See Tips and Pictures for Wedding Hall Decorations.

Planning a wedding is not all about the wedding dress, the food and the guests, it has alot to do with the wedding venue. Stepping into a wedding reception, I can already tell if the wedding is going to lit or not. We understand that, not everyone can afford a splendorous wedding hall, but with a good decor expert, you can make cheap look expensive.

Without further ado, see pictures of wedding hall inspirations;

  • The tablescape of your wedding hall can be glamorous without digging a hole in your wallet. Chose vibrant colors to make the tables pop and look expensive. You can create DIY flowers, or buy to add a bit of flair to your tablescape. Using glass wares just makes your tables look expensive, even if they are not.

  • Make your entryway spectacular because it will have the attention of your guests when you walk into the reception hall with your spouse.

  • After coming into the hall, all eyes would be on you, so why not make your seat look regal. There are different colors and ideas about the couples’ seat. See below;


Other decor ideas;



    • Remember that the one day event will never come again in ur life, it is once for all, unless u were planing to kill your wife.

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