Question of the Day: A True Life Situation!

My name is Lovina, I am 26 years old and I am serving my father land in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja. I had this friend whom I met in the university some years ago. We became inseparable and because she is wealthy, she asked me to move in and live with her since she couldn’t live alone in the big apartment her father got her for off campus. I lived with her all through my university days, we were so close that people thought we were sisters.

Her mother died about a year ago and I went to her family house for the burial, that was the first time I was going to her house and I must confess that they are very wealthy. After the burial, I stayed with them for one week during which time she introduced me to her super rich father. When I was going back to my PPA, her father gave her N100, 000 cash to give to me and she gave me his number so that I can call and thank him. Since I called him, her father has been calling me everyday and he even sent some money twice to my account. He said he wants to marry me because he can’t continue living as a widower.

I am confused and it is affecting my emotional and psychological health, will it be right to marry the father of my best friend turned sister? Will my friend accept me as her step mother? Is it right for me to marry a man older than my father? Will my parents accept a widower as an in-law? Adelovers, please help a sister in need of urgent advise.



  1. it’s very bad.ur friend turn sister won’t like it.ur parents won’t allow u to marry someone older than them.think of d relationship u ve built with u friends n dear run for ur life.u re still very young

  2. Explain to ur friend the situation at hand, she will know how to handle the situation, for the main tym stay away from d family nd make sure you change your number.

  3. you can talk to your friend about it. but, i won’t advice you to marry him for so many obvious reasons. all the beat anyways.

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