Jonathan’s Administration Is A Waste To Ijaws – Dickson

Jonathan's Administration Is A Waste To Ijaws - Dickson

Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State yesterday disclosed that former President Goodluck Jonathan’s government was a wasted opportunity for the Ijaws.

Stressing that ministers and aides from Bayelsa did not attract development to the state due to their selfish interest.

Dickson stated this at the Ijaw House, Yenagoa, where handful of Ijaw leaders and youths gathered for the annual celebration of Adaka Boroh, the hero who fought and died for the Ijaw struggle for self-determination.

The event was attended by Twon Brass, former military administrator of old Rivers state, Alfred Diette-Spiff, a monarch, wife, daughter, other family members of the late Boroh and some traditional rulers.

Dickson added that those who served with Jonathan failed to work with him to bring development to the state.

Instead, he said they were preoccupied with “devilish plot” of unseating him and installing another governor in his stead.

“They suffered from the Bayelsa-Ijaw disease of pulling-him-down syndrome,” Dickson said.

The governor lamented that ministers and aides in the current administration from the state had refused to use their positions to assist his government’s developmental efforts.

“It is true that we are celebrating Boroh, but ask yourself whether you are doing your bit. Boroh came, saw and did his bit and has gone. I and my team have come and we have taken up the battle from where Boroh stopped and we are doing our duties,” he said.

“Each of us must examine ourselves and to be frank we have not done very serious examination in this state and in the Ijaw nation. We cannot blame God. God has been very merciful and kind to us particularly of late.”



  1. At least there are still some conscensous folks, even from Jonathan’s own state, who are honest enough to admit the plain fact that the whole south, particularly the south east, benefited virtually nothing from Jonathan’s miserable administration
    Jonathan rather chose to do everything to please the north, due to his morbid fear for his life, but the same north ended up betraying him when it matters most

  2. You all misunderstood what the Governor Dickson said, the man simply indicted those who are from Bayelsa State worked with Jonathan in the last administration.

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