Dear Adelove fans and crew, please I need an urgent advice. I am at a cross road, am so confused.

My name is Thompson Dike (not real name), a graduate of one of the prominent universities in Nigeria. There was this girl I met during my service year in 2013, we become very close that we hardly spend a day without seeing each other. I liked her so much and from the look of things she liked me in return, I asked her out and she accepted without much hesitation.

Before long, we were already talking about future plans, in no time at all, we were discussing marriage. I became so much in love with her that I made up my mind to marry her, come rain or sunshine. To cut the long story short, when we passed out from service, things did not really work out for me as planned, job was not forthcoming, distance separated me from my love, the rate at which we talked began to drop as I was not buoyant enough to always get airtime that will last our long talks.  At some point, she began to display some sort of attitudes, and she was no longer the person I use to know.  It got to an extent that we would go weeks without calling or texting.

January 2016, I called her sister to wish her happy new year, there I got the shock of my life, her sister told me that my bae will be getting married by march, she even sent me the invitation via whatsapp, I was shocked beyond words, I called her several times that day but she didn’t pick.

She got married to a top politician in her home town, after the marriage they relocated to Abuja. To say I was heartbroken, is putting it mildly. I summoned courage and called her to congratulate her, this time around she picked, she said she was sorry about everything, that it was beyond her, she asked if I have gotten a job I said no, she asked me to send my CV, that she would give it to her husband to see if he can help me.

Two weeks after I sent my CV to her, she called me one lovely Sunday afternoon and asked if I can take up a driving job for the main time, that the pay is fair. I didn’t hesitate, I replied in the affirmative, as I was ready to do anything at that moment. The husband wanted getting a driver for her so she wanted me to take up the job; she sent money to my account instantly to come to Abuja the next day.

I have been working as my Ex’s driver for 4 months now, but am not just working as her driver; she has turned me into her sex toy. She orders me to make love to her anytime she feels like it. Her husband is usually away from home on business trips and sometimes on political assignments, and even when he is around, he hardly satisfies her in bed.

I have lived this life for months and somehow I have been satisfied with it until now. I am in a dilemma because I recently met a young lady in one of the banks in Abuja whom I seem to be getting along with very well. She is beautiful, good natured and she makes me laugh. She has crept into my heart and no matter how hard I try to push her away, her talons are hooked into the fabrics of my heart.  However, my ex-girlfriend, who is now my boss and sugar mummy, caught us at Millennium Park, where we were kissing and just having fun. She embarrassed my new girl and asked her never to come near me again.

I have told her that I am no longer interested, but she has threatened to tell her husband that I attempted to rape her. Do you know what that means? My people, not only would I lose my job, but I would end up in jail.

Please my people, what should I do? Should I lose the love I have found, and be perpetually enslaved to my ex girlfriend, or should I face whatever may come my wall, and stick to my new love. Please help me!



  1. U re d man, u know what you want, stand on ur right. When she left u n got married to a political what did she expect. Leave d job for her n go ur way

  2. if u have saved enough money, leave the job n run far away. change ur line for a while. or u approach the husband first that you are resigning.

  3. he should play along with his boss, he should start recording every conversation that goes on between him and his boss, when he has enough evidence against the boss, he should tell his boss’s husband that he is not interested in the job anymore. If the boss now say that he wants to rape her, he would be able to use those recordings against her. And make sure you explain everything to your new girlfriend if she loves you as much as you said, she will stand by by you if your boss decide to play smart or harass her some other time.

  4. You need to repent of your sins first now that you have realised your foolishness.. That should be the first step. And secondly, quit the driving job and call every relationship off. And better still relocate that environment for now. And get another job.

    • Rule No. 1: never go back to your Ex. For any reason. You’ve broken that rule.

      Rule No. 2: be. Wise and weigh all spirit. You were foolish and too trusting.

      Rule No. 3: no all open doors are good doors. You allowed yourself to be to get carried away by your emotions and didn’t see the evil door open.

      Now, that lady is an agent sent to destroy your destiny, the earlier you realize that the better for you. My advice is for you to quit that job and go back the way you came, start all over again. From your little savings you can set a small scale business. Believe in God and he will bless the works of your hands. I invite to to service Tomorrow @ any Living Faith Church close to you come and hear the undiluted word of God and destiny moulding teaching that will transform your life and make you a better person and also show you the path to divine wisdom and genuine prosperity. God is your escape route from this dilemma. God bless you!

  5. u made a mistake in d first place cos u re not supposed to take up d job but dat aside d best thing is to quit d job,ask God for forgiveness,open up to ur bae n face d consequence.u’ll definitely overcome by God’s grace

  6. use ur head and ind a good day 2 récord her blackmail so dat no one wuld b Hurt @ d end but b careful cos Hell has no fury over a woman scorned

  7. Wisdom is d keyword here, I go with teewhy’s suggestion. Seat her down and beg her while u record the conversation plead with her to let go of u so u can ave a life of ur own of which u know she will refuse and threaten u, bt make sure u ave it recorded then u inform the husband along with the evidence bt I doubt if the husband will let u go scot-free after having the better part of the woman she entrusted to be her wife. Bro u need a life of ur own, be bold and strong to leave that messy life u live.

  8. Just repent,go to God in prayers. Then quit the job,change ur phone number. Pls don’t just show up again at her place. Run away fast fast. Talk to God and He will make a way for you. It is well

  9. seriously u made a mistake bcos no matter how u try nt to do it u will end up, u cnt be close to ur ex and u wnt remembered d past n doing dat will lead u to smtin like dis, so quit d job, tell ur new babe everything and change environment, good luck

  10. Continue to play along until u raise million to build your own mansion, the devil that will punish you is doing press up

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