world, and though it affects many psychologically, but it is not so with Nigerian Footballer, Emmanuel Emenike. The successful footballer who plays for Fernabache, Turkey, took to his Instagram page to share some comments he gets on some of his posts.

Some of the comments had racist comment like “monkey” and “banana” emojis in it. The Nigerian footballer has however, told those who dropped comments like that, to add “rich monkey” to it.



  1. Many bullies are all over the place, none has the right to call God’s creation such, let them say, it’s their cup of tea.

  2. The fact is many of those ignorant pigs lack exposure
    They never, in their miserable lives, travelled out of the confine of their locality
    They foolishly think they are better than Africans
    Due to their lack of education, they are not aware that civilisation began from Africa
    Till now, Africans are far more socially disposed and more fashionable than them
    All the iconic US musicians are black Americans
    And several ignorant African wannabes that want to be more British than the queen are not helping matters one bit

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